I have a few minor bodily malfunctions that are starting to raise question in me, but i dnt believe in doctors?

I have a few minor bodily malfunctions that are starting to raise question in me, but i dnt believe in doctors? Topic: I have a few minor bodily malfunctions that are starting to raise question in me, but i dnt believe in doctors?
September 20, 2019 / By Sheridan
Question: Would you help be my medic? Lol....i have a few minor things that are raising questions about myself, i wonder what they are & if they are potentially anything. One is that my joints crack a lot. My hips crack when i exercise, my needs crack when they bend & if i do something more vigorous they are really really creaky...lol Everything in my body cracks up every once inna while. I dont kno if frequent cracking is normal or not or if im just being a hypochondriac. Often when i open & close my jaw now it cracks as well. This never used to happen before like a month or so ago. The part that cracks is like the upper part closer to my ears. Moving on, ever since i went in for a root canal like 3 times, ever since the 3rd time i have had random swelling in the area under my ears & chin. The first time it swoll up was the night of my 3rd procedure but it was totally fine until i smoked a shiitload of herbs so i figured maybe it was because of that. However i have not smoked in like 5 days i think & i just had some chicken & peas & lettuce & right after i ate it happened again & it feels swollen but it is not enlarged but it is uncomfortable. I dont know what these things mean but i believe that everything means something so i figure i would ask my most trusted source (LOL that's you guys :p) about what it may be.. The swelling i feel like may be an allergy or reaction to something but it's not like i ate anything weird or did anything to provoke it this time & it has been a few days since my 3rd procedure. The jaw cracking might be related to having my mouth open so much or maybe misalignment? The the other bodily cracking i dunno anything about why they crack. Especially my knees they crack the most but i dont have any pain or problems thankfully. I am 18 if that makes a diff to anything. Thanks ya'll. Hope you havin' a great day :) i called the dentists to see what it might be but they close at 5 ...lol...duurh Dear Sky- My insensitivity sometimes leads me to saying things i dont actually mean....i meant that in a joking way w/o realizing it doesnt always come off as a joke, especially in text. i dont mean i dont believe in doctors, i mean that i dont really go to the doctor for little things that i feel that i am being a hypochondriac about....like little things like these that i assume everyone probably has to one degree or another. I dont think homeopathic doctors can cure or manage serious illnesses such that progressional medicine & technology can, so i am sorry for having giving the wrong impression. Im really not anti doctor at all im just against treating medicine like candy & getting pills for everything left & right & thats really it. Oh & vaccinations too but only of them. Sorry i kno i always say i dont like ignorant people yet i am unaware that lots of the things i say can come off really unintentionally ignorant & apologize for every time i do it!!! It is hard to get across how you mean when using text & when people dont kno whatchu mean. As far as my diet goes, i eat lots of nuts every day, & i have flaxseeds, seafood(as much as i can), broccoli a lot i love that stuff, kale is my new favorite, & avocado, & onions on the regular & i put turmeric in basically everything..& i also often have berries & spinach when we buy them & my diet is pretty good i eat lotsa fruits & at least some veggies every day except for the drugs i consume here & there (drugs are probably lets say like 40% of my overall intake...& when i say drugs i mean drugs masquerading as food) As far as weed goes, i am allergic to weed & i actually kno that. Some of them cause more allergies in me than others most likely because of what is used to grow them (how much chemicals is sprayed on them etc) i also have pollen, pollution, & other allergies as well as asthma. I have actually stopped smoking many times for several months. i didnt see any differences in my health or mood during those ti times & im not just saying that cause i like weed but of course i as not paying attention to those matters either. Right now i smoke significantly less than i used to & when i say significantly less i mean like down from like 2-5 times a day to like 3-6 times a week. I eat better & i smoke less yet i have become more aware of certain issues in my body & i dont kno if this is because i am just more aware or if more issues have arised. i think its both. Oh & i kno that weed has side effects drugs are drugs & anything that alters the mind has effects including food & caffeine & chocolate etc... some are worse than others obviously. i personally believe that weed has more positive effects than negative which is the reason i smoke. Anyways, i really hope that you are feeling better, & i wish good health for you till the day you are on this earth. If my joints continue to crack i might consult a doctor about it...an autoimmune disease? See this is why i ask on y!a. I never knew something minor like that could be something like inflammation or autoimmune. Autoimmune omg...Actually inflammation is all bad too....it could be from the air or the weed ive had lately...i got a deal on this stuff & i has caused lots of allergies every time i smoke it so i think i might just rid of the rest. Thank you. Much Love to you Sky. Hope that you are always in wellness & good health. @ Claptic- Thank you i might just do that!
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Best Answers: I have a few minor bodily malfunctions that are starting to raise question in me, but i dnt believe in doctors?

