What (hawaiian) non alcoholic beverages are commonly drank in Hawaii?

What (hawaiian) non alcoholic beverages are commonly drank in Hawaii? Topic: What (hawaiian) non alcoholic beverages are commonly drank in Hawaii?
October 14, 2019 / By Hedley
Question: Are there like any drinks in hawaii that many young adults drink? I'm talking something that isn't alcoholic and is commonly drank in Hawaii only
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Eliphelet Eliphelet | 6 days ago
The quintessential local drink is "fruit punch" which is a red sugary non-carbonated drink served everywhere plate lunches and fast food is sold. Like "Hawaiian Punch" but blander. And in some pockets of town, mixed Mountain Dew/fruit punch is popular (dont ask me why). Otherwise, as in any other US city, it's a lot of lattes, capuccino, espresso, acai anything, chai, and flavored waters. And straight coffees, teas, caffeinated energy drinks, and smoothies. And as another poster said, bubble teas (tapioca balls and sweetened flavored tea). Hawaii has a few soda producers, Waialua being the most commonly available. @JamMil, close! POG is for Passion fruit, Orange, Guava. Originally made by Haleakala Dairy. And the origin of the term "pog" for the milk caps collected for the schoolyard game/gambling pastime. I'm old enough to remember when we could only get it when Daddy flew home from a business trip on Maui.
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Cherokee Cherokee
The more common things you'll find in supermarkets are probably Hawaiian Sun and Aloha Maid Natural drinks. The Aloha Maid Coconut Water is actually surprisingly good and tastes a lot like a non-alcoholic pina colada. And you'll indeed find some other "niche" options out there at times like Waialua Soda Works.
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Alwyn Alwyn
People drink POG Juice in Hawaii which is rather unique. POG stands for Pineapple Orange Guava and the juice is simmilar to tropical punch.
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Tiana Tiana
Umm. . . I haven't noticed much really. Alot of people drinks soft drinks that you see in fast food restraunts. I don't know about hawaiian drinks. But alot of people here likes Boba tea and star bucks coffee.
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