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Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture? Topic: Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture?
October 14, 2019 / By Tricia
Question: I've read about the benefits of using this to help contractions become more productive (for lack of a better word). Everything I'd read had been positive. I have a maiden ***** who's starting her 8th week & started her on 2 drops daily about 4 days ago. I wanted to double check the dose I was giving & suddenly I've seen several breeders who are advising against it as they say it causes a higher fetal mortality rate, and some say that it will even cause premature labor. I want to know if anyone has experience with using this & if so with what results? I don't want to take any chances, but do want to give her the best chance to free whelp the litter. Thank you! I probably should have added this, but it's a 3:1 ratio, 333mg per 30 drops, so if I'm doing the math right, I've been giving her 22 mg per day. She was 4 lbs pre pregnancy NEKAI: I do understand what your saying, but since the things I just read did not give any details about the stage of pregnancy given or the dosage, I have no idea of when it was given or how much, which is why I posed the question here. I think that all would agree that we try to avoid c-sections if at all possible, and since I can't seem to get her to go to the Lamaze classes & seen enough that advocated it, that I figured I'd give it a try. I know that pregnant women are using it more often these days and haven't read anything negative about it in them either. I was looking for breeders like Crystal (ty Crystal, is there any way you could give me the mgs in the dose you give your bitches?) who have actually used it & their experience with it. If you have heard any negatives though, please let me know & thank you! Thanks to both of you! NEKAI my first was 6 weeks early & spent 2 weeks in the NICU & I know how scary that was. I had trouble conceiving too the 1st time (it was surgically corrected thought) Crystal I will drop it down to one (maybe less) drop starting tomorrow (thank you so much for taking the time to look for me. I was only able to find one reference for the dosage and it was actually from a Yorkie breeder, but I'd rather do too little than too much), and with my next litter I will look for what you use for your girls as you haven't seen any negative effects & I love the the fact that they don't blow their coats as I mainly breed long coats. Thank you both again
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Salli Salli | 1 day ago
I use Thomas Red Raspberry Leaves Syrup which I am assuming would be a weaker solution than a tincture. The directions on my bottle say 1 to 2 teaspoons per 20 pounds daily. I breed small Yorkies. I first learned about it because my daugther is a midwife and uses it in humans. In over 20 years I have never had a C-section and only 1 puppy that died shortly after birth. I have never had it cause premature labor. I have heard that if you use it before pregnancy or during the first week it could cause failure of attachment to the uterine wall since it strengthens these muscles. I begin using it about 3 or 4 weeks before delivery. Edit: I will also add I have never had any problems with milk production and my females recover very quickly and do not have any coat loss. Labors are 2 hours or less from the first contraction to the last (3 puppies) and my females are also 4 pounds. My bottle doesn't show any mg. information. I did some research and only found one entry for using the tincture that included a dosage, but doesn't state how many mg. it contains. Here is the info. I found, from a pet site selling the extract sounds like 1 drop would be more than sufficient and may even be too strong. Red Raspberry Extract 2 oz.(Reference #722G) Used as a basic herbal formula for all female organs - Strengthens the uterine walls & entire female reproductive system. Tones before & after whelping - Will increase milk production and flow - Assists labor, generally making labor pains milder, delivery easier & will help lessen after pains. Should be used throughout the entire gestation period and into the whelping period. Normal dosage 3 drops per 50 lbs of body weight once daily.
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Salli Originally Answered: Raspberry Leaf Tea?
First of all... to the person who says to wait the two weeks... rasberry leaf tea isnt just a method of self induction. If taken over time it is good for the uteris. It tones it and makes it stronger, so dont assume that she is trying to induce. If she is... its her business. She didnt ask for an opinion just a location. (sorry... random hormonal rant.) :) I just found some in the organic food area at Kroger. It is called "organic rasberry leaf" made by "traditional medicinals". It is in a white and purpleish box. Good luck and God bless!
Salli Originally Answered: Raspberry Leaf Tea?
I've tried every where and cant find it try taking Evening Primrose Oil it has the same effect and easy to find this is how you take it you can take 2-3 capsule orally daily or 2 capsules daily vaginally cut of the top and insert it as close to the cervix as you can And by the way have you tried looking for the Raspberry leaf tea at GNC make sure it Raspberry LEAF tea and not Raspberry tea I looked there but they where all out its a tea called Organic Pregnancy Tea® check this site it shows you the box and brand http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncomm... hope this helps I'm in the same boat as you good luck and congrats

Nicole Nicole
Oh my... Please do not use anything to help your female along. If, by chance, her labour does not go well, then that is what a vet is there for. You, as a breeder, should know the early signs of trouble and will know (before it is too late) when to call. You are only playing with fire by adding something such as this. You said it yourself that you don't want to take any chances, so don't. Please. ADD: of course you're going to seek positive advice from another user, and I'm glad that Crystal has some personal educated advice for you, awesome! I just go back to thinking about when I was trying to concieve. It was an A.I in one of my fertility concoctions and my doctors nearly had a fit saying that it was what had caused stronger Braxton Hicks contractions (which ended me up in hospital many times) and early labour due to stronger contractions. My daughter was 5 weeks premature, and of course, I can't help but think that it *could* have been what I was taking. That's why I personally feel strongly about it. Of course you're going to hear pro's and con's, you obviously will use your best discretion for your girl and lessen the risk of a C-section. I just wish you all the best with a healthy litter, and wanted to add my 2 cents.
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Lynet Lynet
I used it while my contractions began. (teabags no longer free) I had approximately four cups within the house of eight hours - and it labored! It accelerated the early labour. But I do not believe I could do it once more - with my daughter the contractions slowly grew to become more potent and I used to be competent to manage them greater. With my son as a result of the tea - they in which very robust very quick so I wasn't as in a position for the soreness.
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Lynet Originally Answered: Making red raspberry leaf tea?
It's probably a good idea to buy the ingredients if you want to use fresh ones. The stuff growing in your yard, unless you planted it, might be harmful. Better to be safe. Try a health food store, though, if you want to use fresh leaves. They will be able to tell you how to dry and brew them, too. *Edit* I wanna know how to brew it, too... for when the time comes... So keep me updated, will ya? You can email me from my profile.

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