Why am I constantly constipated?

Why am I constantly constipated? Topic: Why am I constantly constipated?
November 22, 2019 / By Max
Question: I seem to be constipated a lot lately and the only thing that seems to relieve it is to insert one finger into my anus and that seems to give the gas held inside too a release. Is this normal? Does anyone know what I can do for this?
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Jody Jody | 4 days ago
Ex-Lax to temporarily help the constipation, and just make sure you drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fiber like vegetables. After a week or so of balanced eating you should not feel constipated and regularly pass a stool (it varies from person to person depending on metabolism). If your stool is hard to pass or you have blood when you wipe then you need to increase your water and fiber intake.
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Jody Originally Answered: How to stop constantly eating?
If it isn't meal time, pop a piece of heavily-mint-flavored gum in your mouth. You won't want food then, because NOTHING tastes good with mint gum!
Jody Originally Answered: How to stop constantly eating?
Will power and keeping busy. I have the same problem and I just can't seem to control my eating when I'm at home. I open a pint of ice cream, say I'm just going to taste it and by the end of the evening it is gone. If I'm out of the house and keeping busy, I don't think about food. I also like the rubber bands someone mentioned.

Grenville Grenville
This is such a common problem in the US and the causes are so varied. Constipation means different things to different people. Some people experience strain when they try to go to the bathroom, while others have what they term ‘bloating’. Some patients complain that their bowel movements are pebble-like, marble-like, or flat and ribbon-shaped, which doctors call scybalus. In the medical community, the generally accepted definition of constipation is: less than three bowel movements a week. Another way the problem is defined is straining, hard stool, or incomplete evacuation more than 25% of the time. See if this information helps, a bit. I hope so! http://ivillagehealth.healthology.com/gastrointestinal-health/article520.htm There's also a quick and simple quiz you might find beneficial: http://quiz.ivillage.com/health/tests/constipation.htm Feel better!
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Durward Durward
If its that bad maybe you should see a Dr. But not enough fibre and dehydration cause constipation. Irritable bowel sydrome can also cause it, along with bowel infections. But that does seem kind of extreme; if it was me I'd get it checked out, but its probably nothing.
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This condition is known as Cherry Eye. It is not fatal, but it does require treatment or it will worsen. Look it up.

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