What is some yummy healthy dog food?

What is some yummy healthy dog food? Topic: What is some yummy healthy dog food?
October 15, 2019 / By Uriela
Question: My dog loves Kibbles and Bits but I am not sure if it is the healthiest choice for her. Any suggestions?
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Savannah Savannah | 2 days ago
Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, Petigree Canned foods (read the ingredients before you say I'm wrong), Royal Canin, and Petsmarts Authority brand are all great foods. The good thing about Royal Canin is that you can get a food that is designed for your breed of dog in some instances. I usually mix that with the Pro Plan Selects and the Authority brand. In any food, the first ingredient should be meat! Dogs are carnivores and need their meat/protein. In petigree wet foods and the Purina Pro Plan Selects, I'd say about 3 out of the first 5 ingredients are meat! Also, look at the veggies listed. You want the same veggies that would be best for us. So not too much rice and potatoes (the starch stuff). You want beans and broccoli and carrots and peas and cauliflower etc. A lot of foods are good with the meats, but skimp on the veggies. Oh and Nutro and many of the foods that were once considered great are now starting to use chicken "meal" instead of the chicken itself as the main ingredient. A "meal" can be anything that is cooked with the chicken but it doesn't mean they actually put the meat into the food.
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Savannah Originally Answered: Yummy , healthy food?
you can stir fry some bell peppers with teriyaki sauce or you can bake some biscuits(it only takes a few mins), and you can put cream, blueberry jam, etc, whatever you want heres the recipe:http://www.joyofbaking.com/Biscuits.html make crepes, you can put fruits and add some of your fav sauce in it heres the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/basic-crepes/detail.aspx i hope this helps

Norene Norene
Kibbles & Bits is certainly not a healthy food. It is not only loaded with cheap fillers & by products but also chemical preservatives and dyes as well as sugars. It is equivilant ot feeding yourself a total diet of candy and nothing else. Science Diet, Purina dog chow, Pedigree, Alpo, IAMS/Eukanuba while better then Kibbles & Bits are low quality foods with way too much cheap fillers & by products and not enough meat protein. Some really good quality foods: Canidae, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, California Natural, Innova, Solid Gold, Timberwolf, Eagle Pack, Percise, premium Edge, Blue Buffalo just ot name a few.
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Macey Macey
Our pets need quality pet food. Read the ingredients list and learn what the stuff on there is and what it does (or does not do) to/for our pets. A quick pet food 101. If the pet food contains corn/corn products or by products it is a poor quality food. Do not pay attention to advertising, they all say there food is great. Corn is a filler that can trigger skin problems. (allergies, skin problems, itching and excessive shedding) By products is anything from an animal not fit for human consumption, including cancerous tissue. Quality foods have meat as the first ingredient. California Natural, Solid Gold, Innova and Merrick are a few of the best brands available. If you want to learn more check out: http://www.sagekeep.com/petfood.htm www.api4animals.org/facts?p=359& more=1 http://animalark.eapps.com/animal/PetFoo...
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Kelly Kelly
I have been feeding my dog Iams after he really didn't like Science diet. My grandma works in a cafeteria for a school and she says that people come and pick up the grease to put in a dog food. I'm not sure which one, but it's probably one that is very cheap and not "brand name" I guess you could say.
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Isabelle Isabelle
kibbles and bits, you midas well feed your dog twinkies as the food is a non healthy food full of JUNK........... science diet, iams, eukanuba are better quality foods but still in the JUNK category........................ canidae, solid gold, california natural, innova evo, artemis, wellness are some really good quality foods for your dog with all NATURAL healthy ingrediants for your dog.
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Isabelle Originally Answered: Healthy and yummy food in malaysia?
for breakfast - buns with red/lotus beans filling, chee cheong fun (some sort of rice noodles) from chinese shop, thosai (healthier than roti canai) from indian shop, subway sandwich for western. black coffee, kaya toast and half-boiled eggs if u r up to it. for lunch - all sorts of noodles, chicken rice from chinese shop, banana leaf rice from indian shop, asam laksa in penang, kenny rogers for western for dinner - steamed fish, tofu, from chinese shop. chinese hot pot. these are my suggestions for healthy and non-oily. not so popular stuff.

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