Please help. My dog is constipated?

Please help. My dog is constipated? Topic: Please help. My dog is constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Agatha
Question: I have a 4 month old shih tzu and he was constipated last night. Conner (my puppy that's constipated) was trying to go poop but he had difficulty so then he would shake his bottom then he started to lick and eat at his anal area (so therefore he was eating his poop. It was very gross and stinky. I called the Vet last night (at the Vet's home) and the vet told us to take a kleenex and squeeze the anal area to get out some fluid and maybe some poop. Some fluid came out and then Conner seemed to be a little better. This morning Conner pooped fine and he wasn't constipated. My question is what would cause constipation in a puppy? Also I don't know if I should take him to the vet considering he's okay this morning? Considering he was eating his poop could this harm the puppy? Conner gets plenty of exercise We don't feed Conner people food.
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Tibby Tibby | 9 days ago
~Your dog was not constipated. It does not warrant seeing a vet right now if he is not showing any signs of stress. Do you have your dog groomed. When they are groomed the groomer will express the anal glands and you will see the problem go away or happen infrequently. Impaction of the Anal Glands When the anal glands fail to empty normally, the result can be impaction. Among the causes of anal gland impaction are : soft stools, small anal gland openings and overactive anal glands. The anal gland secretions become thick and pasty. Anal gland impaction is treated by manual emptying of the glands. (that is what the vet had you do) when you were pressing in and squeezing your fingers toward each other the glands emptied. If the discharge is bloody or purulent in appearance there is probably an anal gland infection. Infected Anal Glands This condition is recognized by the presence of blood or pus in the anal gland secretions. The dog may also exhibit discomfort when the glands are emptying or do a great deal of scooting. Treatment : Empty the anal glands. Once the glands are empty and the area cleansed, fill the gland with antibiotic ointment (such as Panalog) by placing the tip of the tube into the duct opening to the anal gland and squeeze the tube to fill the gland. Repeat this process every two days until the anal gland secretions are no longer showing signs of blood or pus. The dog should also be receiving oral antibiotics such as chloromycetin or tetracycline during this time.
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Tibby Originally Answered: Is my dog just constipated?
She is probably just constipated. This can happen if they have had a lot of fiber in their diet and not enough water among other reasons but these are most common. I have the same problem with my dog from time to time. Usually a little bit of milk gets things softened up and going. Hope this helps.

Rafe Rafe
eating his poop will have no effect on the dog other than aiding in digestion, He probably just had an upset stomach like humans get, it's actually really normal and common for puppies, I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it occurs again.
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Markus Markus
this may sound weird but u can take some grease, doesn't matter if it's hamburger, bacon, or gravy from a roast and pour it over her food. it should loosen it up enough to slide out. good luck
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Jerold Jerold
This thousand-times-repeated Q. simply ASTOUNDS me.....I've been doing dogs (professionally) for coming on forty years & NEVER had or saw or heard of "constipation" in dogs until I came here. It is IS/WAS *NOT* constipated,dear!
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Gil Gil
Most all dogs need their anal glands expressed. The groomer generally does this with each visit.You may have helped relieve the situation-but have likely not totally emptied the glands. The vet or a groomer can show you how to properly do this without hurting the animal. Diet may also be a consideration.Make sure that your animal is consuming enough water as well.To encourage this-a few ice cubes in water bowl may encourage drinking. When was the last time Conner was wormed? Anymore problems may warrant a good check up @ your vets. Many dogs are poo eaters.He may not be dogesting the food being offered. Check ingredients on the bag.The 1st 3 ingredients are what the food mostly consists of.Corn based foods are the least desirable, as corn is not digested & serves only as a filler.
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Donald Donald
how new is conner to ur family. i bought a 3mth old chihuahua 2 1/2 days ago and she had diherriha the fist few days she hasnt had ANY treats or human food at all just her puppy food called MAX and now the today shes fine. it could be just cuz conner is new to u and maybe hes a little nervous about his new home but hopefully hell be fine now. if the problem consists and gets worse than definetley talk to ur vet again.i wish u and conner the best of luck
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Braidy Braidy
If a dog is eaten excrement means he is missing a vital bacteria in his body. The vet should really know this. Also the vet should not have tol you to eliminate his anal gland. If people don't know how to do it properly they can really hurt their dog. So firstly I would change VET asap. He seems to be a total diff. Right to the poo eating problem. If a dog/wolf kills a prey they will eat the preys stomach and BOWEL content. In that poo is a bacteria the dog needs for its own digestive system. by eating the poo thats how they get it. Or a better way would be to fee the dog daily plain pro biotec joghurt, you know the one with the live bacteria in it. Also crushed peaces of pineapple are helpful with the pro biotec To help with constipation feed some flaxseedoil daily. Constipation is caused by feeding the wrong food.
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Adison Adison
Eating his own poo won't harm him, but it can develop into a bad habit so I would discourage it when you can. If he is doing okay now, I wouldn't worry too much about it-perhaps he ate somthing bad which blocked him up. However, if it happens again, then I would call the vet and take him in. Also, next time you are at the vet, make sure to ask them to express his anal glands.
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Adison Originally Answered: do u think im constipated?
could have whats called fecal impaction, make sure that your diet is high in fiber and water. Also make sure to eat low fat foods as that can make it harder to pass your bowl movements. Also when you do have a bowel movement , i know this may sound gross but look at it to make sure there is no blood, or foul odor or that it looks off color. If its any of the 3 it could be some type of condition. I would also be very careful when taking a laxative because they can be harmful to your intestinal system I would recommend getting gentle laxative, also try prune juice i know it might sound nasty but it helps to soften the stools. Also it could be medications that you are taking , if you are taking any

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