My three week old baby is constipated?

My three week old baby is constipated? Topic: My three week old baby is constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Lina
Question: I think my 3 week old baby is constipated. She always have a bowl movement every time she eats and she hasn't had one in over a day. She is really gassy and keeps trying to poop but nothing happens. She wont stop crying. I heard to give her a teaspoon of apple juice with her formula. Any ideas? Thanks
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Kailee Kailee | 7 days ago
well i'll give you the tips that i read on my book , you should get it it's called "what to do when your child gets sick" What do i see? -child has BMs less often than b4 -child cannot have a BM even after trying many times -BM is very hard when it finally comes out What can I do at home? -Give child lots of liquids to drink -If extra water doesn't work and baby is younger than 1 year, give 1-2 ounces of prune juice mixed with water (half prune juice and half water) twice a day -for babies older than 6 months, feed these foods twice a day: peas, plums, peaches, beans, prunes, pears, sweet potatoes -for babies older than 1 year, give foods like: peas, dates, bran cereal, beans, apple juice, bran muffins, prunes, graham crackers, whole wheat bread -help your child become more active. get him/her to walk, run, & play more -stop giving these foods until BMs are regular: ice cream, rice, carrots, cheese, carrots -do not give medicine for constipation unless your dr tells you What do I call the dr or nurse? -your child has belly pains -BM looks black -you see blood on the BM -you see brown liquid in your potty-trained child's pants b4 or after BM -your child has not had a BM for 3 days after trying home care What else should i know about constipation? -do not put any medicine in your child's bottom unless your dr tells you -your baby may get red in the face, grunt, and strain when having a BM. if BM is soft when it comes out, this can be normal -some babies can go 2-3 days without having a BM. this can be normal. babies do not need to have a BM everyday
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Kailee Originally Answered: constipated 4 week old baby.?
Babies haven't learnt how to use their 'anal" muscles and that is where the strain comes from. They don't know how to push, it's because they are kind of holding it in instead of pushing it out like you and I do. This comes with time. So while you think they are constipated, they are most likely not. However, when their poo is solid hard like 'rabbit poo', then he may be constipated. here are a few things to do 1. It is not advisable to give babies water constantly. However, a little warm water (like half-1oz 3 times daily for an infant 0-1month then half an oz more per additional month) does help regulate their bowels, clean their tongue, preventing thrush. If breastfeeding, then there is no need to give them water. 2. Light karo syrup can be added in their water or in the formula. Do this only in extreme circumstances, sugar of any kind is not good for babies that young. Two drops in one or 2 bottles daily until the situation is solved is fine. 3. Give your child some 'Gripe Water' occasionally. You can buy this at walgreens or walmart baby isle. It ha instructions. You can give it to them straight or add to their bottle. it regulates their digestion, calms them and is great for gas. Purely herbal, non-medicinal 4. Do not stick any q-tip or enema into your baby's bottom. You risk tearing or puncturing their anus. Do not stick a thermometer in there either and definitely DO NOT give your baby any form of laxative until they are 2 years old. It says so in the babylax box. 5. Let him lie on his belly while you massage his lower back, then give him a warm bath with water covering his tummy. Move his feet in a bicycle motion and massage his tummy in the water, this always brought a bowel movement for my little girl.

Gwenn Gwenn
First of all, you're right to worry about any sudden decrease in bowel "output". At no age is it normal to go for 4 or more days without "doing the doo" - people who say that need to study intestinal autointoxication (the colon health webring has a lot of good info). Since she's in pain, you really should give her a baby-size glycerine suppository (make sure it is baby-size) -it may sound gruesome but it's safe, and suitable for frequent use if need be. And I guarantee it'll make her do a dooey in 5-15 minutes! As to warding off the problem: yes, the apple juice is a good idea - although pear or prune juice are more reliable in laxative-effect terms. Avoid bananas - they'll make it worse!
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Dinah Dinah
Although a poo every feeding is pretty normal, it is not unusual for infants to go several days between either. There are several natural remedies, like the apple juice, but also check with your doc before trying anything, just to be on the safe side. Prune juice almost always produces a poo within 6 hours, You can also try light corn syrup, one teaspoon, in the bottle. As she gets older...remember "P for poo...Pears, aPPles, Peas, Prunes, Plums". And for the reverse, when she begins eating, if she gets the runs, mash a fresh banana and feed. Stops it up.
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Carina Carina
She could be sensitive to something in the formula. I would call your pediatrician before giving her anything because she is so young. Sometimes you can use a little miralax or apple/prune juice but I'd call and ask first. Their digestive systems are very sensitive at that stage.
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Carina Originally Answered: My 6 week old baby is constipated(yesterday and today). I am breastfeeding. What must I do?
It is a myth that breastfed babies never get constipated. (proof positive, I exclusively breastfed, and my son was constipated, I could see it the way his bowels came out, when they finally did, he was in pain when he was eliminating) sometimes a change in your diet helps. when my son was constipated at that age, and I was still breastfeeding, not eating veggies, fruits, whole grains (in that order) helped to eliminate his constipation. Also try giving him Mylicon drops. it's suppose to help or gripe water.

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