why do I keep getting constipated?

why do I keep getting constipated? Topic: why do I keep getting constipated?
November 14, 2019 / By Louiza
Question: I try to eat a lot of fiber, salad, and yogurt, and i exercise regularly. Normally, I go every other day, but sometimes I can't go four days. Then I have to take a herbal suppliment to help me go. I don't get pain or cramps, I just cannot go. I was wondering what is giving me this problem? Could it be from drinking too much milk? Or from stress?
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Katriona Katriona | 8 days ago
You sounds like me - I'm vegstarian and I still get frequent constipation. I've tried reducing dairy intake and it didn't seem to do anything (but I can't go vegan, it's just too much stress finding the foods)! What herbal supplement do you use?
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Katriona Originally Answered: my dog is constipated, i think?
What part of being constipated, can barely walk, can't jump etc., makes your mother think the dog is doing well? I'll bet if she was constipated and could barely walk she would take herself to a doctor. It's against the law to withold vet treatment from a sick dog and she can be charged. The fine will cost her a lot more than a vet visit and as a bonus she'll have a conviction for animal cruelty recorded against her name. If she thinks this is a load of codswallop tell her to check the law out herself. I feel so sorry for kids who have parents who refuse to pay for a vet visit for their sick dogs. These poor kids are beside themselves with worry about their animals and they can't do a thing about it. When a parent agrees to own an animal they are obligated to care for it properly. Let your mother see you are serious about getting this dog to a vet. Call a low cost shelter or human society and explain the situation. They may be able to suggest something for you. Let your mother hear you making the calls. It might shame her into doing the right thing. Is there anyone else in your family you can ask for help? An auntie or an other adult family member?

Hillary Hillary
try eating a whole grain food for breakfast, a salad or fruity meal or soups for lunch and a high vegetable dinner with little meat like 4-6 ozs a day for two weeks, by about the fourth day you will feel bloated but by the 7th day you should be cleaned out enough that you can go daily. BUt the main thing to remember is to drink lots of water, fruit juices, or milk (but only 16 ounces at the most daily) and avoid tea, coffee, and sodas as much as possible.
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Echo Echo
Do what your grand parents used to do drink lots of castor oil or take lots of digestive live enzymes Eat lots of watermelon, its delicious and it's loaded with digestive enzymes. No cheese No meat No dairy products All the above items are hard to digest. When you eat salads they have to be well chewed about 40 times to bring out a lot of saliva which is enzymes to help digest your food otherwise undigested food will spoil and become toxic.
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Chanelle Chanelle
Brown rice and mango, especially mango - lots of mango. Trust me. Also, drink plenty of water. Forget veggies, fruits are better.
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Chanelle Originally Answered: Is my dog constipated.or is it something else?
Is she drinking enough water? Whenever the body starts to get depleted of fluids, it starts trying to conserve it and will, thus, send less of it into the intestines to mix with the feces and make it soft. If she isnt drinking much, try giving her low-sodium broth (chicken or beef). If she'll drink that, it will be sufficient enough water for now. Also, as someone already suggested, give her a couple tablespoons of mineral oil by mouth (good luck!) and, if you have an eye dropper, GENTLY give her an eye dropper full of mineral oil up her rear end. The "skin tenting test", where you pinch the skin on her shoulders to see if it springs back, is NOT an accurate (or even near-accurate) way to test for dehydration. Only blood work can verify that. By the time the skin no longer springs back, the dog is severely dehydrated. As for the pumpkin, keep trying it but if it isnt working, go to plan B. Try the mineral oil. Do not give her any bowel stimulants. Since she's already trying to pass bricks, stimulating her bowels to do it faster will only make it worse. Stool softeners only!!

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