Should I continue to do crunches to lose belly fat?

Should I continue to do crunches to lose belly fat? Topic: Should I continue to do crunches to lose belly fat?
November 14, 2019 / By Abihu
Question: I am 18. Female. 5'7 & 150lbs. I am not fat but I do believe I'm a bit chubby. I recently started Julian Michaels: 30 day shred workout. It's a 20 minute workout that you are supposed to do everyday & as a result you will get in a better shape, lose weight and all of that. I'm supposed to do about 2 minutes of crunches when I do the workout. I don't have a BIG belly, but I wish it was a bit smaller & more toned. People have been telling me that crunches are a bad idea if I'm trying to lose belly fat. That I should do other things. My question is should I stop doing crunches? What should I do instead? & since Julian is the best trainer in US, why would she tell people to do crunches if they won't help them lose belly fat??? Thank you for your answers (:
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Best Answers: Should I continue to do crunches to lose belly fat?

Silver Silver | 8 days ago
20 minutes of exercise won't make much difference if you don't also clean up your diet. Healthy diet is 80% of weight loss. Exercise is just 10-15%. I only lost 7 pounds with Shred. Most recommendations are for 45-60 minutes of moderate exercise (similar intensity as Shred) most days. Crunches are for toning. They don't burn much fat compared to cardio. She does them along with other exercises to create a total body fitness program that includes strength training and cardio. I wouldn't call Jillian Michaels the best trainer in the US, that's just marketing hype. Personally, I think Chalene Johnson from BeachBody's programs like Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, and Chalean Extreme is much better.
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Silver Originally Answered: Do you lose stomach fat by cardio or will crunches be more efficient?
You can't make your body lose fat in a particular place. Cardio will make you lose fat, yes, but you don't get to decide where will lose more fat or where will lose less. You don't get to make certain fat go away quicker or sooner than other fat. Your body has its own fat distribution patterns and its own fat loss patterns, based on your genetics. There is nothing you can do about this. When you lose fat, you will generally lose fat all over, but based on your genetics, certain places might lose more or faster than other places. It's just your genes. Nothing else can change that. Your body decides, not you. Liposuction is the only way you can actually control where you lose more fat. So, your only strategy is to try to lose fat, period, and as you are losing fat over your whole body, some fat will be lost from your belly as well. Some women find that their breasts lose fat very quickly but their belly loses fat slowly! And there is nothing they can do about it, other than liposuction, which can only reduce a small amount of fat anyway. Some other women lose belly fat quickly but lose breast, butt, and hip fat slowly. It all depends on your genes. Usually men have different fat distribution/loss patterns, than women, but again, it varies from person to person, so I couldn't predict what yours will be. Crunches will tone your abdominal muscles but it won't make you lose more fat there. Some diet plans claim that you can "sculpt" your body, get the exact shape you want, and lose fat specifically where you want to lose it while leaving it where you want to keep it. Those are lies!!!

Phillipa Phillipa
You are saying that the fat sits more in the upper mid section, right? If that is the case and for quick results, I highly recommend #1 cutting out the carbs, #2 All dairy (which bloats you up) #3 taking weights that you can handle, hold in each hand, and twist your body with the weights. What you are trying to do with this excersize is to work the Latissiums Dorsi. Its a muscel that wraps your back to your stomach. By having say, a 10lb weight in each hand, keep arms stiff and with the right arm bend toward the left foot. Pay attention to how you do this, because the point is to feel pain in that muscel, or where the fat is. The more repititions the better, by stressing the muscles over and over again your thinning them, and making them lean, the fat on top diminishes as the muscel under neath uses it for energy. If you do short burst of this excersize you are making that muscel larger, not stronger. If that is the look your going for then, expect for the next week or so to see a larger midsection. Your muscel will get fatter along with the fat on the top. Eventually, the fat will diminish and you will have a big muscle. In order for that to look good, make sure the rest of you is "muscle cut as well". Food Advice: Like I said, cut down on carbs, Cut down on dairy. Not so much meat protien but soy protein is better. Meat protein like the adkins diet will give you a heartattack eventually. Also meat protein does not have nearly as much as soy protein does. You also want increased circulation to the muscel to help you loose the weight faster. So meat does not work. Eat more simply, and less processed foods while doing this work out. Good Luck!
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Mary Mary
First off 5'7" and 150 seems like a great size. But you should continue to do crunches and other ab exercises (planks, etc.) but to really lose the belly fat you should incorporate cardio and strength training into you regime. Good luck!
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Lakisha Lakisha
Try Jillian's "banish fat boost metabolism" workout. It's about 45 min long, but it helps sooo much. I did it for a month, and literally the first thing that started disappearing was my stomach fat. I highly recommend(:
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Lakisha Originally Answered: How to continue to lose weight and keep it off?
Oh ali, hon....I know how you feel!! I am very sorry that you are frustrated. I know the feeling...I overeat as well and have the SAME problem. To tell you the truth, the only thing that motivates me is just the control over my food. when I don't overeat, it's like an accomplishment...it's great! Sometimes, when I get hungry when I know I'm not supposed to eat, I chew gum. Keep yourself a food diary writing down your goal weight, your current weight and how many calories you must keep it down to, and how many calories you should burn. If not a diary, simply just mark this down in your head. Be sure to calculate your expected calorie intake for your height and weight. When I am craving a snack, I eat frozen rassberries. These are only 40 calories a cup and keep my metabolism and calorie-burn up! (due to the cold) Good luck. Hope all works out. If you ever need a diet buddy and/or some tips or suggestions or just want to talk, feel free to email me at ameliahopeg@yahoo.com. You can do it!

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