How can I be certain that I am buying real Noni juice?

How can I be certain that I am buying real Noni juice? Topic: How can I be certain that I am buying real Noni juice?
October 15, 2019 / By Trish
Question: I have found there to be so many different Noni products on the Interenet that I am having a difficult time choosing which one to buy. What should I be looking for when buying Noni juice for the first time?
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Salome Salome | 4 days ago
If you are looking for information on Noni juice, I highly recommend visiting www.trunoni.com and reading what they have to say about 100% pure Noni juice, rather than fermented or blended Noni with other fruit flavors. The Bovis scaly the other person mentioned about Goji juice sounds a little fishy to me and you really have to watch the claims some of these desperate MLM distributors will say to get you to buy their products. Emily
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Nikki Nikki
The real difference is how Noni fruit is made into Noni juice. The traditional method is to age or ferment whole ripened Noni fruit for several weeks or months, allowing the Noni juice to seep out naturally from the fruit. The inferior method is to import frozen pulp or concentrate from Tahiti or elsewhere, and then add water or other fruit juices to turn it back into a liquid. The second most common marketing hype is claiming to be the "true" or "original" Noni juice. The simple truth is that Polynesian healers were using Noni juice as an herbal medicine for thousands of years before a young American entrepreneur vacationing in Tahiti supposedly "discovered" it. When shopping for Noni juice the most important thing to look for is purity. The best Noni juice is pure, undiluted, and not made from concentrate.
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Lynna Lynna
Before purchasing Noni juice, may I recommend you do a little homework first. I'm not sure if you have ever tasted it, but I found it to be very unpleasant. There is only one functional fruit juice on the market with medical validation, which can be found under the heading Lycium Barbarum at pubmed.gov. They have 75 clinical studies published there on what this berry does. It is also the only food on the planet that contains 4 natural polysaccharides. What I recommend is look up the "Bovis Scale" where they have all the comparisons of the functional fruit juices. You will see one that stands out from the others. But again, there are many knock-offs of this product. There is only one that is patented to be certain the berry is cold processed and preserved in a pharmaceutical grade container.
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Keeleigh Keeleigh
I'm beginning to think the only way to get "real" noni juice is to buy noni fruit and squeeze the juice yourself. I've tried several brands and had very different results depending on what company's product that I buy. For example, I got some at GNC or some place like that at the mall and I had absolutely no results with it. One I got from my health food store might have had real noni in it but it tasted so awful that I couldn't drink it regularly. I liked the product by the Morinda company, I took it as I felt a cold coming on and it got me over the cold immediately but that's MLM and they try to get you to sign up to be a distributor. Good luck in the search!
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Ilean Ilean
I know many will say there is no difference, I would disagree. As much as I hate to admit it Tahitan Noni Intl does have the best product. My mom has been drinking this stuff for years and I always thought she was crazy, but I believe it helps. Ths brand is 100% juice where many of the others are not and this is the major difference. It is more expensive, but isnt anything thats real? I started giving it to my son for his exema and many other shin issues and he has had far fewer problems, its also helped with my sinus and allergy problems. I dont think noni is a cureall\, but the properties do help. It also helps restore balance in the digestive systems and nerves, which will help bring the entire body into bal. If you drink noni and still eat like a pig and dont take care of yourself at all your results will be minimal. But if you do live half way okay- you should begin to see results in about 1mo max. One of my guy friends believes it helped his stamina! I say tahitian noni intl is the best.
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