Diet pills?

Diet pills? Topic: Diet pills?
September 18, 2019 / By Dixee
Question: I'm going to begin dieting soon after visiting my doctor (im seeing my doctor tomorrow.) I will ask his opinions/knowledge on dieting and diet pills, but i would also like some input from first hand experiences with diet pills and different forms of dieting. What are the best/fastest/atleast semi healthy pills out there and what do you use? I'm trying to lose weight on the faster side so im looking for something to help speed my metabolism up. All answers are appreciated. Thanks ahead of time! :)
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Carlene Carlene | 6 days ago
Most doctors that I know of, know no more than you about weight control. I recommend that you avoid them and take a sensible approach. There is lots of good information at this site - http://www.purplepumpkintree.com/WEIGHTC...
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Carlene Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Not really. There are some that have ingredients that can act like appetite suppressants, but in my experience, I start to tolerate them after a while and they lose any effect. Frankly, I think all the pills on the market are a waste of money. You will always find somebody who had success with a diet or diet product, but anecdotes don't equal facts. The key to weight loss is eating less and exercising more. Your body needs to use more calories than you are taking in. Track your food and your exercise to see how you are doing.

Andreana Andreana
Diet pills are not the way to go. Don't rush weight loss; any more than 2 lbs. a week is NOT healthy. If you try to lose weight the FAST way, you're more likely to gain it back. My best advice is to visit sparkpeople.com ... they will guide you on how to lose weight the HEALTHY way, and it's free. They have hundreds of articles that are very helpful, and a way to track your fitness and calories. Increased activity and a deficit of calories within a recommended caloric range is almost ALWAYS the way to go. Diet pills are just a way that companies are trying to make money off of the recent health concerns and the media's influence on women and men. Don't drink the kool-aid. Do it the healthy, natural way.
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Weston Weston
People are often told by doctors and media that poor dieting and lack of exercise is the ONLY cause for excess fat. This is simply not true! They want you to spend your money in medicine that you become DEPENDENT on, to make a constant flow of money. Stop, and use common sense! If there was really only one cause, how come so many "fat" people are often the most health and exercise conscious! There ARE more than one causes, and one of the most common (yet suppressed) is BUILT UP PLAQUE AND FECAL MATTER IN YOUR BOWELS. This is a common issue that happens to everyone, but of course, some people experience it more severely than others, which makes them seem "fat". Stop spending hundreds of dollars everyone month on a product that hardly seems like it helps you! Explore the other possibilities for losing excess weight, and do it for yourself, because whats a few minutes of reading truth compared to constant anxiety over the same expensive products never working! LET THE TRUTH BE REVEALED. http://www.fatlossunveiled.com
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Samson Samson
While diet pills can help initially in the fight against fat, they are not a long-term solution. Check out this site for more information: http://www.magnetic-diet.com/diet-pills.php
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Nahor Nahor
diet pills for me dont work at all. try doing a little more cardio exercise, it should give your metabolism the boost start it needs
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Nahor Originally Answered: Anyone tried Slim Quick diet pills and how big are the pills?
Taking pills was a huge turn off but looking at slimquick they actually had some alternatives. - they have packets that mix into water- try these you can get mixed berry or lemonade flavor. You are also hydrating and don't need to swallow horse pills! I have lost about 20lbs in just over 2 months and feel awesome. you can look them up online-they also have some pretty neat tools. good luck,cheers

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