Should I get this dog?

Should I get this dog? Topic: Should I get this dog?
June 19, 2019 / By Aideen
Question: Zach Age: 18 months Sex: Male (neutered) Size: Large (80 lbs) Coat: Rough, Classic Black & White Activity Level: Active Companion Zach is a very striking classic rough coated Border Collie mix. He is okay with female dogs, but has an alpha personality and does not do well with other males. He is housebroken and knows basic commands. Zach is affectionate and very bright and needs a family knowledgeable in dealing with intelligent, dominant dogs. He would make an excellent companion for an experienced owner. --------------------------------------... Zach is neutered, , all immunizations are up to date, he is heartworm negative on preventative. He is being fostered near Richmond, Virginia. I'm not experianced with border collies but im experianced with collies and shelties.. Do u think my parents will let me?
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Tiras Tiras | 9 days ago
your parents will let you adopt Zach - as long as you look after him, first, got to feed him, replenish his water bowl, pick his poo, walking him, got to exercise Zach everyday. so if make this life commitment to Zach and your parents. there shouldn't no reason why your parent won't let you adopt him. i hope they do, because he sound like awesome dog.
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Randall Randall
Zach sounds like a great dog! show your folks the pics, and ask them...Go for it!!! Best of luck to you..
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Marshall Marshall
yes talk to your mom or dad and say i need something to play with can i please get a dog i will take care of it i will clean up the house if you get the dog then thay will see you happy
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Jeshaiah Jeshaiah
i think it would be fine but you must promise to take absolute care of it and be careful around other dogs
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Gladwyn Gladwyn
If you have time to dedicate to retraining this dog I would say go for it.Just like any older dog they have already been trained to like and behave a certain way .Being this dog is a mix he will have inheited the temperment of both mixes, but the real truth hear is the environment that he has been raised in the last year and a half.He will have to adapt to your environment and behaviors.Border collies arent that much different than collies and shelties .I have raised both of those dogs and at the moment have a sheltie with a litter of 4 pups.I believe the love and time you give to a dog makes the dog the type of dog he becomes .love and attention will make a happy friendly pet.If you have plenty of this to give and time thanthis border collie will work for you,if you dont have the time get another dog that already gets along with evrything and everyone ,or go for a puppy.
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Dorian Dorian
well as your somewhat experienced at collies and shelties you know they need a lot of WORK, you dint say how old you are so I'm guessing at this. I advise strongly on not getting this dog. key word in ad ALPHA and 80 lbs is not a border collie He needs lots of work to do and unless on a farm with control and training it is not a good thing for you or especially the dog. Find a good breeder of bod er collies and do LOTS of research on them And parents YOU will be the ones looking after the dog!!!!! so please keep that in mind when getting a dog as very few children are responsible enough to do this job. Thank you
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Brenden Brenden
Listen to "dobes". I ditto everything said. If someone says the dog has a "dominant" personality.....they are UNDER stating it! This dog is for EXPERIENCED owners only. Collies and Shelites are NOT the same as Border Collies!!!!!
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Afton Afton
No - not if you are a first time Border Collie owner. They can be very intense and need to be trained and work. This one sounds too pushy and intense or they wouldn't be getting rid of it. NO NO P.S - they are calling it Dominant - hello?? Normally they soft sell these guys, but they aren't. Also - 80lbs? That is a HUGE Border Collie edit: C'mon people - they called this dog in the ad 3 times "Alpha, dominant, and experienced owner only" This is a child asking.......?
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