things to do in plano, tx?

things to do in plano, tx? Topic: things to do in plano, tx?
October 15, 2019 / By Trina
Question: i'd like to know what there is to do in plano, tx that does not consist of going to the mall or movies or eating unless its a neat resturant. no bowling either. also, preferably low cost and not far for inexperienced drivers or anything for over 18 yo. thanks!
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Sallie Sallie | 2 days ago
When you go to the Dallas area, you will discover quite quickly that it's a shopping community! There are very nice malls and gallerias everywhere, especially in Plano. There's a nice bowling alley in Frisco, but you said you don't want to bowl. There's the Southfork Ranch, http://foreverlodging.com/destination.cf... it's a neat place in Plano. Eating wise, there's an Italian restaurant called Buca Di Beppo that is very yummy. I've been there many times and I really like it. It's affordable and delicious! Another neat place is the Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers. Mellow Mushroom has amazing pizza. It's a personal favorite and any time I see one, I stop in and get a hot, cheese pizza. The cheese they use is very unique, I like to call it liquid, even though its not. On The Border is a really good mexican place with two locations in Plano. There's an excellent steak house called Texas Land and Cattle. It's easily one of my favorite restaurants. Enough about food though, I'm getting hungry!! Activities in Plano, well there's a Six Flags Over Texas near Plano with Hurricane Harbor Water Park. Super fun. Anyway, hope my advice helped, I live outside of Dallas, so I know a little about the area. Also, if you are interested in design, architecture or houses, go to some open houses in Plano or Frisco. There are some huge, beautiful houses in thoses areas. Sometimes, my friends and I just drive around and look at the homes. They are amazing. Hope you enjoy Plano!
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Nicolette Nicolette
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Lynette Lynette
Plano near Dallas is a nice place. I've been there. Nice homes and shopping malls. It is a good area to drive around and admire those beautiful homes !
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