My dog is acting weird and possible injury?

My dog is acting weird and possible injury? Topic: My dog is acting weird and possible injury?
October 14, 2019 / By Trixie
Question: I think his left hip hurts. He sometimes shakes too. He is a 6yr old cocker spaniel. It also looks like he might be a little bloated.
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Sammi Sammi | 8 days ago
Have the dog examined by your vet. At 6 years old the dog may have arthritis which is painful. You can give Cosequin DS Plus or Glyco-Flex, glucosamine supplements. It takes approx. 6 weeks to see an improvement. The vet can prescribe Rimadyl and/or Tramadol for pain. Give milk thistle with Rimadyl to protect the liver.
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Noah Noah
Go to the vet right away, cause it's hard to tell unless you can see the dog. The hip pain could be anything, but there are a lot of different diseases and problems associated with being bloated. For example, a liver infection could be causing him to be bloated. It's best to just bring him to a vet. Maybe get some blood work done to determine what's causing the bloating. Hope your little pal gets well soon.
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Lynsey Lynsey
Do not give any medication or food and rush to the vet. Maybe your dog had a fall and needs surgery. Get him checked out ASAP, he seems to be in severe pain (shaking). All the best! Dagmar http://freehomemadedogfoodrecipes.com/
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Keeva Keeva
get off the computer and to the vet! YOu don't know if he's hurt! Of course he's hurt and that's swelling not "bloat"!
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