constipated baby?

constipated baby? Topic: constipated baby?
November 22, 2019 / By Madge
Question: so i started feeding my daughter baby rice cereal on her 5month bday on the 12th of this month. Since then, she hadn't really pooped at all, maybe just once and it was just a little bit. Also, I been ONLY breastfeeding her. But lately, I been sick with a fever and undergoing HIGH stress. I think my milk supply went down a little, because when she would feed on my breast she'd get frustrated and I'd have to keep switching boobs back and forth. So along with her cereal, I also started giving her formula. This has been since the 12th of this month, too. But she doesnt like it. She only plays with the nipple in her mouth but she doesn't really drink it. So I only make 2 ounces of formula every time I make her cereal and mix some of the formula with her cereal. After she eats her cereal, I try to give her the remaining of the formula to finish, but like I said, she doesn't drink, she just plays. Anyway, she hasn't pooped and I'm starting to get concerned... I'm almost sure she's constipated. I've read my books and some of the signs are there, but I'm still not 100 per cent sure. She's been waking up more than usual at night especially around 2:30/3:00 in the morning and whining. Usually when she wakes up in the morning, she's in a really good mood. But lately, she's been waking up crying a little but still gets happy after a while. What do u think? constipation? or just a change in personality and body because she's getting older? and what should i do? This is my first child. So i'm very nervous about this. People have said that if she was constipated she'd be non-stop crying. She doesn't cry non-stop but she does whine more than usual, but she also plays a lot more and laughs a lot more, too. Not sure what to make of everything. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... NOTE: I'm still breastfeeding. Giving formula ONLY in her cereal. Like i said, I only make 2 ounces of formula along w each cereal feeding and try to give her the remaining formula after her cereal, but she doesn't really drink it. She still prefers my breastmilk.
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Kennedy Kennedy | 5 days ago
Breastfed babies can go a week or more without pooping and it's NORMAL. If she poops and it's still liquid or soft, she's not constipated. Constipation has to do with the consistency of the poop, NOT how often she goes. If you're concerned that your milk supply went down, all you have to do is nurse her more. If you feed her formula (which you said she already doesn't like) your milk supply will go down more. I would wait it out, my almost 4 month old regularly goes a week without pooping. Don't force a natural process. Just prepare for an explosion! EDIT: DO NOT FEED THE BABY HONEY, as the other answer suggested. Honey often contains botulism which can kill your child. Honestly, leave her alone, she'll poop when her body tells her to. To Respond to your further info: There are so many things it could be that are not constipation, she could be going through a growth spurt, or having bad dreams, teething, or any number of things. I know you're concerned because this is your first baby, but since you're still breastfeeding her for her primary nutrition, I sincerely doubt it's due to constipation. Breastmilk has laxative properties and should keep her regular--even if her 'regular' means once a week. From the link below--- "As long as the baby is gaining well, wetting sufficiently, and is happy and content there is no cause to be alarmed by infrequent bowel movements, and it is not necessary to give the baby a laxative, fruit juice, or any other "helpers." In fact, attempting to force bowel movements can have harmful consequences to your baby." - La Leche League
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Kennedy Originally Answered: Help! My baby is constipated.?
I'm not sure how old yours is, but my daughter is almost six months. She was constipated and her doctor told me to mix 1-2 Tbs. of Dark Karo Syrup (start with 1) with 4 oz. of water. He told me to give that to her once a day until the constipation went away. It didn't work for us because she doesn't like the taste and won't drink it (she's only had cereal and formula so far), but thats the advice I got from the doctor maybe it will help you.

Ivy Ivy
I would definitely call your doctor. It is normal for breastfed babies to not poop everyday but 5 days is alittle much.
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Ellie Ellie
I have heard that if you put warm milk in a bottle and add a teaspoon of sugar and she should be right then... also I have heard that honey does the same thing.
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Christabella Christabella
Be careful, because water can drop his sodium level and that can be VERY dangerous. You really should discuss this with your DOC. If you have a PPO maybe make an appt. to see a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. I found mine through Children's Hospital in Washington,DC. Also, my First and third born babies had issues with constipation, due to the fact they were allergic to the formula. My oldest was breastfed until 4mos. and after that he experienced constipation because he was alllergic to the soy formula. My second was born 36 wks and 5 days and had a minor constipation issue. The pediatrician instructed me to give him "Baby Lax" when he seemed to be uncomfortable. I only had to give it to him a few times and he was fine. Now, with my third he has a milk and soy allergy and is on a formula called Neocate. The allergist and/Gastro both said that since he was allergic to the formula he was on at birth, it caused his intestines to swell and that's why he gets constipated. I'm not sure if your son will have the same issues or not, that's why it's best to take him to the doctor's office. It's also possible this may just be his routine. Some baby's only pass their bowls every few days, but if she is very irritable and seems to be uncomfortable, page your ped. and ask them what you should do. Not to sound like a hypocrite, but sometimes you might have to get a second medical opinion or follow your own "mommy/daddy" instinct and ask about the baby lax. You can buy it from CVS. I wish you all the best and Good Luck!
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Christabella Originally Answered: my 6 month old baby is constipated?
Is your baby acting uncomfortable. If not, she might have just skipped a day. Bowel movement schedules can change as a baby gets older and she starts eating solid foods. If your baby is acting uncomfortable, you might try calling your doctors nurse. The nurse usually knows what the doctor usually recommends. Your doctor may recommend juice. My doctor had recommeded Kyro Syrup mixed with water, however I know some doctors are adamently against doing this. Your babies doctor may even recommend an enema. My daughter ended up needing the enema. My advice is to double check with your doctor which approach they feel would best suit your child.

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