how to go from a yo-yo diet to a healthy diet with out putting on weight?

how to go from a yo-yo diet to a healthy diet with out putting on weight? Topic: how to go from a yo-yo diet to a healthy diet with out putting on weight?
September 17, 2019 / By Freeman
Question: so, im a teenage girl and my way of diet is fast(typical) and though i know its not healthy and ill gain th weight right back, i Still tend to fast. maybe because i get the best results like that. well, i really want to stop fasting because i was planning on fasting in spring to get ready for summer(bikini season!!!!) but last year when i did that as well, i became anorexic because i became obsessed! i also didn't like it cause i couldn't hang out with friends...they would always offer me food and i would say no(every time, it looked suspicious!!) i dont want that to happen again...so how can i have a healthy diet but get good results? thanks :)
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Delmar Delmar | 10 days ago
you are 13. any weight you would put on would be coming from would height increase. you are not recovered from anorexia...i can tell it still has a strong hold on you. you are asking so many questions about weight, calories, and anorexia-type stuff. i think you need to get some help. even if it just from a person like me on yahoo! answers.
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Delmar Originally Answered: anyone have a link to a healthy diet (not weight loss diet) plan?
I am also a 22 year old man who used to eat fast food at least one meal every day. For sure, it gets extremely addicting (just watch the movie "Supersize Me!"). The first step is to break this addiction. One diet that I'm starting to adopt is called the mucusless diet. I'm studying to be an herbalist, and this is part of the curriculum. Basically, you eat only fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, and no refined sugars or dairy products. If you would like more info, check out this link: http://www.herballegacy.com/ . The most important thing is to adopt a new eating lifestyle gradually. Don't just all of a sudden cut out foods that you ate every day. For example: instead of Jif peanut butter, try natural peanut butter. This will cut out the dangerous hydrogenated oils. After a while of gradual changes, you will feel alot better. Trust me, I know!

Bastian Bastian
You have got to undertake a healthful way of life and give up weight loss program. It's well that you simply reduce out junk meals and probably you might enable your self an afternoon per week whilst you'll consume what you desire, however consume sensibly for the leisure of the week.Don't reduce to six hundred energy, that simply tells your frame to activate "hunger mode" and makes it retailer all further energy as fats. Instead, consume plenty of unpolluted fruit and greens, they are going to support you believe complete with out piling on energy.Good success.
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Zilla Zilla
It's vital to eat effectively to remain fit. Colon cleanse is an awesome suplement which keeps you fit and additionally has the bonus of assisting you to lose a pile of weight. There is a free trial going on currently at http://donons.yourweightlossonline.info , give it a try, how worse could it make things?
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Sheri Sheri
If you tell us your current body weight I could write you a good fat loss diet that is no where near a fast. But it shed body fat even faster than a fast. A fast will mainly burn your muscles, btw, not your fat.
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Sheri Originally Answered: Need help putting on weight.?
Try nutritional supplements definatly, along with consumeing more dense foods! - Ensure Plus/ Boost Plus are great nutritional weight- gain supplements and are healthy with the benefit of probiotics/ omega 3's/ 8+ essential nutrients/ a source of calcium and protein! Consume either Ensure Plus, or Boost Plus twice per day, ontop of dailey regimes/ eatting- do not decrease. (Chocolate flavours taste best heated in a mug in the microwave- tastes like hot chocolate, other flavours taste best chille) Also try these dense food's! Whole dairy - Whole- 3% milks - Cottage cheese - Greek yoghurts - Added cheese (sliced/ grated/ shredded/ diced) - crackers, sandwhiches, salads, cassaroles, homemade meals, pastas, etc .. - Added powdered milk to cassaroles/ oatmeals/ mashed potatoes - Cream based soups/ sauces instead of broth/ vegetable based Complex wholegrains - Wholewheat pasta (with pesto/ cream sauce, added cheese/ extra vegetables/ optional lean protein- turkey/ lean beef- soy meatballs, chicken, shrimp/ scallops, ground lean turkey/ beef, etc ..) - Brown/ long grain rice - Couscous/ quinoa - Thick- cut wholewheat bread/ bagels/ wraps/ pitas/ english muffins/ waffles/ flatbread - Bran muffins - Wholegrain crackers/ flatbread crackers (with cheese, hummus, peanut butter, or canned white tuna) - Granola/ musili - Wholegrain/ fiber granola bars (Nature Valley) - Oat/ hot oatmeal made with milk/ added natural crunchy peanut butter stirred in - Yams/ potatoes (mashed/ roasted/ baked) with olive oil/ margerine, milks/ cheeses, sour creams, herbs, cinnamain/ nutmegs, etc ..) - Added whreatgerm/ bran to cereals/ oatmeals - Added margerine/ olive oils to cooked vegetables/ startches/ pastas/ breads Dense fruits/ vegetables - Dried fruits (added to yoghurts, cereals, oatmeals, salads, trail mix, etc ..) - Canned fruits in syrups/ added custard on fruits - Fruit juices (Odwalla juices) - Bananas/ avacados - Apples/ celery/ bananas with crunchy/ smooth natural peanut butter - Steamed/ cooked vegetables with added margerine/ olive oil/ grated- melted cream cheese) - Canned vegetables (added margerine/ olive oil) - Regular salad dressings - Vegetable juice - Crunchy vegetables and hummus/ bean dip - Black olives Lean meats/ meat alternatives - Salmon/ fish- seafoods - Canned white albacore tuna (in olive oil) - Breaded chicken/ turkey breasts- fillets, halibit/ cod/ etc.. - Lean steak/ pork tenderlions - Lean beef/ pork pot roasts - Ham steaks - Lean ground turkey/ beef - Nuts/ seeds - Natural smooth/ crunchy peanut butters (sandwhiches, oatmeals, crackers, fruits- vegetables, milkshakes, etc..) - Egg's - Quorn/ tofu/ soy - Baked beans/ refried beans - Chickpeas/ hummus - Lentils - Etc ..

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