My rare sickness is making me wanna commit suicide?

My rare sickness is making me wanna commit suicide? Topic: My rare sickness is making me wanna commit suicide?
December 13, 2019 / By Johnna
Question: I have some rare problem that doctors really can't figure out. I have gone through a series of test and a surgery and nothing helped it. Basically I haven't ate solid food in 4 months and my body has gone into starvation mode. I'm losing my hair and my muscles. I haven't been to school to soccer since I'm so weak. I just want some Chinese food! I just want some food! I want to eat like a normal person and taste that delicious food I hunger for! I'm totally jealous of YOU because you can eat your favorite food... And I don't care what it is... I would eat it because I'm so darn just wanting to taste again. I'm dying... I have lost so much weight... I look anorexic. I really wish I would die already because this is so painful I can't take anymore. If it coated cutting off my arm or leg so I could get better. I would have it done in a jiff. I can't cope... I was thinking of suicide..I'm 14 I can't eat retard! Or else I freKing would! My swallowing system doesn't work!
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Gayla Gayla | 9 days ago
I am assuming you are speaking the truth. I have to ask if your doctors have tested your hormone balances, tested for chemical poisoning, and tested for neurological disorders as well as simple diabetes , an A1C test. at least. This could be autoimmune , also. Seems like you may have a food allergy or chemical poisoning you are unaware of? idk Don't just assume they have tested for all that , get copies of the results and look at them yourself. Ask for the tests you need. The real life doctor from the tv show 'House' is Dr. Lisa Sanders and she also authored the book 'Every patient tells a story'. She is on the faculty at Yale University and may have some good ideas if you contact her there. She does have email . You need a comprehensive evaluation and testing done. If you have any idea of any poison you may be injesting, or food allergy, tell them. It sounds like it could be neurological also. Just find the cause , I know of a vitamin/mineral supplement that you can take that absorbs in the upper stomach and doesn't require the digestive process to absorb, you can also apply it to your outer skin to replace the nutrients you need , it is made by doctors microbiologists and they have made it ionic/nano size for absorbtion reasons. Their products are sold at rainbowminerals.net and you should /can call and talk to Tina. the very best wishes
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Amaranthus (grown as an ornamental) and lemon verbena (vervain) are easy to grow, though you might have to get the seeds over the internet. You can buy amaranth seed ready to cook and eat at a natural food store. I'm not sure if it's the seed you're interested in. I seem to recall having seen lemon verbena at a specialty grocer that had a lot of herbs during the season. You might find it at a farmer's market if there is a booth like that. The others I don't know anything about, and there is no Ecuadoran population in my area.

Deborah Deborah
If you're that sick and they can't find anything wrong with you, if it was something that was Fatal, i would do whatever the hell i wanted to do, i wouldn't spend the last moments i had eating through a damn straw. Just eat anyways, Nobody sick or not should have to live that way. Nobody! I would being you Chinese food if i knew who and where you were and force feed it too you. I'm so so so so so so so so Sorry. But don't do anything stupid, what if they find what it is, and you won't be around for them to tell you the good news. You just have to pray really, believe that anything can happen. Something good comes from every bad situation.
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Britta Britta
You know there is certain things people just can't change and can't understand, the main thing is though if your feeling this way you really need to talk to a doctor or a parent. a 14 year old should not be thinking of ending there life. I found this article on a problem seemingly like yours you may want to look up...don't give up on yourself, they're are others like you
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Alis Alis
If you want food, just eat it! If you can't eat solid food, try to make kind of heavy "milkshakes" for a start, believe me, it will help you. You're too young yet, when you think about suicide normally it is not going to happen, believe me, there are 4 year-old children out there with no food and no water and they don't think about suicide, they just fight for their lives every single second. Think about that and just eat something everyday.
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Ulric Ulric
well i think you shouldnt commit suicide because you sound like a wonderful person.. i would recommend going to a super specialist in eating disorders, they would know whats going on..
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Ulric Originally Answered: any rare/interesting diseases?
I don't have anything particularly interesting but my brother is afflicted with scleroderma. It has literally made his skin look like plastic. His poor hands! Lost flexibility. He has trouble griping things. For awhile, he was feeling very weak and even had to walk with a cane but he's getting his strength back though he doesn't have his usual muscular development. Scleroderma and CREST syndrome are kind of interesting if you want to look at them.

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