anyone with a weight loss story?is it really possible?

anyone with a weight loss story?is it really possible? Topic: anyone with a weight loss story?is it really possible?
May 25, 2019 / By Trecia
Question: i keep reading about these weight loss stories!is it really possible that peole,the size of baby whales...become super sexy skinny!!!?
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Best Answers: anyone with a weight loss story?is it really possible?

Salal Salal | 8 days ago
I lost 110 lbs in about 9 months by tracking every single calorie in and every single calorie out. I excercised 600 +/- calories off a day and did about 1/2 hour of weight training. I stopped eating the "white stuff" - white flour & sugar and found lower calorie substitutes for almost everything in my diet. I am by no means super sexy skinny. I have "skirting" issues with my abdominal skin. Things are slowly adjusting I hope. I still have to do the excercise regimie, but I don't have to watch the food intake like a hawk anymore. I allow myself a 5lb range to bounce around in, if I go below I indulge and if I go above I start counting calories again. I have a diet & excercise spreadsheet that goes back to November of 2004. Everything I've done, food in, calories out. Note: I did loose weight too quickly and messed up my hormones. That took about 5 monthes to clear up, after which I took off that last 10lbs to hit my goal weight range. I went from 272lb down to 155-160lb range at 5ft 11inch.
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Salal Originally Answered: Before and After weight loss story What do I look like I weigh?
It's impossible to know that. You should put another picture of "before" because that one it's not a good one, I can't barely see you. Anyway, you look so goddamn good now so, don't give a damn about how much fat you have lost. Just enjoy it and try to maintain your weight.

Nichole Nichole
http://www.dailymail.co.uk... This is me in the press today. Yes it is very possible
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Lyndsay Lyndsay
savory umami ingredients such as mushrooms low sodium soy asparagus and olives can help you feel full and add an earthy home y quality to your healthy dishes
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Kayly Kayly
get familiar with quinoa a wonderful grain thats easy to cook and goes great with sauteed vegetables or mushrooms
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Hyacinth Hyacinth
add red pepper flakes to your pantry when eaten early in the day red pepper lowers the amount of food youll eat later
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Edwyna Edwyna
I lost a large amount of weight 2 years ago. I started walking every night after work. Started at about 1/2 mile, and worked my way up to 2 miles a night. I ate the right foods, smaller portions, and really gave my willpower a workout too! I ended up loosing almost 60 pounds in about 6 months. Over that 2 years, I have gained back 8 pounds. I went from a size 16 (I am about 5 ft 11) to a size 10. I would still like to be in a 9, and have started walking again. I enjoy it very much. It gets me away from my kids for a while and fresh air is wonderful. Any diet will work, you just have to stay with it!
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Charlie Charlie
Well not the size of a whale or anything! But I was 20 lbs. over weight. Best thing for losing weight......walking, briskly. And when your home from work LATE at night and there's nothing on t.v. that really good. Plus if you keep watching t.v. your bound to get the munches by seeing all the ads for yummies. So that's why I get on the computer and check my e-mails. I get soooooooo many people sending me funny jokes and such. I'd rather be tightening my stomach muscles from laughter at midnight and then sharing the laughter with others (by advertising so much on my site), I have many e-pals all over the world that read and vote on my jokes etc. for a source of there entertainment. Luckily I'm a very fast typer which is burning calories right there as well. Much more than just watching t.v. would or talking on the phone! Hope I answered all your questions. Even if you didn't answer mine! SmileyCat : )
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Charlie Originally Answered: what is YOUR success story when it comes to weight loss?
Hey i've lost 30 pounds, and i go crazy hearing about people trying to loose weight by not eating, i lost weight by educating myself about nutrition. First when it comes to a diet, DONT GIVE UP, but be healthy about it. IF you just dont eat or do not eat atleast 1300( for female) calories a day, your body starts freaking out and thinking your starving so it holds on to all the fat in your body in order to survive, and you end up becoming frusterated wondering why am i not loosing any weight, just feeling yucky. Then if you actually stick on to that routine of not eating for a few months you start to loose weight, but its your muscle you are loosing, your body is starving with no food so it starts to eat your muscles, and by this time your body attitude has changed and your addicted to not eating. Than due to lack of calcium your teeth start to turn brown and eventually break in half or fall out, but i guess thats good since you dont need them for eating anyways! Also you will loose your hair, this is not a lifestyle. I've had personal experience wtih weight loss and i concured it, you can too but you HAVE TO EAT! IT IS NOT ABOUT DIETING, DO NOT DIET, ITS A LIFESTYLE. To eat healthy, First thing first, if you love soda, Try to see it for what it is, read the back of the can its nothing but added flavors, fat, sugar, and it tears at your stomach. I drink only water, and i do sit ups every night. Cut out junk food, and eat food that is good for you body. Before i eat anything i think about how it will help my body, what is a cookie going to do, sit in my stomach and turn into fat, what is chinese food going to do, saturated fat, grease, or vegetables that will fuel my body, protein, thats how you have to think, you have to be a consious eater and think about what you eat before you eat it. You have to lower your calorie intake in order to loose weight,and by that i dont mean down to like 200, you need atleast 1300 a day(for women). Slimfast is a great resource the website is free and you can enter every piece of food you have eaten and see how much fat you've consumed and how many calories. It also takes your gender height and weight into consideration and gives a plan to stick to (FOR FREE), plus it tells you how much you should weight. its called a BMI calculator. I was overweight, My face got so huge and i felt like all of the rest of me did too, i found out how to eat healthy and stuck to and i've lost around 30 pounds by doing that. Cut out all sugar/junk food/ cookies and all. Eat every 3 hours. Like at 6 i wake up and have all fruit for breakfast and than at 9 i have a snack of raw fruits or vegetables, at 12 i eat a slimfast bar and half a turkey sandwhich or something, at 3 i have another snack of vegetables or a fruit, and for dinner i have meats like chicken with no skin, or fish that has not been fried with half a plate of vegetables. Raw veggies are better than cooked actually because they loose nutrients when they are cooked. Plus you gotta excersize, even if its 30 minutes a day, if you have ON DEMAND like on your tv, they have free excersize videos you can do, thats what i do. I also got into yoga, 5 months later i went from a size 12-13 to a 4-5, and i was at 156, now i'm at 126, and i'm 5'6 tall. good luck., and no soda!

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