Oh no! I broke my diet today and tomorrow my first day of school, what to do?

Oh no! I broke my diet today and tomorrow my first day of school, what to do? Topic: Oh no! I broke my diet today and tomorrow my first day of school, what to do?
October 18, 2019 / By Greer
Question: I was 121.2 and 5'4, female, and I broke my diet for dinner and I have school tomorrow and I'm afaird I'm going to be all bloated and fat on my stomach and face for tomorrow, what to do? ( I have colon cleanse, should I do that? ate big deal with lots of starch and had rich ice cream
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Best Answers: Oh no! I broke my diet today and tomorrow my first day of school, what to do?

Duke Duke | 2 days ago
One big meal doesn't mean that your diet is broken. You are not going to be able to metabolize all of that food by tomorrow, let alone have it turn your face and stomach fat in one night. Drink a big glass of water before bed, and another one with your breakfast in the morning, and any extra 'bloating' should be taken care of. Don't do a colon cleanse, as that can leave you dehydrated and more uncomfortable and unbalanced than if you just move forward. Good luck.
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funnily drinking salt water makes my body weaker. Avoid the salt water flush (SWF) where you are supposed to drink salt water which will then come out a half hour later where solid waste comes out. This is very unhealthy for you. The reason that it passes right through you, without you digesting it, is because it is toxic for you to digest it. This is why many complain that it tastes terrible and makes them feel sick and want to vomit My advice for you for the first two days, you should not eat anything yet as your body is not prepared for it. Just stick with the lemonade diet, I feel more energy actually in the third day. If hunger is unbearable, then your choice of consumption should be fresh fruits: banana, raw vegetables, watermelon and melon and more fresh water.

Bruce Bruce
You should just get over it. One day is not going to make a difference; and on another note, you aren't overweight and really don't need to be dieting in the first place. I'd suggest not trying Colon Cleanse unless you want to stay home on the toilet all day tomorrow. Just don't eat anything else very heavy tonight; stay away from salty foods and soda.
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Alan Alan
Don't use colon cleanse, it might still make you poop tomorrow at school. You should just go for a run, and remember it is ok to splurge sometimes, you just had bad timing:)
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Sybella Sybella
honey, you can splurge every once and a while. go on a 15-30min walk. you'll feel okay after that do not do a colon cleanse..
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