my husband is sick?

my husband is sick? Topic: my husband is sick?
July 18, 2019 / By Bobbi
Question: symptoms are severe body aches more in joints fevers, tired loss of appetite the symptoms come and go and last 2 to 3 days any ideas serious answers only please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Acklie Acklie | 4 days ago
Hi! Here is one idea: Systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE is a disorder of the immune system. The body harms its own healthy cells and tissues causing inflammation and damage. Many parts of the body can be affected, including joints, skin, brain, kidneys, heart and lungs. Women of childbearing age most often get lupus, but anyone of either sex, or any age can get it. Lupus affects women who are African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American more often than women of other races. The cause is not known, but it is not contagious, infectious, malignant or HIV/AIDS. There are several types of lupus with SLE being the most common. Certain drugs cause drug-related lupus. The symptoms of drug- related lupus are usually mild and will go away when the drugs are stopped. Discoid lupus erythematosus is a skin disorder with a red, raised rash. The raised areas may become thick and cause scarring. The rash may last for days or years. A very rare form of lupus called neonatal lupus affects newborn babies of some women who have lupus. The most common symptoms of lupus are pain in the joints, fever, and a rash. The rash is not always present, but when it is, it may be butterfly shaped on the face. Other symptoms may include being very tired, being very sensitive to the sun, weight loss, anemia, hair loss, sores in the mouth, muscle aches, and loss of appetite. Sometimes there may be chest pain, trouble breathing or headaches. The symptoms of lupus vary from time to time, and from person to person. For one person, lupus may start with very mild symptoms, while for another person it may start with very serious symptoms. Sometimes all the symptoms may go away for a while, only to come back later. Being in the sun may cause a rash on the skin. When the symptoms get worse, it is call a "flair-up." Occasionally, lupus may go away altogether. Lupus can be very hard to diagnose because it is similar to many other diseases. It may take the healthcare provider several years to diagnose lupus. There are several tests the provider may do to help diagnose lupus. One of the tests used most often for diagnosis is called the antinuclear antibody test, or ANA. Most people with lupus have a positive ANA test, but other diseases also cause a positive test. Sometimes a biopsy of the skin can help with the diagnosis.
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Acklie Originally Answered: i'am 15 and i have WAY to much stress in my life and i'am scared i might be sick OR might get sick from it
Stress will weaken your immune system. Stress induced sicknesses include acne, obesity, and loss of hair. Also, it will make you susceptible to colds, flu and infection. If you were female it would affect your menstrual cycle, and cause a hormonal imbalance. And yes your immune system will get stronger again after you start relaxing, and all of this will go back to normal. You should probably start seeing a counselor at school, they can help give you some perspective and learn how to prioritize things so that you don't feel so "under the gun". If the stress comes from home, start by looking for a good friend to talk to and schedule a time to do something fun and lose your mind for a but. If you have a female friend try talking to her, she might be a good listener. There is no point in not enjoying life. If you're worried about you future: don't. There is no way to know what is in store for you and working harder won't change anything as much as working "smarter" (doing more with less effort).

Stacie Stacie
Get in to see a Dr. If the sysmptoms keep coming back it's not the flu. There are many things it could be, some of them have already been listed. It also could be hepatitis C, that's why Hep C is called the silent killer. It can be in a person for 20 years or more before any symptoms show up. Get him tested, lupus, HCV, etc are not illnesses to be minimized.
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Pru Pru
This is my opinion. Your his wife and your pregnant and although if you went into labor chances are he'd be able to make it back since most first pregnancy's labor for a few hours he shouldn't stay over night away from you. Not if your that scared. My husband is a business owner and when I was pregnant with our son he was gone for 15 days straight on business and I was a very high risk pregnancy (for preterm labor/delivery, dynamic and incompetent cervix) and I was a little worried myself. When I had my cerclage removed at 35 weeks 3 days my husband KNEW he better not go anywhere and he didn't(and thank goodness less then 48 hrs later he had his boy in his arms). Talk to your husband tell him your scared and worried. If your pregnancy is healthy and "normal" odds are you wont be going into labor til at least 38-40 weeks.
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Maybelline Maybelline
Possibly mono, the flu, depression (it does affect the entire body), beginning stages of parkinsons. Could be a ton of different things. See what a doctor says and if it is not the flu or something that can be treated with antibiotics I recommend getting a blood draw and having labs run and then getting a CAT scan.
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Maybelline Originally Answered: Am I being rude to my husband?
You and I are in the same boat, m'lady. My husband snores so loud, sometimes I swear a bear crawled into bed next to me! I have been taken valerian root to put me to sleep. It's a natural herb that's non-addictive and works better than the manufactured crap, anyway. Have you suggested maybe a doctor visit for him? There's a ton of reasons as to why he could be snoring, the top three being weight, nose, or throat and mouth issues. And no, to me you're not being rude. There have been many nights when the snoring is so bad that I have him out on the couch or me and have to shut the door because he's so loud. It's not EVERY night, but I told him that he had to do something about this soon, so he made a doctor's appointment and will be going soon. Ugh...

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