Parents: What would you do if you found cigarettes in your child's room/dresser? ?

Parents: What would you do if you found cigarettes in your child's room/dresser? ? Topic: Parents: What would you do if you found cigarettes in your child's room/dresser? ?
January 28, 2020 / By Celandine
Question: My bf and I were discussing how we would react to certain events in a child's life. And we're stuck on how we would take it to see something bad or wrong with our child or what he/she is doing? How would you react?
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Best Answers: Parents: What would you do if you found cigarettes in your child's room/dresser? ?

Annis Annis | 2 days ago
The best thing you can do is talk with them and explain the addictive path they are headed down, and the possible health effects. Let them know that quitting right now will be much easier than when they have smoked for 30 years. Maybe find some examples on television, online, or in life of what smoking can do. Also, make sure that you let them know that you aren't "OK" with it, but you must accept that the child could just continue smoking behind your back. There isn't much you could do to stop them if they are sufficiently motivated, they could always continue smoking behind your back
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Anytime you apply for government help, which includes Medicaid, food stamps etc, then they (always) go after the father to help (repay) back what the government is paying you for their help. The fact that AZ did not pursue this is (rare), since almost every state they are required to know who the father is, and in many cases when people lie or state unknown, they (can) reject giving the benefits. The other problem, like in your case, you state the father is helping out, or help in paying for (what) he/she believes is fair or not. Here is the problem, you state would go w/out food assistance, but that is not the problem, since you are also receiving Medicaid, thus both are required to go after the father, thus get off (both), then won't have a problem. To make a move from AZ to MI is a big step, thus the question (why) the move? Is there family in MI vs none in AZ? You have several problems or reasons for needing help. Going to school guessing to find a decent/better job. Your childs father, is only working PT vs FT, thus with most PT jobs, have either none or "some" benefits, like health insurance as an example. You may need to change your school schedule so that you can find a full time job instead. After my divorce, I worked 8 to 5, Monday to Friday and went to college at night after work on average of 4 days a week/end. Now, I was lucky, since my parents were able to watch my 6 year old daughter after school and while I was in school at night. The biggest cost that you will have (whenever) you are able to be on your own is childcare. I read an article about a year ago, that childcare is costing as much as college, thus many (2 parent) households, then the wife would quit their job to stay home to raise their children, since it costs them more to work and pay for childcare. Forget the letters, since they will ignore it. They look at facts, like how much you or he makes and that is it. So, my guess is that whatever they (deem) he should pay, then may get a garnishment to pay them from that. Sorry for the facts, but the only argument you might have is that dad is providing (free) child care vs you paying a agency/childcare place to do so. The other problem with childcare places is that (most) only take children from 6 am to 6 pm, thus if you work at night, then need to find a neighbor/family to help. Good luck.

Yahveh Yahveh
Depending at the state/ nation where you are living, it can be unlawful. Many US states have legislation towards shopping tobacco merchandise for minors. You can study the legislation to your state. If you desire to smoke or suppose such as you must, don't danger getting your mom in authorized difficulty. You additionally cannot relatively depart college till you're sixteen within the US. If you do not cross, your mother could get in additional difficulty than you. I'm sorry you suppose that method, however the well information is your mind isn't completely built. Just wait 10 years or so and you'll be able to be equipped to suppose extra logically. Also, please speak on your college counselor or anybody approximately your melancholy.
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Shelby Shelby
A few months ago my son went to stay at a friends house (he is 15) so I decided to clean his room for him while he was gone. I found a packet - right there on the computer desk. So I did EXACTLY what MEPPA just said - ripped them all up and put them back in the box and left it there. Later that day my sister called and asked if she had left her packet of smokes here the day before.
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Noel Noel
I think I have a really good idea.. So you should go online and find fact sheets on cigarettes with the most horrifying info about them you can find and print them out. Also print out some pictures of people who have smoked to much and how it has effected their physical appearance. Fold up these pieces of paper and put them into the cigarrette box.. Then don't say anything to your kid.. wait and see if they come to you.
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Kourtney Kourtney
I would do what my grandma did to my uncle. Get a clear zip lock bag, and fill it with garbage, then sit the cigarettes in it so they are clearly visible. Sit it in the family room or at the kitchen table. Watch the child's reaction
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Just wait my friend until Cap and Trade goes into effect, and the gasoline prices sky rocket and while at the same time we all pay higher local and federal income taxes - it will be very interesting.

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