how to prevent being constipated while dieting?

how to prevent being constipated while dieting? Topic: how to prevent being constipated while dieting?
September 23, 2019 / By Ros
Question: I've been dieting for the past couple weeks and I've felt constipated the whole time. This is new because I've never been constipated before. I find it hard to believe it's my diet because I've been eating a grapefruit almost everyday and also some almonds, strawberries, broccoli and green salads very frequently. I've almost eliminated dairy with exception to my morning cereal and a slice of cheese on the occasional sandwich. I also walk 2-3 miles several times a week in addition to a job that requires me to be on my feet frequently. So that eliminates the usual causes of constipation. I just took a laxative today and haven't been this happy about pooping EVER. but I don't want to depend on it. What is going on and how can I correct it?
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Monna Monna | 1 day ago
In general, adult women need about 25 grams of fiber a day. There are 2 types, soluble & insoluble. Soluble fiber in foods slows digestion, improving satiety, helping you better manage your hunger. Insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation by adding bulk to your stool and softening it. Broccoli is a fiber find. Not only is it a rich source, but half of its fiber is insoluble and half is soluble, helping to meet your needs for both types of fiber. The other foods you are eating may not be so well balanced & having more soluble type fiber. Try to add more of the insoluble type & water intake to your diet.
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Lisa Lisa
This Site Might Help You. RE: how to prevent being constipated while dieting? I've been dieting for the past couple weeks and I've felt constipated the whole time. This is new because I've never been constipated before. I find it hard to believe it's my diet because I've been eating a grapefruit almost everyday and also some almonds, strawberries,...
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Kara Kara
Your not eating enough for the amount that you are working out and on your feet at work. You need to eat more substantial food. If you restrict your food intake, even though you are eating healthy foods, you can become constipated. Incorporate more red meats, dairy, and grains into your diet. Eat a wide variety of different foods in moderation. Also, are you drinking enough liquids? Good luck!
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Hannah Hannah
Eat corn, potatoes, prunes and have coffee in the morning. Take Metamucil. It's fine until you are regular again. Buy soluble fiber. It's tasteless and sprinkle on meals. Make whole grain and brown rice. Make bean soup.
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Dolley Dolley
Your likely eating too much fiber and not enough fat. Coconut oil will help. Supplementing magnesium may also help. More info here http://www.gutsense.org/
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