Diets?! Atkins Diet?!?

Diets?! Atkins Diet?!? Topic: Diets?! Atkins Diet?!?
September 23, 2019 / By Reginald
Question: I'm looking to go onto a diet soon, and I've been told the atkins diet is the best.. and you lose a lot of weight.. I'm probably 20 pounds over weight... What is a good diet for someone like me? Is Atkins the right way? Also... What are some good guidelines to the diets? I've never done this before. I want to lose weight fast!!
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Mckenzie Mckenzie | 8 days ago
Studies have shown that the Atkins diet, a low fat diet, weight watchers, or any other reasonable diet all work equally well at 1 year to keep the weight off PROVIDED YOU STICK WITH THE PLAN. The Atkins diet can be a physiologic stress on your body if used for more than a few weeks. If you are young and healthy it is OK. Some of my patients really like it and do well with it. I personally like the Zone Diet. Rather than severely limiting carbs, it is based on limited carbs BUT BALANCED with some protein at each meal. Not all calories are created equal. Carbs and fats are broken down into 2 carbon fragments in your body quite easily and burned for fuel so 1000 calories of carbs gives 1000 calories of energy to be burned or stored as excess. 1000 calories of protein (in excess of what your body needs for structural repair and growth) has to be processed before used for fuel. The amino acids in protein are not easily broken into 2 carbon fragments which all cells burn for energy. Each amino acid has special metabolic pathway in the liver to break it down and prepare it for burning as fuel. The body expends energy doing this. So you actually expend about 300 calories in metabolic energy to process 1000 calories of protein for fuel. This gives a net energy of 700 calories. In other words, you ate 1000 calories of protein but only end up with a net of 700 calories in your body after all is said and done. Keeping your insulin levels low is also critical for losing weight. Insulin is a powerful messenger in your body that not only regulates blood sugar, but tells your body to store fat, build muscle, etc. Keeping insulin low by avoiding simple sugars, starches, cookies, candy, etc permits your body to more easily burn fat for energy during exercise. Eat 5 small meals a day instead of starving, count calories, keep the total carbs at about 30% of total calories for the day, and completely avoid sugar, processed flour, cakes, cookies, etc. because these give you a big insulin blast. Make sure you drink 2-3 quarts of water on a high protein diet to ease the metabolic burden on your body, since processing proteins for fuel generates a lot of organic acids that your body must eliminate. Also, take a good high potency multivitamin and mineral complex. The B vitamins are needed for good carb processing. Briant Burke, MD www.cbrmed.org briant@cbrmed.org
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Mckenzie Originally Answered: Has anyone done the Atkins diet?
I have done this diet off and on for years and think it's great. I totally disagree with the other person's answer about it causing heart attacks, that's just hogwash. If you have read the book then you understand the principle behind it, did you determine which body type you have? A, B, or C? It was while reading that section that I had my revelation about my health and finally an understanding of my eating, sleeping, and energy habits. One thing that I love about this diet is that while I am on it, I FEEL great. I wake up in the morning feeling rested and I have tons more energy all day long. I sleep better, and I find it easier to concentrate and focus on work etc.. I also don't have huge cravings for sweets or carbs, in fact I sometimes have to remind myself to eat because my appetite drops a lot. One thing I have found however, is that if you don't have a lot of weight to lose, say something like 20 pounds or more, it tends to not be as successful. I am not sure why, but the more overweight you are, the better you respond to this diet. If you are only trying to lose something like 10 pounds, I would skip it and go the standard exercise / eat healthy routine. Lastly, I found that the book reviews of the Atkins Diet book on Amazon.com to be enormously helpful when I was trying to decide whether or not to go on this diet. There are literally hundreds of reviews of people who have been on the diet and posted their experience. I recommend a few hours reading those reviews so you can get a broad spectrum of answers to better help you make a decision. Good luck!!

John John
Okay I've done both so ... First of all if you've only lost 5 lbs in one month on a vegetarian diet you probably haven't been exercising and/or you've taken in too many calories. Just because it's non carnivorous doesn't mean its low calorie. Now as for ATKINS run....don't do it. I thought I was so smart and so did all the people I convinced to go on Atkins cause I lost 29 lbs in a month, BUT... not only did the weight come right back the minute I got back to the real world and ate a few carbs. but I gained back more, plus I became a B*tch while on this diet. CRANKY!!! and it was sooooo hard to concentrate as your brain has no energy due to the lack of carbs. It's so physically unhealthy too. It was fun for the first couple of days, bacon, cheese, steaks, salmon, nuts... AKA fat fat fat fat fat fat...then you start to feel like a pan of oil. Makes me sick recalling this diet. How about adding a little lean protein to the veggie diet and exercise the weight off, then you'll have a firm toned body.
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Grover Grover
Adkins is great for losing weight but VERY hard to maintain the weight loss. You also have continuous bad breath and body odor from all of the toxins that aren't being flushed with the adequate fruits and vegetables you need daily. So, basically, you're skinny but no one wants to hang with you do to the smell. Expend more than you take in....period. It's the most solid diet there has even been or ever will be. Good luck.
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Dwight Dwight
Hello I want you to know that I understand your problem because once I was at that point too , and I didnt like it at all , but you must not loose your confidence because I found something that literally changed my life , becoming much better making also all my friends very surprised that I had so much willing power , but actually they didnt knew that this was kind of easy , so I will put the link below , maybe you will try it too (for me it worked ).
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Burney Burney
Low calorie low fat is the best. As soon as you get off Atkins you gain it all back. I have been on Atkins many times and it always came back as soon as I quit the diet.
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Burney Originally Answered: Have you done the Atkins diet?
I'm sorry to hear you say it isnt the healthiest diet, because I have researched it pretty well and found it to be quite healthy. I have been involved with low carbing and Atkins since 2002 and I am in great health. I first went on Atkins after researching it for a New Years resolution Jan 1, 2003 and I lost 50 lbs by June of that year. I have since kept it off by watching my carbs. I just recently decided to trim off an additional 20 lbs to get "ripped" and Im down 15 lbs since Jan 2nd. If you go to www.atkins.com you will have links to over 80 studies showing its not unhealthy, its one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

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