Norton Norton | 5 days ago
Your joints are most likely mildly inflamed, which would cause the cracking. Try incorporating organic, cold-pressed flax seed oil into your diet, or taking it as a supplement to see if it helps to improve your symptoms. Since you are not a vegetarian you could also have fish oil and consume seafood high in essential fatty acids like salmon, sardines, halibut, cod, mackerel, and tuna. Also eat foods like walnuts, soy beans, squash, tofu, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, avocados, kale and spinach that are rich in Omega 3. Inflammation-fighting foods like broccoli, onions, pineapple, tart cherries, berries, and spices like turmeric and ginger might also be beneficial. I think it would be wise for you to see a doctor for an annual check-up and to rule out any sort of autoimmune disorder that could be causing your joints to be inflamed. You should also discuss your allergies with your doctor. Some people are actually allergic to cannabis. It's rare, but it happens nevertheless. It's quite possible that the joint inflammation is an allergic reaction to foods or drugs you're taking. You don't have to accept Western medicine as a panacea, but it's imprudent to just disregard professional health care all together. See an OMD (licensed Oriental Medical Doctor) or homeopathic practitioner if you prefer. You've had the luxury of good health which has enabled you to "not believe in doctors," but please don't assume that you'll always be so fortunate. I'm a few months younger than you are, and I'd already be dead if I hadn't been treated by doctors. Youth doesn't give you immunity to disease and health malfunctions. The saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is so true. Take the necessary measures now so that you're in optimal health, and to help prevent future problems. Take a wine cork and put it in between your teeth and keep it there for five 60-second intervals. It will help to gently stretch and relax your jaw muscles. You may want to stop using marijuana all together for a few months to see if your overall health improves. It's a myth that there are no detrimental side effects to smoking marijuana, so please be careful. Take good care of yourself. ~ skylark : )
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Norton Originally Answered: What is the best joint supplement for horses with minor arthritis?
For the past 9 years I have worked for a Veterinary Distributor and have sold the Cosequin line, both small animal and equine products. For the money you invest, Cosequin is best. Nutramax, the makers of Cosequin, are the only company with studies showing the actual proof that "their product" is affective. Many other companies will reference you to articles, the articles are not based on their product, it is based on studies using either Cosequin or the active ingredients in Cosequin. Not all glucosamine and chondroitin products are the same. Nutramax and the cosequin line use FCHG49 Glucosamine Hydrochloride and TRH122 Low Molecular weight Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate. They are patented and nutramax is the only company to use the exact formulation. The low molecular weight is key to proper and efficient absorption by the horse. You mentioned the Cosquine Optimized with MSM, I would suggest the Cosequin ASU, it has MSM and the higher levels of the Glucosamine, however they added an Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables to the product. The short version of what I was taught is that it works synergestically with the Glucosamine and Chndroitin. It makes the product work better, in fact it works so well that it has allowed Nutramax to reduce the Condroitin Sulfate in the product, yet have better responses from the product. This is a good thing for your pocket book, as the chondroitin portion of the product is very expensive and and reduced the cost to manufacture. Here is the Nutramax website for the products. WWW.cosequinequine.com Good Luck!

Lamont Lamont
That's a battle we all face -when something is serious enough to seek medical help and when it might go away. There are times when only modern medicine will help you fast enough to save you. But I tend not to go to doctors very much because, like I find with this sciatic nerve problem, they can't always help you. Ever since I was your age I had a hip that cracks and pops and years of running has made my knees sore at times. At about age 32 I was pretty sure I had something seriously wrong with my lower back. But the good news is I'm almost 50 and none of these things has turned out to be serious. They come and go, but it doesn't necessarily mean that these things will get worse. With your jaw, I think you've just temporarily gotten it a little out of joint due to the work that was done on it. Having been almost 30 lbs heavier than I am now at one point, I can say that as you get older one of the best things you can do is to keep any extra weight off. I was having a lot of pains and was much more lethargic a couple years ago. So I don't mean this as a vanity thing. But the body just seems to run much better when it's "lean and mean". The body is never perfectly symmetrical and we all carry around little genetic weaknesses. Extra weight makes little problems worse and creates new ones. The way you're eating now is fantastic and will keep you on the right track.
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Ishmael Ishmael
http://health.msn.com/health-topics/arti... but i would hit up Udaya before believing a website i feel ya Love...my knees, ankles, back, neck, jaw, shoulder, hips...shiit every single joint i have pops....people seriously get worried when i pop my neck cause its sooo loud... i know personally i have degenerative disc disease which is attacking my spine...and i grew up abusing my body in sports and just being a kid which is probly why my my ankles and knees are screwy...power lifting didnt help the situation and is probly what caused my L5 S1 disc to rupture....and i have TMJ which is why my jaw cracks....ok self indulgent ramble..anyways honestly...i remember my body started falling apart when i started having some deep realizations...all of which you are already savvy on....i wonder if maybe we have the minds of much older people so our bodies think we are like 70...i dont mean that in a conceited way even tho it will be perceived as such...but i mean come on i read your posts hella long ago and thought you were in your late twenties and very mature for late twenties...come to find out your 17 i about flipped and felt bad for like swearing and talking about smokin and shiit...hmmm what.?.oh yeah....maybe you are just too wise to be walking around in a young body and your frame is trying to catch up to your mind. i dont think you have any immune disorder at all....dont worry like that. i dont know yo....i am sorry that you have pain and/or cracking...but this is all for a reason ya know....just keep trying to be as healthy as you can...and your mind is the greatest thing you have and no matter what happens to your body you will always have that bomb a$$ way of thinking that we all love. add: you know what...i heard that yoga will help cure the joint popping...might be something to look into...i been telling myself for years i need to get on that shiit
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Felis Felis
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Felis Originally Answered: A good diet/ fitness regimen for minor weight loss?
A proper diet is the best way to lose weight naturally and keep it off. You have to eat a varied adequate and balanced diet. Your body needs all kinds of food to function properly including fat in smaller quantities though. Your body needs the nutrients and vitamins in fruits and vegetables the most, that is what you should eat the most of (at least 5 servings a day). You also need protein, and a little fat. Reduce your intake of sweets, fried food and foods that contain a lot of fat. Don't drink too many soft drinks (they have a lot of calories). Don't go to sleep right after you eat. And finally exercise at least 3 to 4 days a week for about 45 minutes.Good luck. You can also get more information about nutrition from this site: http://www.diet-n-health.com

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