about healthy nutritious food?

about healthy nutritious food? Topic: about healthy nutritious food?
November 23, 2019 / By Cary
Question: do you think that companies have a responsibility to produce healthy nutritious foods? Or is it the responsibility of individuals to ensure they are eating healthy?
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Angellina Angellina | 4 days ago
Definatly the responsibility of the consumer because most companies are only bothered about making money with the exception of a few, I always check the nutritional values and ingredients to see if there is anything odd or that might be unhealty in excess.
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Angellina Originally Answered: Can you name me some nutritious and healthy food?
craving something does not mean you are lacking some vitamin in your diet. that is just a myth that everybody believes but is in fact not true. if you are craving chocolate then dont completely cut it out of your diet. eating it every once in awhle isn't bad. try switching it for dark chocolate in fact. eating just a few pieces works for me. foods that are good for you are lean grilled chicken, anythign with wheat (pasta, bread, etc), obviously fruits and vegetables, tofu, soy...try to stay away from fast food for obvious reasons. frozen dinners typically aren't great for you either. try to stay away from processed foods too. anything that contains saturated fat, hydrogenated oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel oils is bad for you.
Angellina Originally Answered: Can you name me some nutritious and healthy food?
Most people here will direct you to expensive designer dog foods that are no better than many more affordable brands. The most nutritious food for one dog may not be the best for another depending on the dog's activity level and other factors. My sled dogs have done very well eating Blackwood dog foods. I feed the 2000 formula in the summer and the 7000 during their working season. Other popular brands with mushers and others with working dogs are National, Anamaet and RedPaw. If your dogs have a job to do, you pay attention to small differences in their performance and recovery times after heavy activity. I've tried some of the brands like Canidae, Eagle pack holistic and Chicken soup and I wasn't impressed with any of them. You will have to experiment to find what is best for your dog.

Willoughby Willoughby
I think that it is the responsibility of the individuals. Regulations ensure that every packaged and fast food must supply detailed nutritional information, therefore consumers have knowledge of the nutritional content of virtually all the food they eat. It is up to us to make healthy choices.
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Seir Seir
Responsibility of the consumer. I have rights, I can, know how to, and will take care of myself. I don't need or want anyone to make decisions for me. If I want to eat unhealthily, that is my choice and you* don't have a right to stop me. *I'm not directing an argument specifically at you, I just want to make my point.
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Seir Originally Answered: Nutritious food?
cooked grains, cereal, bread legumes, nuts, almonds (for protein) cooked or raw vegetables (carrots, broccoli, peas) meat (preferably chicken) fruits (juice or dried fruit)

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