pregnant: how much did u pick up in total?

pregnant: how much did u pick up in total? Topic: pregnant: how much did u pick up in total?
October 14, 2019 / By Tresha
Question: how much weight did u pick up in total? i picked up 24kg sofar! hope i loose it all fast! (37 wks now)
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Salena Salena | 9 days ago
I gained 38 pounds total, or about 17 kg with my son and I have gained about 30 lbs so far at almost 33 weeks, so this one will probably end up the same. I did lose it but it took a year! Breastfeed, that will help you take off the weight without having to diet and really help flatten out your belly. Good Luck and enjoy the baby, remember it took time to gain the weight and it will take time to lose it :)
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Nicky Nicky
Don't stress about your weight mama! It's necessary for the baby :) you are doing a great job and you dont need to worry about losing it for a while. Much of it will come off naturally 3 months after your new little bundle is here. Especially if you are breastfeeding! I wouldnt worry about how much you weigh until 3 months after birth, then you can start to try to get more active, eat a little less, and just take it slow. It has taken you 9 months to gain this weight and it will take about a year for you to completely lose it. Don't worry about it until 3 months, seriously, you will lose so much naturally. I did not gain much during pregnancy (24 lbs or about 11 kg) but I think I am like a "freak of nature" lol. The docs wanted me to gain SO much more, and I tried reallllly hard to eat and eat and eat but the scale just didnt rise that much for me. It's better to have healthy weight gain.
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Lyndsea Lyndsea
With my 1st baby I started at 135 and ended around 178, so like 43 lbs. I lost all the baby weight at like 5 months, then lost 10 more lbs w/o even trying like 5 months later. (I attribute breastfeeding). Now, I am 25 weeks pregnant and started at 125 and am already 153 (so 28 lbs so far)...ekkk.
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Kaylyn Kaylyn
I gained about 30lbs. I was 135 lbs before and 165 lbs the last time I was weighed. After I gave birth, I weighed about 140 lbs, and now I'm down to 120 lbs.
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Hylda Hylda
With my son, I gained 50 lbs. and I lost all but 15 by just breastfeeding. With my daughter I gained 40. I had my baby 11 days ago and lost 22 lbs. so far.
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