how can I lose weight in two weeks?

how can I lose weight in two weeks? Topic: how can I lose weight in two weeks?
October 19, 2019 / By Ulla
Question: I want to lose weight for going on holiday of the 13th of October! I am a bit heavy legged so this is where I would like to lose weight from :) I am a 15 year old girl and weigh approx. 55-60 kgs! i am about 5ft4! I do athletics three times a week and go to a light gymnastics class for an hour a week! each athletics session lasts 1.5-2 hrs :) how many calories do I burn a day and how many should I eat to lose weight? serious answers please thanks :)
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Sara Sara | 5 days ago
Unfortunately, you cannot spot-target fat loss. When you lose fat, it comes off in layers. Where you store your fat is purely genetics and it cannot be changed naturally. If you want to lose weight, continue with your regular routine, except reduce the amount of calories you eat by 200 per day. You will lose half a pound a week if youre doing it correct. But remember that water weight can vary up to +5 lbs of your real weight. So make sure you keep that in mind if you see that youve gained weight when you couldnt possibly have.
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Sara Originally Answered: Started a diet two weeks ago. At the beginning, I was losing weight (5lbs). Now, two weeks in, I have gained.?
My weight can fluctuate by 5lbs on a daily basis, (but usually only 2 or 3). Don't be discouraged by small gains on odd days, these are usually followed by losses that will show up a trend. maybe weigh yourself less often and set yourself a realistic achievable goal. You don't mention your current weight or the time span you want to lose the weight in so it's difficult to answer this question, but 5lbs in 2 weeks is preety good - keep it up. Remember if you are exercising a lot, you are increasing muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. Get yourself some scales that measure body fat you you can track that too. I have the Salter MiBody scales which upload the data to my PC via a USB stick and also tells me my Basal Metabolic Rate (the number of calories burned if I were to stay in bed all day) I try not to go over that amount with what I eat each day and that way I know I am burning more than I'm consuming. Set yourself a realistic goal and get support from a friend who also wants to lose some weight so you have some encouragement and a reason to be committed.

Nona Nona
Legs are the hardest body part to lose weight. Try walking more, do leg exercises like running in place, leg lifts, jumping jacks and bicycle. Good luck
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Lyssa Lyssa
well this is not a good way to lose weight but apparently skipping in a sauna makes you lose weight
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Kelan Kelan
Start running on empty stomach Before breakfast ur body will burn fat as energy,, An cut ur carbs in half eat more lean proteins,
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Kelan Originally Answered: How to lose weight in 3 weeks ?
Yes, actually you've already had a good plan yourself. 1. Diet control-no sugur, no fat, etc. more vege, more fruits, and fibre food etc. 2. Exercise- you're doing push ups and sit ups, I think jogging would also help. (the time per day should be decided according to your body condition, so you should make it yourself...) 3. Willpower-stick to the end or all efforts end in vain. Weight loss is really a time/energy-consuming, but the decisive people can always make it! Maybe, 3 weeks time is not enough for losing a lot, but it will reduce some wight. Hope this helps.

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