How do you deal with annoying parents?

How do you deal with annoying parents? Topic: How do you deal with annoying parents?
January 28, 2020 / By Deonte
Question: I'm a teenager and I'm one of those people that love my parents but sometimes wouldn't mind pushing them off a cliff! How do you deal with annoying parents that blame you for everything, make you feel irresponsible (when you know you aren't!), and are just plain annoying? PS: Ways to make them feel stupid (mean, I know, but sometimes they need a taste of their own medicine!)?
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Benett Benett | 4 days ago
I am a parent who loves my teenagers but sometimes I'd love to push them off a cliff. Parents work full time and come home to kids screaming who are in high school. They are fighting over who ate the last of the potato chips. You eat and use bowls and glasses and leave them in the sink. Can you not wash dishes? Then its did you see my blue shirt? You mean the one that's been buried under your bed for 3 months. You didn't shrink it did you? How can I embarrass them and make them understand why I and their father can't wait UNTIL they move out or leave for college...
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Benett Originally Answered: A question for daycare parents.
I love my daughters daycare. When it came down to choosing between the daycares that I visited I went with the one she's at now because: 1. Loved the people in the infant room. 2. There is only 5 infants max to each room and they have 2 caretakers - one that is there from 6:30am to 3:00pm and the other is there from 10am to 6:30pm. More individual attention. 3. They require shoe covers in infant room because babies spend majority of time on the floor and also require hand washing your baby when you drop them off in the am. 4. They have a great curriculum for both physical and intellectual development. 5. They go on buggy rides outside. 6. The room is pretty big with lots of colors and age appropriate toys. 7. A webcam so I can check in on her when I miss her during the day. The other daycares had some of the above but not all like the one she is at now. It is considered a 5 star daycare. I now am trying to teach my 7 1/2 month old to sign and everyone at the daycare is on board - as they already are familiar with all the signs and are helping me with her. I feel as if they treat her like family. She is thriving there - always happy!! Makes me happy! For when she's older I would look for a nice, fun safe outdoor environment and also look at the food they provide. In todays world with everyone being on a health kick I would offer special all natural organic meals also or at least healthier meals other than spagettios. Just a thought to be different and up to date with current trends. Good luck with your new venture! You are starting off right by asking mom's their thoughts! You're going to do great!

Abbot Abbot
Gosh, I know exactly what you are going through, and even though I am not a teenager anymore, I can still remember being 15 and 16. These two numbers were the worst ages for me! I got blamed for everything I did do and didn't do. All the good things went unacknowledged or I was told I did them wrong. And of course I got slapped a few times for purposely not doing something when told. I genuinely hated my parents, and did many things just to spite them. This definitely got to them, but it got me in even more trouble so I suggest don't do anything to spite them. Now that I'm a mom and even though I'm 25, I'm beginning to realize that my parents weren't always wrong. Actually, I wish I had listened to them more often! I'm beginning to realize myself that it is very hard to understand teenagers, Heck, its damn hard to be one because you barely understand yourself! My best advice to you is, please don't argue, don't get heated over things. Try to talk to them. If you are throwing tantrums, they will only see you as an immature brat and will totally shut you out. They wont even want to ration with you. Calm conversations will show them that you are mature enough not to slam doors in their faces. Seriously, I know what its like to be a teen and we always think we are the ones who are 100% right and everyone else is wrong. Try looking at things from their perspective. Ask yourself why are they like this? Am I doing something that could be provoking their irrational behavior? Parents can be such nuisances, I mean I have fantasized about the day I'd move out. When that day came, I was a little sad.....:). Talk to them, you have to be able to have healthy communication with your parents about things that bother you because you are a real person of that household and you too need to be listened to and respected. Best of luck.
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Shirlee Shirlee
Revenge is not the way to go in this situation. Playing tic for tac is just immature and kind of proves your parent's point when they call you irresponsible. Try sharing in the things they enjoy doing. Become expert at a favorite subject of theirs. This well let them see how mature and intelligent you are. Ask them for advice on things whether you need it or not, this will also make them think you are very smart for asking them for help.
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Petra Petra
There's no easy answer to this question. Parents, I think, are by default, suspicious and not trusting. Most parents truly do have the best intentions for their kids and do things based on their own experiences. You being responsible is one aspect to prove them wrong, but unfortunately who you surround yourself with is another aspect of it all. Even though you say that you're just a teenager try to put yourself in your parent's shoes. Someday you'll have kids of your own so really think about how you will be as a parent. I think the best way to give your parents a "taste of their own medicine" is to prove to them that you're mature and responsible to be able to make tough decisions on your own. Sometimes all it takes is truly just sitting down and talking with them. My nephew is 16 and tells my brother and sister in law everything. By being open and honest with them he has shown that he's mature enough to talk to them about anything. He wanted to go to a party a few weeks ago and told his parents that there weren't going to be adults there and that he knew there'd be alcohol there but he didn't have any intentions on drinking. He asked them to trust him enough to go to the party and prove to them that he was responsible enough not to drink. He knew that by being honest upfront that if he screwed up he would never be allowed to go to a party again. They went ahead and let him go, he didn't drink and proved to them that he was responsible. Most of the times I think it's just a matter of proving to your parents, by your own actions, that you can make the right decisions.
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Marlene Marlene
i definitely agree with you that they can be annoying and they don't listen to me very good. they never think that i know what i'm talking about and if i don't agree with them on a pressing issue they hold it over my head which get's annoying. i haven't figured out away to stop it because every time ask them nicely they just ignore me. so the best way is just to ignore it and keep moving forward. because they have control over you....torturous i know. but yeah so that's it
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get information from the internet and start show to him what he's doing is bad.. like explain to him that many people around the world die from this... give him examples... give him how many calories he eats per day... try to explain him that he must start workout too... BUT really if he doesn't want you cant do anything... try to explain to him again and again and maybe he realizes that.. don't give up on that.. but if you only said to him one or 2 times he won't listen if he never thought of start healthy lifestyle... but don't give up on this.. tell him about it everyday.. every time he eats something unhealthy tell him how many calories he eat, how much fat he puts, and how unhealthy is and what problems will have.. don't give up on this.. eventually he will understand something..

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