how to fast up your metabolism?

how to fast up your metabolism? Topic: how to fast up your metabolism?
October 14, 2019 / By Urbana
Question: How can i fast up my metabolism im only 15 and im trying to lose weight ( flatter stomach ) thanks(:
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Saundra Saundra | 10 days ago
1. Make sure you eat breakfast. Your metabolism slows down after you haven't eaten in a while to conserve energy. So make sure to break your fast by eating a healthy breakfast. 2. Eat 5-6 meals a day. You don't have to eat more food, just eat more frequently. When you have a steady energy source your body burns calories rather than storing them. 3. Eat a healthy diet. 4. Exercise. 5. Weight training. Gaining muscle does speed up your metabolism slightly. 6. Make sure you eat enough calories. If you eat too few, your metabolism will actually slow down to burn fewer calories in order to conserve energy. (For a female, you want to eat at least 1200 calories per day on average, more if you are really active.) This is a mistake many people make when trying to lose weight. 7. Read up on diet and nutrition facts (The more you understand how your body works and takes in food, the easier it is to make choices concerning the foods you eat and the exercises you do). Here is a good article about speeding up your metabolism: http://www.redbookmag.com/health-wellnes...
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Saundra Originally Answered: Do I have fast metabolism?
IM THE SAME WAY. you need to drink more milk and you need more protean like meats. chicken steak nuts turkey etc. you also need to eat a lot before you go to bed because that's when your doing the least amount of movement. protean shakes or ensure is good right after workouts go gain muscle in the arms and all over the body. im 5'12 and im 170 and im very skinny so you are way under weight for that height but i do know lots of guys in your situation. it not how much you eat but what you eat and what is in what you are eating like calories and protean. make shure those numbers are high. the higher they are the more weight you will gain !!

Norberta Norberta
i discover the way you have posed this question, exciting... those with energetic/'quickly' metabolisms do burn energy [which contain, carbs, proteins and fat] at a lots larger cost than lets say those with a gradual metabolism... a thank you to boost your metabolism? Drink water frequently by using out the day; hydration is amazingly had to maintain metabolism. Excerice - getting your coronary heart cost up for 5 to ten minutes in a cardio or cardio excercise - Weight bearing excercise - Muscle burns fat, it makes use of up greater energy - and carbs are an capability source... consume smaller nutrition each with even smaller [15 carbs] in between nutrition - like having 6 small nutrition an afternoon - Sleep; stable nighttime relax each nighttime is significant in protecting healthful and supporting your metabolism.
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Mabelle Mabelle
A lot of water everyday but not too much water. Also you have to run few times per week like three times per week will do good for you. Trust me, it will work. You probably can lose about 5 to 10 pounds per month. You always must avoid any kind of soda and less sugar from juice too.
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Kelli Kelli
If you know right diet info you can lose weight. I use the method at this site and I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. It is very easy to lose weight. You can get my diet method that lost me 20 pounds in 7 weeks at link below.
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Irmgard Irmgard
what i'm trying to do is just eat fruits and veggies for the next couple of weeks just to lose 5 pounds. i'm 5'1'' and 100 pounds and also 15 :) i also heard from my mom's friend not eating after 6 o' clock will help you lose weight.
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Elfreda Elfreda
I heard somewhere that drinking hot water helped. I'm sure tea would work, but not coffee, the caffeine is bad for you.
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Elfreda Originally Answered: how do i get a fast metabolism?
Personally, I see what you're doing as really healthy and a good tool to building a fast metabolism. You're already doing what is considered to most doctors a key step to metabolism - you're eating breakfast, and you're not skipping meals. Skipping meals causes your body to burn through its fat supply, but the next time you eat, your metabolism will convert MORE of that food to fat to make up for what you lost, and then some. So, by skipping meals, you gain weight. Also, watch the liquids you drink. Water is legitimately the best thing to drink. It keeps your system healthy, it doesn't mess with your metabolism, and it makes your skin healthier. The only advice I have left is don't drink pop, it will slow your metabolism down and really messes everything up.

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