How can I get my dogs to lose weight?

How can I get my dogs to lose weight? Topic: How can I get my dogs to lose weight?
May 25, 2019 / By Tria
Question: I have 3 dogs. 2 of them are half chihuahua half rat terrier and the other is a terrier mix (we got him from the pound so we don't know what he is). Both of our males (one being the chihuahua rat and the other being the terrier mix) are a little over weight, but not obese. How can I get them to lose weight? It's hard monitoring their food because we don't know how much they are eating. Our terrier mix is 10 years old and he has lost about 3 pounds, but I think that it's because he gets chased away by our food agressive female and doesn't want to fight back. Please help!! I want them to be healthy!
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Salina Salina | 10 days ago
Firstly, you need to know how much they are eating. Seperate the dogs at meal times and dont let tthem mix. Dry foods have recommended quantities to give for different dogs. Make sure they get plenty of excercise - and definately no Big Macs or any fatty human foods.
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Salina Originally Answered: I feed my dogs iams proactive health adult dogs is this good dog food?
Iams is a fine dog food. The company couldn't possibly pay all the vets to recommend it. Good dog food companies and Iams is one - put millions into studying a healthy dog food diet. It has to taste good, meet the health standards, and keep the dogs healthy or they wouldn't sell much dog food. So why not listen to them? If they didn't meet the healthy standards for dogs, dog nutritionists would be all over their backs - just like they are for Ol Roy! I've fed my 4 Pomeranians, a Tundra Husky, and a Australian Shepard Iams for years and they are very healthy. Previously, I've had more dogs that I can count on Iams all of whom lived long past their expected life spans. I would say that love and Iams had a lot to do with that. And most of our dogs are rescue dogs who had a bad start in life. The Australian Shepard came to us so skinny you could see every single bone, tendon, muscle, curves in bones - and the vet held little hope that he would make it thru. But with de-worming and Iams he started gaining weight and is now a happy, healthy, loving dog. Many of these new diets do not have any vet approval nor do solid nutritional studies done by veterinary schools or sources show them to be proper diets for dogs. Look them up on the internet!

Nicola Nicola
Don't open feed (leave food out) if that is what you are doing. Give them specific amounts. Leave it down (feed them separately) for no more than 15 minutes. Then pick it up and do not feed only once/day. Dogs, with a reducing need, actually loose weight better on 2 meals/day than 1. High quality foods, v. low quality foods, have more nutrition in the same amounts of foods and it is more digestible, as well. Therefore, put your dog on a high quality food, and cut the amount. Feed less than the recommended daily amount (cut this into two parts). And more exercise!!!! Little dogs gain weight so easily it can be a task to keep them at weight unless you work at it... so...
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Lyndsey Lyndsey
It sounds like you are free-feeding the dogs, that is putting the food out for all to eat whenever they want. Don't. This way it is very difficult to determine who's eating, and who is not. Have 3 separate bowls, measure out their daily food allotment based on their size and weight and the manufacturer's suggestion. Put the bowls down, allow them to eat. If they don't finish, then pick up the food dish and put it where they can't get at it. Remember who's dish is who, so you know who has and who has not finished their meal. A few hours later, give the dishes to the dog's that did not finish their meals. Again, only leave the dish for a while, then pick it up. They will learn when food is available and when it is not, and will learn to eat at their scheduled times. Also, make sure they have enough exercise. A walk around the block is great for dogs and humans alike.
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Kaylynn Kaylynn
read the label on the bag and see how much it says you should feed, measure it out and take a little off the top, then divide that in half, separate your dogs and feed them twice a day... I used to free feed my dogs until one of my dachshunds got so obese even on diet food that he got sick.... That is the only way your going to get them to lose weight, you have to control how much they eat, another tip, if they wont eat when you put it down, pick it up after 15 mins, and wait until the next mealtime to feed them again. Eventually they will eat when you put it down and you can feed them all together again , when you put it down they'll eat. I dont think there is any other way to help, and this is a very serious thing, your dogs can get diabetes from being overweight as well as arthritis and many other illnesses.
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Ida Ida
Yes, definitely! My aunt's dog has lost a lot of weight recently. With diet foods, walks, and a little encouragement your dog can lose weight.( sounds like a cheezy commercial! XD) Although some dogs lose weight quicker than others. Hope this helped.
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Edyth Edyth
The best ways to help dogs to lose weight are: Take them for 20-30mins walks a day. And if they are over weight feed them a weight loss diet that you can get from teh vet. Monitoring their food intact is a good idea. For my 2 dogs I have to give them a little wet food in with the dry to make sure they are both eating. If they are aggresive about eating feed them in different rooms. Dogs are social eaters, the alpha dog eats first and then the rest follow in order. So feeding them in the different rooms helps to make sure that they are all eating, exspecially if you add a little wet food to the bowl.
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Charmaine Charmaine
First of all, you should always monitor how much your dogs are eating, and when. That way you will know, if one of them gets sick for example, what and when the last thing they ate was. You need to set up a feeding schedule and have them eat seperatly. Don't have food available to them all the time because most dogs will eat, even if they aren't hungry, which will lead to obeisity. Feed them the same amount at the same time every day. They also have diet dog food at the store to help with over weight dogs. Also make sure that they are getting plenty of excersize. Take them for walks every days, or take them to the dog park. Dogs need excersize in order to be happy and healthy!!
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Arin Arin
I feed my dogs once a day. I have two beautiful German Sheppard's and my Veterinarian always comments about how they are the perfect weight!! I measure out four cups of food a day. Talk to your vet or read the back label on the dog food bag to determine how much you should feed your dogs.
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Zebina Zebina
Try getting a weight loss food, and giving them the right amount once a day, making sure to feed them seperately, so one doesn't get any more than the other, and just exercise them regularly, taking them on walks and playing with them. Good Luck!
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Zebina Originally Answered: what can i do 4 my dogs?
I have 4 dogs and I feed them all Nutro. I like the all natural food and I love the fact that it has glucosamine in it. Glucosamine is good for their joints - helps with dogs that have arthritis.

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