if even Subway is bad for you,what fast food place is actually healthy or healthier than Subway?

if even Subway is bad for you,what fast food place is actually healthy or healthier than Subway? Topic: if even Subway is bad for you,what fast food place is actually healthy or healthier than Subway?
July 20, 2019 / By Den
Question: i read that Subway is just as unhealthy as mcdonalds. That sounds like complete bs,Subway has veggies,bread,ect. while mcdonalds bakes a lot in fat,salt,oil..ect. i have pretty bad liver damage so i have to change my diet completly. if Subway is "just as unhealthy" where should i go? i still wanna go out eating once or twice a week.
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Best Answers: if even Subway is bad for you,what fast food place is actually healthy or healthier than Subway?

Beau Beau | 4 days ago
Processed food is not healthy for anyone. In the case of Subway, processed lunch meats are full of nitrates. Nitrates are known to cause colon cancer. If Subway was providing organic vegetables, they would advertise this fact. GMO foods are dangerous and are also present in most processed foods with corn or soy. If you have liver damage it would be best to start eating organic and if you live in an area that sells whole foods, shop there. We have a few places in Texas that sell organic and wholesome foods. They also have a cafeteria type diner. The food is fresh and healthy with no chemical additives. It is important to be educated regarding our food products. My husband and I eat out occasionally (1 - 2 times per month). We prefer to prepare our own meals because we know it is healthier for us and we know what we are eating. Also, it costs much less when you prepare your own food. I am not sure where you live, but perhaps you can do a search online for healthy eating diners, etc.. All the best for a better health.
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Beau Originally Answered: Is subway a healthy fast food alternative?
Some of it is better but it isn't really that healthy. You've got carbs from the large piece of bread (you can stick to wheat bread), fat laden cold cuts, often processed cheese (possibly imitation cheese food) and salt is used on most of the cold cuts. If you stick to roast chicken, turkey, and low fat ham, if they have it, you would be better off. Their soup isn't bad. You might want to try Quiznos, they use better ingredients. z

Zipporah Zipporah
its pretty healthy unless u get like a meatball sub or tuna. but yea very healthy and anywhere healthier??? like nothing really except ur house for a salad. but nothing else really
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Sherilyn Sherilyn
Seriously Hong, if you really have liver damage, you've discussed things with your Doctor. Hopefully you are old enough to also know that blanket statements like " Subway is just as unhealthy as McDonald's " are patently dangerous & foolish. Not to mention that not everything " written " is entirely correct, true, accurate OR unbiased. Does McDonald's have salads ? Yes, they do. Are many Subway sandwiches basically a salad on a roll ? Yes they are. Many sandwich places now slice their meats & cheeses so thin that you can practically see through the slices. IF a sandwich shops' sandwiches EVER actually looked like they do as advertised on TV, I'd get married again ! Bottom line is this, ALL restaurants, sandwich shops, taco trucks & even many push carts have choices, CHOICES ! YOU choose what you are going to shove in your pie-hole. Take responsibility for yourself & don't blame a business for offering what the public apparently WANTS ! Feel free to go out & eat like an adult, just like a few of us.
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Penelope Penelope
Subway is truly one of the healthier options but as in most food venues nowadays it all depends on what you order and in what quantity as well as side options and things of that nature. Sure if you order a footling meatball with chips and a drink and eat all of it the caloric intake is probably comparable to a small burger and fries at McDonald's. However, the fat on the aforementioned subway order is probably quite a bit less. Nonethless, if you order a 6 inch veggie delite with chips and a drink it'd be way less than McDonald's. So it depends on all of that jazz and in what ways you are comparing the two...calories alone, fat calories, sodium, etc.
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Marisela Marisela
Subway itself isn't bad for you, it's the amount of of condiments that people choose to add & chips N a cookie, and a soda. The 4-6" subs, plain or one side light mayo the other mustard or only mustard filled with any veggies & 1 meat or no meat, are fine. No worries. Salads are the same way. It's not the salad that is unhealthy, it's the dressing.
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Marisela Originally Answered: 1 subway + soup diet for 4 months=six pack (healthy to keep up?)?
You are healthy now because it generally takes a long period of malnourishment to permanently affect the body --- but I see in your diet a startling lack of essential vitamins & minerals due to the lack of fruit, vegetables, and fiber. Also, I don't know how old you are, but if you are still growing you are not getting nearly enough calcium for building bone with a couple of cheese slices a day. I do understand what you mean about not FEELING hungry. I've been that way all my life. I'm just not as hungry as other people! But I do force myself to eat certain things to keep my vitamin & mineral levels balanced. I would suggest that you substitute juice for a couple of those waters (which are filling you up & not leaving room for healthy food) and at least adding oranges, tangerines, grapes, or strawberries (not quite as filling as other fruits), some carrots and spinach (or other leafy green veggie), and whole-grain cereal in 2% milk. Those are some low-cal options that will provide what you need in your diet. :-)

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