I am very constipated. Should I use laxatives?

I am very constipated. Should I use laxatives? Topic: I am very constipated. Should I use laxatives?
May 22, 2019 / By Denver
Question: I rarely have bowel movements and i usually have to drink prune juice to have some bowel movement. Because I don't go as often as I should, I ALWAYS feel bloated and like I have a rock in my stomache. I do everything I should be doing: Getting enough fiber, Fruits, and lots of Vegetables, and I walk everyday for 30-40 minutes. But I still get nothing!!! I used to use laxatvies, but I know that they are dangerous and I dont want to use them because I'm afraid it will ruin my body. But is it okay to use this once or is it just gonna go back to normal constipation? I don't know what to do! Nothing works for me and I think I have to resort to laxatives!
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Ben Ben | 10 days ago
You should go see a doctor. There is a good chance that you have a problem that can be fixed with the right medications or supplements. This is a much better alternative to using laxatives.... they are okay once in a while but you can cause serious damage to your body if you overuse them. I hope this all sorts out for you. ♣
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Ben Originally Answered: I'm constipated but my parents won't let me get laxatives?
You are probably not getting enough water in your system, along with the prunes or green beans, other fruits ect. While uncomfortable this is not critical, and should resolve in a week or less. If it goes longer than a week then your parents should find out why, and perhaps get you a laxative. Some times taking a day to just drink water and not eat for several hours and go for a long walk, will make things move better. Exercise usually gets things moving fairly quickly. That is why I said go for a walk. Anything else would be too uncomfortable to do. Just make sure there is a bathroom along the way, just in case.

Aaron Aaron
Laxatives are really bad for you. I know you said you drink Prune Juice, but have you ever drank it HOT? Just put it in a mug and stick it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Works EVERY Time. Also if you eat 8 to 10 Dried Apricots...your problems will be over.
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Sheryl Sheryl
In the short run, try taking a stool softener. This will ease your bowel movements progressively, without the heavy cramping of laxatives. In the long-term, try taking an l-acidophilus capsule daily. This bacteria is present in some pro-biotic yogurts, but is usually only effective in the higher, concentrated doses the capsules provide. The capsules are available in 500million and 3billion bacterium per capsule, the higher dose is a little more pricey.
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Perdita Perdita
Constipation may be either due to disease or life style.To rule out a disease consult a physician. If the doctor ruled out any disease you have to change your life style. There are 3 factors you have to observe for a normal bowel habit. 1.Take the food items containing lot of fibre. green vegetables, fruits and whole grains What you are taking is right.But high protein diets(all nonvegitarian items) tends to cause constipation. 2.Take plenty of liquids :water veg.soup etc 3.Abdominal muscle exercise. Walking is good. But that does not increase the tone of abdominal muscles. Laatives may be taken occasionally as a symptomatic treatment but don't take it regularly.
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Marla Marla
So how much water are you getting? The GI tract past the stomach is for removing Nutrients and water from the liquid food that left the stomach after digestion. What kind of fiber? Plant material like lettuce,spinach,cabbage,corn,green beans,etc.. ARE NOT DIGESTED by Human stomachs which is the reason vegetarians are very unhealthy. We humans get very little nutrients from them but A LOT of neurological problems since to get your proteins and B-Vitamins you need meat,eggs.yogurt,cheese,nuts,etc.. For Daily BMs do this: Oats in the morning....to prepare get 1/2cup in microwaveable bowl and add 1cup water, cinnamon and a little salt, put on high for 2 minutes UNCOVERED. Eat with milk. Become a COFFEE drinker.......One cup of coffee has as much SOLUBLE fiber as 2 apples. To get a good cup you'll have to mix several brands together-remember recipe. IF YOU DRINK 4-6 cups/day, I can promise you will NOT have BM problems. Coffee is the Best thing you can do for your mind and body besides the meat,eggs,red beans,etc. Coffee drinkers DON'T -get many cancers like those affecting Liver and Colon -get Alsheimers -get Parkinson's -get Constipated -too much to list Just search and after you do a search of Coffee Cancer do a Search of Hot peppers cancer.........Or Capsaicin Cancer then ask yourself why you've NEVER HEARD OF THAT?
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Krysten Krysten
Its good to eat vegetables but they will not necessarily offset all the other garbage you eat such as meat, dairy and eggs. I diet based in those things leads to what you have going. I would say drink more water and tilt the scales in the direction of more veggies and less meat. Peace.
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Jeannine Jeannine
I agree, get a check up and make sure your Thyroid is working properly. In the meantime try Benefiber. You can add it to your coffee or whatever you drink in the morning, or even water. It is a fine powder and you cannot tell it is in your drink.
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Fay Fay
warm lemon water with cayenne pepper. you can look up variations of it online some call it the master cleanse, some add organic maple syrup. anyway, if you drink 8 oz of it and it doesn't work do it again once an hour for 6 hours
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Corona Corona
do not use laxatives it will mess up your bowel movement talk to your doctor or ask him what kinds of foods or frutes can help you
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Corona Originally Answered: Ive been constipated for two weeks, and laxatives are not helping?
Are you eating enough to make BM? Laxatives can have their own problems. Work with foods here. High fiber cereal, prunes, prune juice, apples, oranges, anything with lots of fiber. all good for you and low fat and will get things moving. are you uncomfortable, bloated, tummy ache? if so and food change doesn't help, you may need to visit a doctor.

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