Constipated for 8 days(10points best answer)?

Constipated for 8 days(10points best answer)? Topic: Constipated for 8 days(10points best answer)?
September 20, 2019 / By Raelene
Question: Guys help! I'm only 13 and I have been constipated for 8 days... It really hurts and I went to a doctor and she said the eat bran and drink water but it hasn't helped.. What do I do?
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Melle Melle | 1 day ago
Constipation can cause anal fissures, hemorrhoids and also some far more serious problems as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22r... You probably need to improve your diet as you seem to have a constipation problem. For constipation, castor oil is very good for a one-off remedy as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22c... but it is unsuitable for regular use. For constipation, suppositories, laxatives, fiber supplements and enemas are all totally unnecessary if you eat the right foods. All fruit and vegetables in very large amounts are laxative. You need to permanently change your diet or you are likely to get colon cancer. Constipation can make you extremely unwell and can lead to colon cancer as it causes a build up of carcinogenic toxins in the system. The intake of foods such as milk, cheese, white rice, white flour and red meat should be restricted, because they tend to contribute to constipation. Any food that has had the fiber stripped out, the nutrients processed out or slows down the digestion is a constipation culprit. Here's a list of foods shown to cause constipation problems: •Meats, especially fatty meats, red meat and processed meats, •Dairy Products, such as cheese, ice cream and whole milk, •Fast Foods – burgers, French fries and other fried foods, pizza, etc., •Refined grains, like white rice or any refined white flour products, •Highly starchy foods – white potatoes, corn and all refined grains, •Pastries and other high sugar products, such as cakes, cookies and pies, •Deep-fried foods, chips and other foods that are high in bad fats. You can see lots more in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22n... which tells you "Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation" and the right foods to eat.
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Melle Originally Answered: Constipated for more than 2 days, Please help me.?
If I were you I'd try a stool softener or gentle laxative... Here's some info that might help with prevention! "Constipation in Adults Constipation Overview Constipation refers to a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements. For some people, it may mean difficulty in passing stools. A constipated stool is hard because it contains less water than normal. Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. Generally, constipation is difficult to define clearly because as a symptom it varies from person to person. * The frequency of bowel movements also varies greatly, ranging from 3 movements per day to 3 per week. Generally, if your bowel has not opened for 3 successive days, the intestinal contents harden, and you may have difficulty or even pain during defecation. * A common misconception about constipation is that wastes stored in your body are absorbed, are dangerous to your health, and may shorten your lifespan. Some people have an underlying fear that they will be "poisoned" by their own intestinal wastes (feces) if they retain the waste in their bodies for more than a certain length of time. None of this is true. * Older people are 5 times more likely than younger people to develop constipation. But experts believe that older people become too concerned with having a daily bowel movement and that constipation in this age group is overestimated. Constipation Causes Constipation may result from a poor diet, poor bowel habits, or problems in elimination of stool, whether physical, functional, or voluntary. These are the most common causes of constipation: * Poor diet: Eating foods rich in animal fats (dairy products, meats, and eggs) or refined sugar but low in fiber (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables) may cause constipation. * Poor bowel habits: Ignoring the desire to have bowel movements may initiate a cycle of constipation. o After a period of time, you may stop feeling the desire for opening your bowel. o This leads to progressive constipation. For example, some people may avoid using public toilets or ignore going to the toilet because they are busy. * Medications: Many medications can cause constipation. o Antacids - Those containing aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate o Antispasmodic drugs o Antidepressants o Iron tablets o Anticonvulsant drugs * Painkillers: Narcotic-containing drugs, for instance, may interfere with bowel functions. * Travel: Changes in lifestyle, low fluid intake, and eating fast food may cause constipation. * Irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon): This is one of the most common causes of constipation. Because of changes in bowel function, if you have this disorder, you may have crampy abdominal pain, excessive gas, bloating, and constipation. * Laxative abuse: Habitually using laxatives gradually will produce dependency on them. o You may eventually require increasing amounts of laxatives to move your bowels. o o In some instances, the bowel will become insensitive to laxatives and fail to open. * Pregnancy: Constipation during pregnancy may be due to several factors. Each of the following conditions produces severe pain on defecation, which may trigger a reflex spasm of the anal sphincter muscle. The spasm may delay bowel movement and decrease the desire for bowel opening as a means to avoid the anal pain. o Mechanical pressure on your bowel by the heavy womb o Hormonal changes during pregnancy o Changes in food and fluid intake o Anal fissure (cracks in the anus) o Hemorrhoids (piles) o Anal stenosis (narrow anus) * Intestinal obstruction: Mechanical compression and interference with the normal functions of the bowel may occur in the following ways: o Inflammatory adhesions and joining of tissues o Intestinal tumors or foreign bodies o Gallstones that have become immovably wedged in the intestine o Twisting of the intestine upon itself (volvulus) o Intussusception – "Telescoping of the intestine" in which one part of your intestine slips or is drawn onto another part just below it (This occurs mainly in children.) o Abdominal hernia - Loops of the intestine become obstructed o Damage to nerves within your intestine - (Spinal cord tumors, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injuries may produce constipation by interfering with the function of the nerves supplying the intestine.) o Connective tissue diseases – Conditions such as scleroderma and lupus o Poor-functioning thyroid gland - A low production of thyroxin, a hormone produced by the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism, causing constipation o Lead poisoning and other metabolic disorders"

Leena Leena
A veterinarian is the one to ask this question to. Vets aren't in the trade to euthanize animals - they are there to help them as first-rate they can. If you happen to don't believe the vet you might have seen, go to one more. However remember that the high-quality interest of your furball is the most important thing! Please do not provide your pet any over-the-counter drugs or supplements meant for humans. These drugs by and large do not work the same in a canine's system that they do in a people. Some are even detrimental or lethal to animals whilst they're perfectly secure for humans. As for the individual who stated feed the dog raisins - grapes/raisins and any veggie within the onion family (onions, garlic, shallots, and so on) ARE poisonous to dogs. The opposite factor to note is that many people confuse straining to defecate with constipation. Dogs that stress as a rule have diarrhea on some stage. Constipation is not a normal occurence in puppies or cats, but it surely does arise. Regrettably, both behaviors look very a lot alike. Your vet is the one who can tell you why the canine is performing this manner. They may be able to palpate the stomach to consider the intestines. In addition they have the capacity to inform you which human meds or dietary supplements are okay an in what doses you must provide. The rough reply right here is that some owners (and definitely now not you, seeing that you are searching for an answer) normally confuse their possess feelings and the health of the pet. Owners will preserve animals alive given that they are not able to let go themselves. Continuously hold in intellect that a vet is there to aid the animals first and principal - they've acquired the expertise and education to give you the analysis and opinions of what your pooch needs.
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Joleen Joleen
It sounds like you could have IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). You should probably try some laxitives and if that doesn't work, consult your doctor again. Know that this not uncommon, however constipation is a serious matter. I wish you the best!
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Gena Gena
After eight days, you really should take an enema ASAP. And get a doctor's advice (but not 'til after you've cleaned out your sh.i.t box with the enema!)
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Gena Originally Answered: This sounds disgusting, but I've been constipated for 3 days?
the bump might be a hemorrhoid. A hemorrhoid is something that men and women both can get. It is not a disease or anything like that. But instead it is a sore on usually someones bottom. It is cause by sitting on the toilet for too long (most common way to get one). when you sit on the toilet you are pulling the skin apart on your but so you can poop. you might have slightly torn skin and it has become a hemorrhoid. they never go away. i would suggest drinking prune juice (even though it is nasty).

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