How to eat healthy, when parents don't buy healthy food?

How to eat healthy, when parents don't buy healthy food? Topic: How to eat healthy, when parents don't buy healthy food?
January 29, 2020 / By Trace
Question: Im overweight, and i think a lot of it has to do with the foods i eat. I want to eat more fruits and veggies but my parents wont buy them! Like just yesterday i went to the grocery store with my mother and i asked her can i get some grapes and some apples. She said "no, we don't have money for that" yet she has money to buy oatmeal cream pies and chips. -___- every time i ask them for more veggies my dad says "we eat vegetables with dinner every night" yes, we do, but they are drowned in oil and salt. I would like some raw 'healthy' vegetables. My dad just recently stopped making tea and made us stop drinking soda but we still eat bad foods. And just having the junk in the house makes me crave it and want to eat it so i do. :[ What can i say to convince my parents to buy more healthy foods? Or should i just wait till i move out or something? :[ im 15 btw.
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Sabrina Sabrina | 2 days ago
Ask your parents to let you have them raw instead of cooked. An easy way to get a balanced meal is divide your plate into quarters. First fill half with veggies (preferable without sauce or added salt). The other quarters are for lean protein and healthy carb. As for sweets, just don't eat them. Only have them once a week. Maybe if your parents saw you weren't eating them, they wouldn't buy as many and then could buy healthy foods instead. Little steps like giving up soda is better than nothing. Some people can't handle more than one change at a time. Maybe your dad is that way.
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Sabrina Originally Answered: Healthy food for healthy living ideas?
You can still eat breads but make sure you are eating whole wheat bread and not any white breads because first off whole wheat has more fiber than the white bread and white bread is really hard for your body to break down. You can eat oatmeal, that's really good for you! You can still eat dairy products but make sure that your milk is low fat and your yogurt is low fat also. Cottage cheese is good for getting your calcium (dairy). You still need dairy because it is a pretty important part of your diet...gives you calcium and what not. Hope I could help!! Definitely make sure you are eating a LOT of fruits and veggies, a lot of water, white meats...try to stay away from red meat as much as possible because its very high in fat and higher risks of causing cancer!! Take care and best of luck with your healthy dieting.
Sabrina Originally Answered: Healthy food for healthy living ideas?
He needs to consume decrease calorie food through fact he's no longer being very energetic yet additionally needs ingredients that would help him stay alert so he can properly do his activity. an remarkable meal may well be a turkey sandwich on total wheat bread with spinach, mustard, onion and cheese. A handful of carrots will help his ideas stay alert. fairly of soda or beer(i be responsive to truck drivers) some unsweetened ice tea is an remarkable beverage. If the foodstuff needs to final a week basically placed the climate interior the cooler and permit him deliver together his very own sandwich. additionally, he might desire to consume some protein bars bought from any gasoline station. they sometimes have approximately 3 hundred energy, yet sufficient protein to fill you up for a whilst.

Netta Netta
Well this is a hard question. But I understand; It's hard to eat healthy when your family doesn't and they are the ones providing your meals. I have the same problem. The only suggestion I can think of which won't entirely solve it, but it could help? Would be to try to plant a garden when the weather gets warmer. I know it doesn't solve the whole situation but it would help with getting more raw veggies and fruits when your parents don't purchase them. And maybe you could offer to help make dinner? Then maybe you could try to improve the menu a bit even if that improvement is small. Also drink plenty of water, it helps get rid of the toxins and stuff in your body from all the junk food. Anyways, sorry this is all I could think of, but I hope it helps some :) And I hope someone else can offer better advice :)
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Luella Luella
Have you told them what you just told us? Try that first. Just say you are comfortable with yourself, but you want to take care of your body and control what you put into it. Also, if that doesn't work. Get a job and put some money towards your favourite healthy foods, such as grapes or something. Do you parents buy your favourite junk food snacks? Perhaps, you can say "Do you think you could subsitute buying mine favourite oreos with some apples instead?" I will eat them, it would be a waste. Hope I helped.
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Luella Originally Answered: Why do you think God made all the yummy food bad for you and all the gross food healthy?
Hi dear Yummy food, healthy food, junk food......Choice is ours.God never bother about it. Body is our church or temple.so be love on our body.choose only healthy and hygienic foods. yes, man is the slave of his stomach.At the same time must be health conscious also. Man is not only satisfied with foods.he wants more. That is good .Read more about healthy foods.Keep a balance diet.And stay away from the doctors. Then God will also love you.

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