Who's had bowel problems?

Who's had bowel problems? Topic: Who's had bowel problems?
January 28, 2020 / By Anita
Question: I recently got treated for anaerobic bacteria which the doctor though i had but ive finished the medication and my symptoms persist. Constipation feeling feeling of needing to defeceate often sometimes thinner stools but not every day no blood in the stool and no bloating. just a feeling like somethings in there or it inflammed or some thing, IBS has outruled, and chron's disease. anyone have any thought or knowledge?
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Wilson Wilson | 9 days ago
I'm not clear on why you've been "treated" for anaerobic bacteria in the bowel; that's not a problem, that's the norm. We cannot digest food properly without the bacteria in our bowels. "Anaerobic" refers to biological activity that takes place in the absence of oxygen. The human digestive tract does not have an air inlet, so therefore any bacteria living in our bowels must be able to live without oxygen. Therefore, we all depend on a healthy population of anaerobic bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract. Is it a real doctor you've been seeing or someone selling some sort of alternative or traditional diagnosis and treatment?
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Wilson Originally Answered: bowel condition ibs or inflammatory bowel disease?
Hi there, I don't know what your medical insurance is like, but I would suggest having a colonoscopy done. I have similar symptoms to yours, only not quite as severe, and I'm 24 yrs old. They thought for a long time I had IBS, which runs in my family, but I just had a colonoscopy and they confirmed that I have inflammatory bowel disease, which is apparently worse than IBS.

September September
What is it you can not digest my friend? EMOTIONAL/practical look at in in a emotional spiritual and physical way the answer will come Eat fruits and veggies nuts and raw foods ONLY!!! So no bakery stuff RADICAL: Drink a gallon of lukewarm seasalt water and do 20 squats afterwards and the five tibetans ( a yoga workout) you will flush the whole GI-tract ADVANCED get an Alfons Ven cure it's milksugarballs with information for your body how to bring it back to it's original state www.alfonsven.com But this depends highly on your belief system Good luck
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Nethaneel Nethaneel
If you had no problems before the infection, then I would assume that something wasn't cleared up altogether. If your current doctor will not test you again for the infection, then get a second opinion. Get well.
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Kimball Kimball
Have you been checked for colon cancer. My mother had some of the same symptoms, and she had colon cancer.
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Kimball Originally Answered: Help with constipation problems?
As you are having constipation after a c-section you may go for two teaspoon of Liquid cremaffin at bed time / sos, on medical advice, for smooth relief of your constipation.

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