I stopped breastfeeding my son 9 months ago and I still create breast milk is this normal?

I stopped breastfeeding my son 9 months ago and I still create breast milk is this normal? Topic: I stopped breastfeeding my son 9 months ago and I still create breast milk is this normal?
November 14, 2019 / By Abegail
Question: My son is now 17 months old and I stopped breastfeeding him 8 months ago but if I squeeze my nipple I still express milk. Is this normal? How do I make it go away? Thank you for your help!
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Best Answers: I stopped breastfeeding my son 9 months ago and I still create breast milk is this normal?

Stephen Stephen | 9 days ago
I would not call it milk. I would call it nipple discharge. Unless you have been emptying your breasts for the last 8 months, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be breastmilk. Could be oil or simply fluid but likely not milk. Even with extended breastfeeding the milk should be dry within a few months at the longest unless you are pregnant or taking hormone supplements. The idea is to NOT be squeesing your nipples. It is not a good practice. But if you are worried, have it cultured at your doctors office to be sure it is not an infection.
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Stephen Originally Answered: Is it possible to go back to breast milk after your baby has been on formula for 2 months?
First of all, ((hugs)) to you. My youngest son had Open heart Surgery back in Sept/06. Breastmilk is always the optimum form of feeding a baby.....especially a baby with a CHD/illness. No matter your sons age, Breastmilk will benefit him, whether 7 weeks, 7months or 1 year. Breastmilk has known capabilities for increasing immune strength at any age......now, with our CHD babies, infections can be fatal, so ANYTHING that can boost his immune system is worth giving it ALL you've got :) That being said, YES it is totally possible to re-lactate and nurse again. Most likely, you still have *some* milk left to start out with. You should contact your local La Leche League for support. They have tons of info on re-lactating....heck, if an adoptive Mom can do, all the more that you can too. Honestly, it won't be easy....it will take time and patience as well as lots of time spent relaxing and nursing....kinda like the newborn stage again. Same rules apply as in the beginning, you need to have LOTS of direct nursing to start stimulating your breasts to produce. Pumping in between will also help, but nothing is as effective as a REAL baby. Allow your son to pacify himself at the breast if he so chooses. If he seems reluctant to nurse without getting something more out of you (this will change as time goes on and your supply builds back up), look into a Supplemental Nursing System. Its a small sack that hangs around your neck and it attached to a tube that directs formula/pumped milk to your sons mouth as you nurse him. He gets milk AND your breasts get nursed. There are also some herbs that have been fund to help with production...Domperidone and Fenugreek. Surf the net, you'll find resources everywhere. Please feel free to send me an e-mail as I would be more then happy to help you out. ETA: I too am local to Vancouver. We see Dr. Duncan at Childrens Hospital. Exclusive pumping *might* work.....how come you couldn't just breastfeed on demand? Maybe you could nurse/pump and bottlefeed?

Pace Pace
Breast milk only is absolutely perfect for him for the first year! Take your cues from him, and be proud... he prefers Mama! My first son was an avid nurser, and also absolutely refused formula and water in favor of breast milk. I was able to get him to drink watered down juice,however. Sometimes babies, especially at your son's age who are experimenting with new flavors, spit food out a lot. This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like it, it could be that he's just testing the cause and effect of the situation. If your son can master a sippy cup, then I'd say just keep offering it to him. He'll get it soon enough, and will enjoy being able to get a drink all by himself :). His natural curiosity will drive him to try the cup again and again, although he still may prefer Mama. As he becomes more independent, walking, etc. he'll start straying from you soon enough! Enjoy the snuggly moments while you can! Good luck to you!
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Lincoln Lincoln
I'm the same way! I stopped breastfeeding seven months ago and I still have milk. I'm pretty sure it's normal.
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Jared Jared
I was still producing when I got pregnant with #2 and my older child hadn't breastfed in almost 2 years! pseudoephedrine supposedly reduces supply and is a common ingredient in most cold medicines. I've known of more than a few moms who tried taking these for a week or so to stop producing. Worth a shot, right?
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Freddie Freddie
Yep. It will go away on its own, but I occassionally squeezed milk 2 years after my daughter weaned.
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Deforrest Deforrest
yes it's normal I still saw milk after a year. So it's normal, and as long as you keep messing with them your going to keep milking. So just stop mess with them and if your man plays with them it will keep the milk around so just try to keep him away it will go away.
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Baruch Baruch
im having the same problem but i have never breast fed my 6month old & i still have breast milk i have drank coffee tried every thing to get rid of it it just wont stop lol :)
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Baruch Originally Answered: i don't produce alot of breast milk.but i really want to breast feed my baby?
The best way to increase milk supply is by nursing your baby frequently and without restrictions. If you are wondering how to increase breast milk supply or you are concerned that you are not producing enough - it's important to breastfeed more often... even every hour or more! While you are building up your milk supply it's okay to give your baby formula - the most important thing is that you are feeding your baby and taking good care of him/her! Galactagogues are medications or substances that can induce or enhance breast milk production. The most commonly used herbal galactagogues are fenugreek and blessed thistle Others include milk thistle, alfalfa, anise, astragalus root, burdock, nettle, fennel, and vervain. Medications that can increase breastmilk supply are also available by prescription.

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