Is it bad that i took laxatives?

Is it bad that i took laxatives? Topic: Is it bad that i took laxatives?
November 13, 2019 / By Suzanne
Question: Im sorry if this question is kinda gross but im scared and curious. Well, first of all, (here comes the gross part) i felt constipated around the afternoon today so i took 2 laxatives. And nothing really happened, and then before i went to bed i had a really bad binge, i had around 5 of my moms home made cookies and i felt horrible but im okay about it now. (Here comes the next gross part), i've literally ran to the bathroom 3 or 4 times so i could go. And i just read recently that taking laxatives are very bad for you and they can become addicting. I dont want to become addicted because i only took them for the correct reason. This is the third time i've taken them for the normal reason, but should i just stop taking them if i feel constipated since they're considered dangerous?Also, why do people with eating disorders take laxatives to lose weight?
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Best Answers: Is it bad that i took laxatives?

Raven Raven | 2 days ago
Pills or liquid, herbal or otherwise, laxative abuse is a common form of "weight control" in people suffering with Eating Disorders. The use of laxatives as a way to lose or control weight is not only dangerous, but irrational. The actual purpose of taking a laxative is to stimulate the large bowel to empty, which occurs only after the food and it's calories for energy have been absorbed through the small intestines. Essentially, a person taking laxatives to control weight is only going to cause their body to lose fluid, which can potentionally be followed by periods of water retention and an appearance of bloating (causing the sufferer to want to lose more weight and ingest more laxatives). The reason people suffering from eating disorders seem to lose weight while taking laxatives is because in most cases they are increasingly watching calorie intake and restricting food consumption, inducing vomiting, and/or compulsively exercising. Continued laxative use can cause bloating, cramping, dehydration, electrolyte disturbances and imbalances, cardiac arrhythmias, irregular heart beat and heart attack, renal problems, and death. Phenolphthalein, a popular ingredient previously found in many brands of laxatives has now been recalled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, United States) due to studies indicating that it has been linked to cancer. Withdrawal symptoms can be expected in stopping the use of laxatives after a continued period of using them as a "weight loss" method. These include, abdominal cramping, mild to severe constipation, bloating, mood swings and general feelings of fatigue and "feeling sick." In less severe cases the symptoms will usually subside in about 2 weeks, but in cases where a person have ingested handfuls or more laxatives on a regular basis, it may take longer and require medical assistance.
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Raven Originally Answered: Is it ok to use laxatives?
I use them every two weeks to a week because if I dont i simply cant go sooooooo anoying!>.< Its save as long as you dont abuse them as in taking a bunch at once cause all you need is one.

Meriel Meriel
The reason you took laxatives was perfectly fine but don't make that a routine. Most people get addicted to laxatives because it helps them "lose weight" by expelling out all the contents if their stomachs. They think that they don't absorb all if the calories from the food they just ate. Which is obviously untrue, and it leads them to laxative abuse. But you'll be fine hunny.
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Leonora Leonora
hi .. I actually were very constipated too this being pregnant... i flow to the lavatory about two times a week and yep, it truly is no longer gentle in any respect! regrettably, i'm unable to come back off my Liquid Iron both, so I actually ought to struggle through :) I refuse to apply laxatives or something like and that i have learnt that you ought to comprise culmination & vegetables on your eating routine on a daily basis that can help you you flow. And fibre packed meals, consisting of wholemeal pasta, brown bread etc. in spite of in case you don't like it, you ought to eat it.
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Jordie Jordie
If you had to go and couldn't you took them for the right reasons. You won't become addicted. Just don't take then every few hours. Taking them once should do it. Best of luck with your poop -Sam
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Jordie Originally Answered: what are laxatives?
They make it easier for you to take a dump, lol ;p They are dangerous because you **** a lot!

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