how does this high protein/low carb vegetarian diet look.?

how does this high protein/low carb vegetarian diet look.? Topic: how does this high protein/low carb vegetarian diet look.?
January 22, 2020 / By Vanessa
Question: i just wanted to know how this looked..........i'm looking forward to eating healthy and building the body i've always wanted...its hard to get the protein because i'm a vegetarian breakfast *scrambled eggs *soy milk *some nuts what part of the day should i take protein supplements? lunch salad i don't know what else? afternoon.......if i'm hungry peanut butter on bread(is eating bread bad for this diet?) dinner baked beans rice? I'm not sure of the details but is there a specific time to do cardio workout and any specific time to do some weight training?
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Selby Selby | 3 days ago
if you're looking forward to eating healthy, you're missing some key components. where are your fruits and veggies? i know your goal is low-carb, but you're going to have trouble with your cardio endurance if you don't consume complex carbs. the ones you need to eliminate are the simple, processed, white carbs (white rice, white flour, sugar). whole grain rice, bread, cereal will help fuel your workouts. also, your protein is very limited. nuts and beans are a good start. the eggs are too high in fat and cholesterol to benefit your overall goals. you've got soy milk in there, but what about other soy products: tofu is amazing. you can use the silken kind to make soups, dips, sauces. throw firm tofu into a stirfry. also try tempeh; it's really delicious. be sure you're allowing yourself enough flavor and variety to stick with it :)
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Selby Originally Answered: Help with my low carb high protein diet please!?
at you're listed height and weight the only thing precluding you from having a six pack is the fact that you don't have enough muscle to have a six pack. But to answer your question - high protein typically equals about a gram of protein per pound of body weight, so for you it would 120 grams of protein. if you're going low carb try to keep them about about 120, you're still growing and need to have them on board hormonal regulation, brain function, etc. p.s. have you ever heard of anorexia athletica? if you were one of my patients that's something i would be concerned about.
Selby Originally Answered: Help with my low carb high protein diet please!?
Use a dash of cinnamon to present fruits such as bananas in addition to melons a richer dessert feel without worrying about sugar.

Ohndrea Ohndrea
hi, a lot of vegetarian products which i love are veggie hot dogs, chicken, burgers, corn dogs. suggestions i can offer you are ..measure out nuts or measure in palm of hand, don't eat from bag, never. second add protein sorce to ur lunch such as veggie meat and low carb, high fiber bread for a sandwich or wrap in a lettuce leaf (substituted for the bread.) snack..yes bread is not good unless u look for a whole grain or low carb or high fiber bread (in other words a healthier bread. or you could also try low fat p. nut butter on celery sticks. dinner.. try brown rice instead of white and measure portion size. check baked beans label carefully. add a salad or mixed vegetables to this meal. most people suggest to exercise before eating breakfast or within 45min. after exercise. weight train at least 3 or more times per week. I started back today on my diet. GOOD LUCK TO US BOTH. This time i will do high proteins (vegetarian) with low carbs and more veggies and fruits.
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Madge Madge
just simply do what you say... high protein: whey protein powder, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat string cheese low-carb: just limit things with carbs, such as bread, pasta, and of course avoid the obvious sugary stuff loaded with unhealthy carbs
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Madge Originally Answered: High protein, no carb diet?
going low-carb will be healthier than going no-carb. Your body needs carbs but some people can't have a lot. I am on a low-carb, high-protein diet per my doctor because I am hypoglycemic. I found this website just now while I was researching stuff for you. I also think It's probably really really hard to avoid carbs, almost everything has them. Chicken's meat doesn't have it but what you cook it in probably does. Anyway, here is the site I found for you: http://www.ehow.com/way_5463619_carb-die... It says the reason low-carb or no-carb diets don't work is because people eat too little. It also says not to cut your carbs out completely and replace it with nothing, if you're going to replace it use lots of meat. You can read more on the site and good luck.

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