4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?

4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated? Topic: 4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Wren
Question: I took my son to the doctors when he was 4 months old for a regular checkup. Because he was drinking so much formula, and was so tall/heavy for his age (as in the height and weight of a 6 month old), he decided that it was best if we started introducing baby food. I started off with giving him only a teaspoon of homemade banana baby food (made in Baby Bullet). It was very watery, so it could fall off the spoon. After 3 days of only a teaspoon at lunch, he was in so much pain! I gave him a suppository, and he was all good. I waited a few days after until I tried homemade apple baby food (made in Baby Bullet again, and really watery). Now, again after 3 days of only a teaspoon at lunch, he's really constipated again. Obviously it is the food that is making him constipated. I was wondering what foods would you feed your infant when they are first starting out on actual food? Maybe something that isn't known to cause constipation. I'm starting to think that I should get a new pediatrician. Even though everyone I know starts their child on food by 4 months, maybe my son isn't ready (though like I said, he is eating a LOT of formula, around 46 - 52 oz). Please, if you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. And just so it's clear, my son isn't technically over weight. For his age, yes he is taller and heavier than most. But for his height, he is the perfect weight, lol.
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Shawna Shawna | 8 days ago
Ya i would wait, sounds like his digestive tract isn't ready for it yet, that's why most people start at 6 months so it doesn't do any damage. Just try again when he is 6 months. Better to be safe then sorry.
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Shawna Originally Answered: 4 month old constipated?
As a 4 month old, she should not be constipated at all as she should be on only formula or breast milk. Don't try anything!!!! It is normal for a breast fed baby to go only once a week!!!! If she is formula fed and you think she is constipated, then give a little extra water in her formula and hold off giving an solids, since she may be sensitive. just give her a couple of ounces of extra water and do not give anything but formula or water until your child is at least 6months old. She really does not need anything but breast milk or formula until 9 months or 1 year. Solids are more to learn about taste and texture, and for fun at this age. Just make sure that she gets enough of those. Also, if you do not mix enough water into the formula, that can cause constipation. And remember that if your daughter is turning red and really working when she poops. that is not constipation, that is just how a baby poos, it is not anything to be worried about. You only worry about it if they have gone more then 7 days (for a breastfed child) or 5 days ( for formula fed). If it is longer then that, then give some prune juice mixed with water (half and half). If no poo after 24 hours, then go to the doc. But red face, grunting, even crying and uncomfortable facial expressions and crying do not mean constipation, it just means they are working those muscles hard.

Pamila Pamila
My son was drinking 45 oz of formula by the time he was 1 month old. So, like you I started introducing solids at 4 months. Everything I tried, gave him a stomach ache. So, I stopped. Gave him a 2 month break and started again later. He was fine at 6 months. Some kids are more sensitive to new foods. So, I would suggest to give him a little break and start gain in a few weeks, or even month.
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Mare Mare
Babies aren't ready for solids until about 6 months old. Just because he's big for his age doesn't mean his digestive tract is any more developed than a four and a half month old's. Babies are supposed to eat about 2.5 times their weight in formula. Depending on how much he weighs, 46 to 52 ounces could be in the normal range. Stop with the solids. He clearly isn't ready.
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Kirstin Kirstin
Bananas are known to cause constipation and apples can too. Some other fruits/veggies like peaches, pears, carrots, and squash might be better options as they have more fiber in them and are less likely to cause this. I'd stop giving the suppositories. His body can actually get dependent on them. It would be better to give 2 oz of prune juice mixed with 2 oz of water or put an ounce of Dark Karo Syrup into 4 oz of formula.
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Janna Janna
Some babies can't tolerate banana, and can be the worse for their tummies! The high potassium levels can cause constipation. (Bananas, rice, apple, and toast are recommended in the BRAT cure for kids with diarrhea, these foods make your poo thicker.) And FYI, 4 months is young. Baby doesn't need watery slurp to eat. If your little one is pushing out food with his tongue, he is NOT ready to eat. Most babies lose this reflex at about 5-6 months, when their bodies are getting ready to accept solid food. Better first foods are pears, green beans, or sweet potato. I am assuming baby is formula fed? Formula fed babies tend to 'over eat' their formula. http://ecochildsplay.com/2009/03/13/baby... Never made purees, baby doesn't need them. You can serve mashed soft veggies and fruits, even soft meat after 6 months of age.
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Janna Originally Answered: 13 month old is constipated?
Does she eat yogurt or cheese? There are plenty of sources of calcium besides milk if you think the milk is causing problems for her. Is she eating lots of other things that could be constipating? Rice, bananas, applesauce, toast? Keep pushing pears, peaches, prunes, grapes (cut in fourths), berries, etc. And offer water throughout the day as well.

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