Are you on the Atkins diet or any other low carb diet or know someone that's on it?

Are you on the Atkins diet or any other low carb diet or know someone that's on it? Topic: Are you on the Atkins diet or any other low carb diet or know someone that's on it?
September 23, 2019 / By Ross
Question: How long have you or someone else you have known been one that diet? I heard when it was popular that it works, but...i like what I like but will continue to exercise to maintain or loose weight. ok, just so y'all know I'm not considering going on this or any diet. I did the low fat thing in the mid '90s and that was just as bad. I learned quickly to just balance it, but more fruits and veggies. I never stopped eating sweets and breads, and it's hard to stop eating meat but easy to lower it.
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Montmorency Montmorency | 8 days ago
yep, I'm on it, and I've had experience with low carb diet's for over 2 years. I lost a slew of weight, my cholesterol dropped a little over 50 points (and stayed down!!) My hypoglycemia and all the hideous symptoms of it are under control, and my thinking is clear. Never would I consider going off of it. Contrary to what many people believe, the body does NOT need carbohydrate to make glucose, it can do it through protein. So some turns to glucose and the rest is used to repair and replace body structure, while Fat is utilized for energy. And also, contrary to what many people believe, Atkins is NOT about no carbs, no in fact there are four phases: Induction (this lasts a minimum of two weeks and many 'expert's ' mistake this for the whole program, which it is NOT and allows a max of 20 g of carbs mostly in the form of nutrient rich veggies and some cheese) , phase 2 is called ongoing weightloss and those on it increase their carb intake by 5 increments per week as long as they continue to lose (no calorie counting, but people have been known to log it in food journals and YES they can eat up to 3,000 cal a day some more and still steadily lose), they add back more veggies, fruits, nuts, SOMETIMES in this stage they can add back very small amounts of grains on this level, on the third phase , called premaintenance, they slow down their rate of weight loss further and add back even more carbs in 5 or ten increments per week, this is the stage where they begin discovering how to maintain their weightloss for life on a controlled carb program, some can add back things like milk and a slice or two of regular 100 percent whole grain bread, or brown rice along with plenty of nutrient rich vegies, berries, some other fruit, cheeses. Atkins is about controlling your symptoms (weight related and otherwise) through controlling your carb intake, eating natural foods with the most nutritional density, and exercise (he also recommends supplements, NOT because his diet is deficient, but because most people can benefit from them due to nutrient depletion in our soil and earth and pollution taking a toll on our bodies.) THere is Never the need to count calories on this diet (not a liscense to stuff yourself), if you are hungry EAT, just count your carbs. Remember if you use this as a crash diet, and then resume 'normal' eating you WILL regain what you lost, If your original diet made you overweight to begin with, if you go back to it it will do the same thing again. Its the same with any diet used as a crash diet. Health and weight loss is a lifestyle change NOT a crash diet.
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Montmorency Originally Answered: Suggestions for Low-Carb Atkins diet?
Your chances are average. It really depends on the person. You could buy the little pee strips if you really want to turn it into a science experiment. They sell them by the diabetic supply's in the pharmacy. Pretty much follow the diet as they give it to you in the book. Some things to avoid though are atkins or low carb products and shakes. Because even though they are "low carb" they seem to affect your sugar levels still sometimes, which will stop you from going into ketoacidosis. Good luck!

Keane Keane
It varies upon how much you weigh, but if you follow that, you should lose a decent amount of weight. Okay, I just have to say this. I think the Atkins diet is VERY unhealthy...you are cutting out carbs, but you are adding in pretty much ALL fat. I just don't support the Atkins diet. My boy friend is a bodybuilder and is a very big fitness enthusiast so I learn a lot from him. Eating meals that are balanced in macronutrients (carbs, proteins, etc) are the best thing to do. The reason why a lot of people gain so much weight following the Atkins diet is because their bodies have literally become SO used to them not consuming any carbs that when they do, they instantly gain back a crap load of weight. If this diet doesn't work out for you, I strongly recommend Weight Watchers.
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Heath Heath
My dad has been on if for 10 years, yup 10 and during the first year he lost a ton of weight now he stays on it to keep the weight off EDIT: To the girl above me you dont starve yourself, you just cant eat any carbs for the first 2 weeks then after that you can have a certain amount a day. There are plenty of things to eat w/o carbs.
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Elimelech Elimelech
I actually tried the atkins diet, for the 14 day induction phase or whatever it's called. it works, but only because there are so many restrictions on what you can't eat, you are essentially starving yourself. I lost 13 pounds, but put it all back on the minute I started eating normally. Now I eat a balanced diet and exercise
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Chas Chas
tired of eating your salad on a plate fill a whole wheat pita with salad and a splash of lemon for a twist
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Alvie Alvie
its really bad...i saw a show about bad diets the other day...your body needs carbs...if you dont eat them it can really mess up your body....your body needs food from every food group...
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Thomasin Thomasin
pounding out your meat will help healthier portions go a longer way visually and its good stress relief
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Thomasin Originally Answered: What is a better diet to follow the Atkins or the Raw food diet?
fad diets never work in the long run...seriously the best way to lose weight is exercise every day and follow the food pyramid, you have to incorporate low-fat healthy foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, even some meat if you want, diary, etc. everything in small amounts every day, make it a lifestyle not a diet.

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