10 weeks 3 days, SEVERE constipation. Sorry TMI?

10 weeks 3 days, SEVERE constipation. Sorry TMI? Topic: 10 weeks 3 days, SEVERE constipation. Sorry TMI?
September 20, 2019 / By Hudde
Question: I have been constipated now for about a month. On average, I'm going once or twice a week. My doctor said I could take colace, but that I should really try to not get constipated (obviously). So I started taking the Colace and every day or so I would have a bowel movement. I decided to stop taking the Colace to see if I could regulate it on my own. I tried getting more fiber in my diet, eating activia. I just don't know what to do. Almost immediately after I stopped taking the Colace, I was bound up again. I haven't had a bowel movement in a week and I'm dying here. I've been taking the Colace again for about 4 days now, and I'm still having a horrible time trying to have a bowel movement. It feels like I NEED to go, but there's no possible way of it happening. I feel like I'm giving birth every time I try. So I guess my question is, what's the risk of something happening to my baby if I take a laxative? I just can't take this anymore. This has got to be the worst feeling in the world. And I had terrible morning sickness with both of my previous pregnancies so I know a little about feeling awful. This is just unbarable. What else can I do?
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Enoch Enoch | 5 days ago
The only thing that TRUELY fixes constipation is water...and lots of it. With you being nauseas, I'm not sure how easy it would be but if you down a couple bottles of water, you should have a bowel movement in the next 10 hours or so. I had horrible constipation in the first trimester and since I've made myself drink 4 bottles of water a day, I don't have a problem with it. Definitely don't take a laxative. They can trigger contractions which could lead to miscarriage. Also, if you're taking prenatals, stop taking them temporarily. They can lead to constipation. I was also told NOT to increase my fiber intake. It will only make it worse while you're pregnant. Just try the water if you can. Good luck!
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Enoch Originally Answered: 17 weeks pregnant with severe constipation.what to do?
You should eat foods with a lot of fiber. Doing this will be good for you (and your baby), and more importantly, it will also loosen your stools. Raspberries are very high in fiber. Other fruits like apples and pears are good too. Veggies like artichoke or broccoli work as well. Normal foods that contain a lot of fiber include pasta, beans, oatmeal, and cereals with bran. A bowl of split pea soup is the grand daddy of fiber. The source I've included has a list of high-fiber foods with the amount of fiber in each one. Good luck!

Cody Cody
A stool softener is the best choice. If your stools are hard a laxative is going to cause you alot of pain. Laxatives stimulate your bowels and essentially force you to have a bowel movement. So if your stools are large and hard (this is usually the case with constipation) taking a laxative could cause you to have an anal fissure (a tear in your butt) from being forced to pass stool that was too hard and too large. I had a bad problem with constipation through my pregnancy and I just drank water lots and lots of water and took Ducosate sodium ( a stool softener) and it worked like a charm. Stool softeners can take a few days to work though. In the mean time ask your doctor about using a suppository to help the "first in line" get out of there and then the stool softener should help from there. Increased fibre can help, raspberries are way high in fibre so I just ate some of those every day. I reccomend getting your fiber from natural food sources instead of powders and junk. Your body can better handle the fiber found in every day foods than the stuff you drink mixed with water.
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Antuan Antuan
100% truth. I just answered another girl on here and was telling her to watch for it. I'm 32 weeks with my fifth child and with my other four, that's how I knew I'd be in labor very soon. I would have the runs for about two days and then on the third day, I would wake up having contractions and they would go all day and then when night came, I went into full blown labor. You're four days away from being term, so it's very possible that you're gearing up for labor. Especially if the runs came out of nowhere. You will more than likely lose your appetite while you're in labor, so when you start to suspect you might be, eat something light. By the time you deliver, you'll be able to eat everything in sight! =)
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Trecia Trecia
I'm 19 weeks and I just asked this question literally 2 seconds ago. I have even tried milk of magnesia but it just made feel constipated and bloated...ugh...I felt like a damn balloon. I don't know what to do either.
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Trecia Originally Answered: I love anal sex but why is it that I have severe constipation and cramps for days after?
I agree with you that anal sex feels really good, but I just gave up on it after a few tries. I was getting cramps and (sorry this is gross) explosive diarrhea afterwards....not fun. And using lube only made the after effects worse. Like other people were saying, even though it does feel good, the anus is not made for sex, its sort of a one way street used for, well, pooping. I know that they make "anal beads" that are like little vibrating pearls on a string that you can use to get some anal stimulation without actually having anal sex, so you might want to try those, they'd probably be better since they're small and stuff. Other wise, I guess you could just take some laxatives and stuff afterwards to help with constipation (but laxatives are known to cause cramping...) Mabye you're just out of luck...?

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