Diet pills that really work.?

Diet pills that really work.? Topic: Diet pills that really work.?
December 13, 2019 / By Cameron
Question: I want to know if anyone knows a good diet pill out there. I am watching my calories and exercising every day and other day. Is there any diet pill that will help me progress along with everythings. I mean I am seeing nothing and I have been doing this for like 6 months now. I just need a little boost. Any suggestions? I only want to lose 55 pounds. I had two kids that is were the fat came from. If you are woundering.
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Alyssia Alyssia | 10 days ago
Maybe you should go see your doctor and see if you have any thyroid issues that are preventing you from losing weight you should be losing. Also, make sure you write down EVERYTHING you consume, because you may THINK you're eating right, but those calories are sneaking up on you. People tend to believe the ate less than they actually did, and burned more calories than they actually did. My tips are to: 1. Work yourself to EXHAUSTION each and every time. 2. Be very diligent about what you eat, when you eat. 3. Be honest with yourself and don't give up. Good Luck!
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Alyssia Originally Answered: where can I order real phentermine diet pills online? Or another diet pill that will work as well as that one?
Phentermine is a C4 narcotic. Ordering online, possession and usage without a prescription are all felonies. I suggest you see your physician if you're serious about using phentermine as part of a weight loss strategy.

Vincent Vincent
I am no longer a Doctor however I do recognise there's no nontoxic speedy repair for a quandary that constructed over the years. Sure you might take nutrition tablets to cut back your urge for food, however no longer consuming is solely as detrimental as over consuming if no longer extra so. Anything that says to be a miracle remedy is not anything extra the a state-of-the-art day variant of what was once known as snake oil which was once offered out of the again of a included wagon to unsuspecting saps again within the 1800's Rule of thumb "if it sounds to well to be real then it in most cases is."
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Royal Royal
you need to go to a doctor. The only pills that work are rx..I had one called phentermine. It controlled my appetite. In addition the diet doctor gave me a b 12 shot
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Morgan Morgan
Any diet pills, I would recommend SlimQuick, along with a healthy diet and exercise. FYI- NO DIET PILL WILL EVER WORK WITHOUT A HEALTHY DIET PLAN AND EXERCISE.
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Morgan Originally Answered: Diet pills that work?
i know what you mean/ feel im going thru the same atm i am taking duromine 30mg atm for it. in comes in 15mg 30mg and 40mg i wouldnt reccomend the 40mg to start off with.. go the 30mg. it does have some side affects but they go away within a few days.. it is the BEST diet pill out there.. i was skeptical to try it but the weight is falling off me which nothing else would budge.. whatever u decide good luck! edit: what happens as well as get rid of all ur body weight is it effects the part of your brain that tells your body it is hungry, therefore no snacking! it is amazing i now know that i dont need to eat as much i thought i needed to. and so there is NO starving feeling like on every other diet..

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