Can I put on weight without getting pimples?

Can I put on weight without getting pimples? Topic: Can I put on weight without getting pimples?
September 17, 2019 / By Agnes
Question: I'm 14.5 and I need to put on weight but I realy don't want any more pimples. And is there a pimple treatment that actually works? I'm trying to gain height btw not loose it I'm underweight
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Timmy Timmy | 6 days ago
Putting on weight won't give you pimples (although if you were to put on weight by eating nothing but sugar and fat and sitting in front of you computer all day then you will, lol). Just eat bigger portions of healthy foods; lots of avocado, peanut butter, bananas, eggs, olive oil, whole wheat bread etc etc. As for pimple treatments that work ... lol, there arnt many. I've had acne for years. What finally worked for me was the pill and a cream with a good % of AHA in it. Accutane works wonders however you need to see a derm for a prescription. Benzoyl peroxide works for many but I found it to leave lots of red marks. Make sure your cleanser isnt too harsh and that you use it only once a day. Also use a good moisturiser and sunscreen even if your skin is oily - oil and water/moisture are complete different things!
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Timmy Originally Answered: Help!how can i get rid of pimples!?
Ok if your getting bad skin and you drink pop, that's your problem right there. I have dry skin but if i drink pops ill get pimples, you have to eat healthy if you want your skin nice, but i really recommend to steam your face, first wash your face then heat up some water and put it in a bowl or anything then put a towel over your head and let your face steam for 10-15 Min's it ll open all your pores then a put after that put on a acne mask i like the st.ives green tea acne scrub and leave it on for 20 Min's, then massage your face before your rinse but rinse with cold water so your pores close and wont get clogged from when you steamed your face. But change your diet and you'll have very nice skin i promise you ^_^ ALSO DRINK LOTS OF WATER but only steam your face like once to twice a week,
Timmy Originally Answered: Help!how can i get rid of pimples!?
Boils on skin What is a boil? Another name used to describe a boil is a skin abscess, but basically it's just an infection deep in the skin. I like to describe a boil as being a really big zit because that's what it looks like. Below are several different types of boils: Cystic acne -- An abscess that forms when the oil ducts become infected or clogged. This type of boil is found mostly on the face and primarily effects teenagers. Furuncle or carbuncle -- An abscess of the skin caused by Staphylococcus aureus. This type of boil may cause a fever or chills. Pilonidal cyst -- This abscess is usually found in the crease of the buttocks. People who sit a lot or travel over long distances, like a truck driver, are more prone to getting this kind of boil. Hidradenitis suppurativa -- This is when you have multiple boils that form in the arm pits and groin area and are associated with the sweat glands. Why do we get boils? The most common cause is believed to be clogged sweat glands or hair follicles that become infected. It is also possible for a scratch or any other break in the skin to become infected and turn into a boil. Believe it or not, an ingrown hair can cause a boil. People with compromised or suppressed immune systems are more likely to get boils. That includes people with diabetes. Medications can also suppress the immune system -- especially cortisone, prednisone, prednisolone and medications used by cancer patients. How to cure boils naturally? If you have been searching the Internet for information on how to cure boils, you probably found that most Websites recommend that you go to your doctor and be put on antibiotics. I think that's a bit radical when most boils can be effectively cured at home. If, however, after you have tried to cure the boil yourself, but it doesn't work, then go to your doctor immediately. Below are three natural cures you can try: Turmeric -- Turmeric taken internally can help dissolve and heal boils in as little as three days. It has anti-inflammatory and blood purifying effects on the body. Just take one teaspoon of turmeric powder in warm water three times a day or buy turmeric in capsule form and take at least 450 mg each day. You can also make a paste out of the turmeric powder and place it directly on the boil and cover it with gauze. Be careful as turmeric can stain your skin and your clothes. The stain on your skin will go away in about two weeks. Tea Tree Oil -- Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that is able to help in the healing of all kinds of skin problems. All you have to do is apply one drop of tea tree oil directly on the boil each morning after bathing until it's gone. Castor Oil -- Put some Castor oil on a cotton ball and place it on the boil. You will need to secure it with gauze or a band-aid. Castor oil will draw the poison right out of the boil and can heal it in as little as two days. There are other remedies that I did not mention as I felt the three above were the best. Some other remedies are iodine, a paste made out of baking soda or you can take an Epson salts bath.

Rama Rama
coco butter,,, and you'll believe stretch marks coming so whilst you believe pinching on your dermis simply take it convenient im looking to unfastened weight too ,, its more difficult whilst your older so take knowledge of your age proper now idc how historic you're however begin consuming healthful and workout at the same time your younger motive it sticks with you whilst you grow older
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Marquis Marquis
why do you need to gain weight? And Proactive solutions works for acne. you may also speak to your family physician about different anti-biotics for acne
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Marquis Originally Answered: How can I get rid of pimples- fast?
How to get rid of pimples fast. A suggested simple daily menu plan to get rid of pimples fast (remember, this is a 'fast' in order to rid your body of toxins that are causing the pimples): Early Morning: A large glass of fresh fruit juice (squeeze it yourself), or preferably plain iced water. Middle of The Day: A meal of any fruit that is in season e.g. Apples, Melons, Berries. Do not mix the fruits at one meal. Evening: Fresh, home-made salads with simple dressing made with Lemon juice, olive oil and uniodized salt Or Raw and / or cooked root vegetables such as Potatoes, Celery, Carrots Do not drink liquids with your meals as liquids tends to dilute the digestive juices in your stomach which then slows digestion and assimilation and increases the tendency for constipation. If you must drink water after a meal, wait a full hour. This simple but extremely effective dietetic change has been known to get rid of pimples in as little as three days. How do I do an external cleanse? - change your pillow case every other night (sleep on one side of it the first night, turn it over for the second night) - do not touch your face with unwashed hands at any time. Need to scratch - use a tissue. - wash your hair with a mild shampoo every night or use a wraparound night cap that covers the hair and wash the cap every morning. Hair carries bacteria and will transfer to your face via the pillow. - steam your face at home to help the skin eliminate toxins through sweating (a bowl of boiling water on the table, cover your head with a towel), or use the steam room at a gym. - exercise to help the body in detoxification and metabolism; exercise as much as possible - this may be in the from of running, jogging or simply light aerobic-style exercise to music. Pimples, as impossible as it may seem at times, are very easy to control without drugs and using all natural methods. Do not become disheartened - just a few short days and you will be able to go out and flaunt your smooth face to the world!

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