Got any bowling tips?

Got any bowling tips? Topic: Got any bowling tips?
June 26, 2019 / By Saundra
Question: I just recently started bowling again. Haven't bowled since I was a kid. I'm like a hit or miss bowler. I can get strikes or I can get a gutter ball, there's no telling where the ball may go when it's my turn, so I need lots of practice!! So far I've been using a 10 lb ball. I've used the 15 lb ball but that was way too heavy for me. I did use a lighter one (not sure of the weight but it was really really light) and the finger holes were too small. Now I'm thinking I should maybe go a little lighter but not too light and I may be able to control the ball more but I don't know. I have a curve ball. What do ya'll think? Also my stance is very awkward. For the life of me I can't walk and move the ball at once. So I end up taking the steps and then move the ball and let go. How do ya'll bowl?
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Norberta Norberta | 2 days ago
One thing is you will need to practice to be able to bowl well. If your just doing it for fun then just have fun. I think you should bowl with at least a 10 lb ball but I would suggest a 12 or 13. The lighter the ball the more deflection and less strikes. I have been bowling for over 30 years. I am averaging over 220 and have many 300 games. But I would bowl around 30 games or more a week. The biggest lesson I can give you is to buy your own shoes and ball. That is the biggest help. And then when you throw the ball you throw it the same all the time. And watch the ball roll over the mark you look at. And don't lift your eyes from the target till it goes over it. And just enjoy the game its more fun that way. I hook the ball LOTS but its not for everyone. Takes a lot more practice to throw it the same all the time.
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Norberta Originally Answered: Do you have any bowling tips?
There are many tips one could give when it comes to bowling better, but, like someone else said, if this is just for fun and you don't bowl often, its kinda hard to determine what's going to help you most. The best thing I would suggest is in ball selection. I'd imagine you're using a house ball, so they're all the same except for weight and grip. You're essentially forced to use a conventional grip when it comes to house balls, so just find one that feels comfortable. As for weight, pick the heaviest ball you can control accurately. Some think its cool to take a 6 lb ball and whip it down the lane as fast as they can, but you aren't going to knock down as many pins with a light ball. If you really can't control anything heavier, thats fine, but just go with the heaviest you can control. When it comes to throwing the ball, first look at the dots on the lane, and remember where you're standing. Its ideal if you remember the exact board. There are 5 boards in between each dot, and just try to stand the same place every time. Then look at the arrows on the lane, and try to throw the ball in the same place every time. If you arent hitting the pocket (between the 1 and 3 for a righty) then adjust until you do, then once you do, just do that all the time. As for other tips, I could probably go on all day, but most wouldn't apply to the casual bowler, and a lot wouldn't make sense if its just a once in awhile thing that you don't really care about. If you really do want to get better at bowling, we can help, but you'd have to start out by getting your own ball, and take it from there.
Norberta Originally Answered: Do you have any bowling tips?
Just give up and feel first. How will your line and period pass should you try to develop your velocity. There are many velocity bowlers who is also rapid however can most effective drop the ball instantaneous now and again. Look at Glenn McGrath, now not the fastest however very rough to play. Catching will include train, do not simply paintings in your bowling at train, fielding is as main. Have a well yarn together with your instruct earlier than you do whatever.

Mabelle Mabelle
Key: Don't twist your wrist (I'm pretty sure 8 out of 10 people are not aware that they're twisting their wrist a bit while rolling the ball). That's what cause curve balls. I cannot teach you or explain it exactly how to throw a stike not on luck, you'll have to figure it out yourself through practice. Stance is very important to do a good throw. You know the 'bowling style'? Try to do it, don't feel awkward (if you're very uneasy in that stance while throwing the ball means you need to change your shoe). Just follow your instincts to do the stance, relax so you can do it naturally. Small finger holes kills. You should use a ball that you can put your fingers in easily and left very little space in the holes. I personally like heavier balls. But it depends on your whether you feel better with which ball. Lastly, practice makes perfect. Good luck!
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Kelli Kelli
All I got is to keep it straight and you need to put a lot of power into it. You also need to keep you hand dry so that you can hold the bowling ball very firm. Just stay focused and you will have a very good throw. http://www.bowlerstore.com/c-1-bowling-balls.aspx
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Kelli Originally Answered: Bowling Tips for a Beginner?
umm it all depends on how you want your style to be. i've been bowling since i was 5 and how i learned was by starting at the foul line swinging the ball and throwing it straight. it helped me so hopefully it will help you. if you have anymore questions just email me

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