1yr old been having problems with constipation since 6m, is this normal?

1yr old been having problems with constipation since 6m, is this normal? Topic: 1yr old been having problems with constipation since 6m, is this normal?
November 17, 2019 / By Huey
Question: she was real bad from 6-8 months and finally got advise that worked, (mix some prune juice in her formula & it worked wonders). She never liked fruit juice so I could not do that, and she was getting enough water so that was not the problem, but anyway the prune in the formula helps, and I was told I could do it forever. Well now 1 yr old, its like the juice is not working anymore, my doctor says to just give her more juice. She is liking fruit more these days, so I am thinking of buying an apple or pear juice, any recommendations on a brand would be nice. She is very healthy, she eats healthy foods, and lots of veggies, I just don't get why she has such problems. She is in so much pain today its heartbreaking. Has anyone else dealt with this for this long or longer and did u ever discover WHY? or when did baby get back to normal? Also I was gonna stick with my formula (good start 2 for 9-24 months) for her milk instead of doing the cows milk since its an alternative and has more vitamins then milk does, BUT do u think that switching to cows milk might help and I can just add some vitamins to the milk? I just need some advise, thanks in advance
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Ephah Ephah | 7 days ago
I breastfed my daughter for the first 9 months of her life (Only stopped because she got teeth and decided to start biting lol) But as soon as I tried switching to formula she had horrible constipation. I tired quite a few diferent brands and also the sensitive types but she still was having horrible pain and constipation. I gave her apple juice which helped alot but she needed the vitamins and everything else formula does. My mother suggested I give her whole milk at 10 months because she went through the same thing with me and that worked for her. So just to try it I gave her 8oz half milk half water. First of all she loved it! And we had a full diaper that night, I was so relieved. Watching our babies hurt and not knowing what to do is the worst feeling ever. I know milk is not suposed to be introduced until 12mo but every child is diferent. To supplement the vitamins she would have gotten from the formula I found some awesome baby liquid vitamins at walgreens. She had no problems taking those and switching to milk was a life saver. As soon as she turned a year I quit watering it down and she got the straight stuff, which if possible she loved even more. I think she got it from me because I have been a milk lover my whole life, I swear we can go through a gallon in two days. So it cant hurt to try it as long as you can find some liquid vitamins, but like I said every baby is diferent so this is just what worked for us. Good luck mommy! I hope you and your baby girl can get some relief soon!!
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Ephah Originally Answered: can you have thyroid problems and normal levels ?
You are at the low end of the "normal range", and if you are experiencing symptoms of hypothyroid, you should demand to be put on a low dosage of synthroid or levoxyl (10-20 mcgs) because normal for one person might be a .8 while someone else needs to be 1-2 to feel well. Most endocrinologists like to see patients towards the middle of the range and will prescribe, especially in women because your thyroid function decreases with age. Because of your family history especially, you are a good candidate. I know that my TSH needs to be around 2 to feel good. Be sure that you get your TSH tested every 4-6 weeks initially to find the right dosage for you. It can be a long process in finding the right dosage and reaping the full benefits of medication, so be patient. If your doctor doesn't take you seriously, change doctors or ask for a second opinion. If you have a good HMO and are able to go directly to a specialist, see an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists specialize in endocrine diseases and I assure you will take your symptoms very seriously. Another suggestion is to have an antibody test. If your antibodies are elevated, it could be Hashimoto's causing hypothyroidism. Hashimoto's causes antibodies to attach your thyroid. It's rare, but the antibody test is the best way to diagnose if TSH doesn't.
Ephah Originally Answered: can you have thyroid problems and normal levels ?
Hello, Yes you can. I had to fight tooth and nail with the doctors on this. Last year about this time my family doctor finally agreed to put me on synthyroid. I had all the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism, but all of my blood tests were within range (I also have several symptoms of hyperthyroidism too). As a child I had a goiter and also had normal blood tests results. My mom had taken me to a childrens hospital, where they had diagnosed me with having hypothyroidism. After reminding my doctor again about this and bringing a list of all symptoms and numberous articles on this subject, he finally sent me for an ultrasound on my thyroid which did show it as abnormal. I had a checkup with my doctor after about a month of being on medication and my doctor noticed right away when he walked in that my face was no longer swollen. I felt a big difference after being on medication for awhile. It does run in families, both my parents are hypo and my grandmother had hyperthyroidism. You may want to check out Healthboards.com they have many people on there with thyroid disorders and they are very knowledgable. When I posted all of my symptoms, I had several people tell me that it sounded as if I had this for a very long time, as some of the symptoms don't happen unless you go untreated for a very long time (years and years). I am now in my 30's and I really feel I have had this since my teens. Also, if and when you are prescribed any medications, sometimes the medications can cause you to feel jittery and make your heart feel like it is racing. When I had this happen, I cut my pills in half and did this for a few weeks, until I was adjusted to it. Within a month I was taking a full pill and not feeling any side effects. If you do this make sure you tell your doctor! Hope this helps! Good luck!!

Cole Cole
Dairy is actually something that can cause constipation, so that probably isn't a good idea. Just make sure she is eating other foods that are high in calcium. Have you tried giving her actual prunes or plums, not in juice form? Sorry, I don't have any more suggestions!
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Archibald Archibald
I in basic terms examine your different question, went returned to this one to work out what you have been conversing approximately and that i'm gonna answer this one :) Honey in case you do no longer have confidence what your well being practitioner is telling then you definately with the aid of all potential please get a 2d opinion. in case you think of it would be smart to take your son to a dietitian then discover yet another dr. that supplies you a referral. I cant think of any well being practitioner in there suited recommendations suggesting to get rid of the only element that he's ingesting. Breast feeding is super to your little guy and the alternative to Bf or no longer could be your opinion and actual i think of it might possibly no longer have a lot to do together with his weight at this component. i understand you recognize this yet at 12 months he could be ingesting good ingredients. furnish him ingredients that are intense in energy. i understand you pronounced that he in basic terms performs with it.. yet once you do it many circumstances an afternoon you have a great danger of having a number of it in his abdomen. My son is an exceptionally choosy eater and that i've got been instructed with the aid of his medical doctors that he's slightly underweight so I in basic terms positioned him in his highchair a lot throughout the day and feed feed feed him. No he does not consume on the brink of all of it yet... we get some in. save breastfeeding with the aid of all potential.. yet in basic terms attempt to start a sparkling schedule of him ingesting extra ingredients. it is going to likely be difficult and troublesome on the commencing up yet after the 1st few weeks he will discover some nutrition he likes and that i wager he constructive properties some lbs that's a step contained in the best course. As for ingredients to feed him.. greens and fruit are super and all and with the aid of all potential dont decrease them out yet they seem to be an excellent sort of water. Avocado is an excellent veggie if he will consume it. Cheese are super, breads...(my little guy loves cheese in a tortilla) He additionally loves the nutrigrain bars .. I actual might furnish him something just to get him to consume. good success hun.. and don't permit it frustrate you. The negativity might properly be difficult while your making a call approximately breast feeding.
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Archibald Originally Answered: Help! Is this Normal? (Constipation)?
Nope this isn't normal, you need to get some more fiber (My opinion) in your body, try eating, Apples, Oat bran, Citrus fruits, bread. beans, peas and carrots. (My friend and I, science project was about fiber). I'm not sure about the "Laxatives" part but I think you should try to get more fiber, Insoluble fiber, because that reduces going to the bathroom! I hope this helps, Oh and Insoluble fiber and Soluble fiber reduces going to the bathroom, helps people with irregular stools and people who are constipated, or have diabetes... I hope this helps!

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