Red raspberry leaf for heavy periods?

Red raspberry leaf for heavy periods? Topic: Red raspberry leaf for heavy periods?
October 19, 2019 / By Britta
Question: Currently, I'm on Seasonique birth control for my heavy/irregular periods, but it causes me some side effects that I'm not happy with. Will red raspberry leaf tea help my heavy periods as well as birth control does? Are there any dangers for a non-pregnant woman drinking this tea? Where have you seen it sold? Whole foods? Trader Joe's? CVS? Are there doctors that disapprove of this treatment? Any other comments about your experience with red raspberry leaf or other recommended ways for me to help my period would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Alis Alis | 2 days ago
Celestial seasonings does not make red raspberry leaf tea.. Red raspberry LEAF tea has no fruit flavor in it, (it's made solely from the leaves of the raspberry plant) and you have to buy it at a specialty store. I have some I got from Whole Foods (about 10$) and I think Trader Joe's has it too. I would recommend buying the tablets, (also same price) it comes in pill form..the tea is not very good lol. I have the tea, I made it and mixed it with KoolAid mix and used it like iced tea, which is better but has a nasty aftertaste. It's supposed to help with a lot of women's health issues related to bleeding, and the warnings are only that a pregnant woman shouldn't take it without consulting a doctor. My friend took it during pregnancy and she bled for only a week after having her baby so I believe it does help. Otherwise, I don't know of any dangers in taking it. Since it's an herbal supplement of course some doctors wouldn't approve, but it's always worth a try since birth control can have a ton of other side effects! Good luck!
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Alis Originally Answered: My periods are SUPER heavy! Help.?
It’s possible that your periods aren’t as heavy as you think - average flow is 30-80ml but it’s not unusual to bleed more. If you're needing to change your pads within an hour then your flow is heavy, but not heavy enough to be of any real concern. Periods can be heavier when you’re younger, it’s also true if stressed periods can get heavier too, but there are ways to help. Menstrual cups – a MUST for heavy flow. These are internal like tampons but safer and more hygienic so no health risks, thus they can be worn for twice as long (up to 12 hours) and overnight which makes them far more convenient for women with heavy flow. Cups hold a lot more flow than tampons or pads and have light suction so they don’t leak like tampons or pads, they may even also help lessen flow. What Are Menstrual Cups? - http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/w... Period panties - for back-up. Leak-proof like Sexy Period http://sexyperiod.com are underwear with leak-proof layer. Padded like Lunapanties http://lunapads.com/underwear.html are underwear with pads built-in so when worn with other sanitary products gives twice the protection. Belted style pads/panties like WeMoon https://www.wemoon.com.au/secure/index.php?action=show&page=category&categoryId=5 which are like a cross between a padded panty and period belt. It's best to switch to cloth pads too like Party In My Pants http://www.partypantspads.com or Sckoon http://www.sckoon.com/clothmenstrualpads.html as commercial pads like Always are made from plastics so blood sits on the top of the pad rather than the being absorbed. Medications. Get Tranexamic Acid from your doctor or from the pharmacy, you take it the first three days of your period to lighten your flow and shorten your period by up to half. This is the easiest and most effective way to lessen your menstrual flow. Diet and supplements. Keep a healthy diet, but especially eat plenty of iron-rich foods. Get plenty of magnesium, zinc and calcium for menstrual health, vitamin E to regulate flow, and vitamins A and C to regulate estrogen levels. Take kelp tablets as this is a source of iodine, which helps to revitalize the endocrine system. Herbal treatments. Take Evening Primrose Oil capsules, Black Cohosh capsules, or Chaste Tree tincture daily to help regulate your hormones and so lighten flow. Coffee is also helpful as it is a vasoconstrictor so constricts blood vessels in the uterus so lessening blood loss. If coffee is a trigger for cramps for you then try a suitable herbal tea such as a women’s blend from your local health store. See your doctor. Check for any underlying problems such as anaemia – doctors should run tests and offer appropriate treatments. Some may try to prescribe birth control as a quick-fix, this will not resolve the problem and may be of little help depending on the cause, in addition it risks heavier bleeding along with other possible side-effects, and by suppressing your cycles it affects the body as a whole.
Alis Originally Answered: My periods are SUPER heavy! Help.?
Time to talk to the doctor about birth control. I had the same problem as a teen and my doc put me on the pill to help get my period under control. I can't tell you how much it helped.

Ulric Ulric
Celestial seasonings makes a red raspberry leaf tea for women's needs and you can get that anywhere they have a decent selection of tea. I got it at Kroger's ( a VA supermarket). I used it but not regularly enough to tell you about how well it worked. Sorry
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Rio Rio
If your bleeding really heavy you need to talk to a doctor cause this isn't good for you. you might bleed to death. call your doctor..
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Rio Originally Answered: raspberry leaf tea etc?
Raspberry leaf tea does NOT bring on labour. It is used to condition the cervix for when the body is ready to go into labour. Its to help with the birth, to make it easier for the mother. A lot of midwifes recommend starting to use this tea at 32 weeks. Having one cup a day.. and as time gets closer you up the 1 cup to two, and in the last couple of days you have 3 cups of tea instead of 2. If her plan is to try natural induction methods I would definatly wait until 37 or 38 weeks. At 37 weeks your considered full term. None of the natural methods will work if her body is not ready.. so ill hope that at that point her body is in fact ready. Good luck.

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