Is every place closed on Good Friday?

Is every place closed on Good Friday? Topic: Is every place closed on Good Friday?
July 19, 2019 / By Jacinda
Question: I wanna go to the post office tomorrow. :( My school library is also closed til monday, so I'll have no R&S til then either. *sigh* Have a happy easter ya'll. :)
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Eloise Eloise | 10 days ago
The bowling center isn't closed. We're going tomorrow.:P See ya then :) (((((Princess)))))
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Christel Christel
I think it would depend on who owns i the place. If their religion doesn't celebrate it Probably not.
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Aurora Aurora
It's open, the federal government doe's not recognize it as official, so they are open, so is my house!
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Abbygael Abbygael
Every place that is run by the government, federal, state, county and local is closed. You can still go to the post office if you have something to send out. Because most post offices have those blue mailboxes outside. Happy Easter to you and yours. :-)
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Stanley Stanley
Good Friday is no longer a legal holiday. It used to be, but non christians were complaining, and so the government reversed it, and now it is not a legal holiday. I work at a daycare inside of a church,and we are open, people still have to work, so we are open to take care of their children. It is not a federal holiday, banks and post offices should be open.
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Oz Oz
Everything is open with the exception of a few things NOT related to Government. School is in session, all government offices are open, stores, laundry facilities, etc. ...........
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Lew Lew
Noo...I can't survive without you til then!!! lol Here it is actually illegal for most places to be open on Easter Friday and Sunday....I reckon that's a little extreme!! (((Catti)))
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Jankin Jankin
I don't know where you are, but I've never lived in any place in the U.S. where the entire city shut down for Easter.
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Franklyn Franklyn
Some stores are closed Sunday (Best Buy is one), but I haven't seen anything that'll be closed on good Friday.
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