Whats the best diet for me to lose belly fat?

Whats the best diet for me to lose belly fat? Topic: Whats the best diet for me to lose belly fat?
December 16, 2019 / By Kirsti
Question: Basically I want to lose my belly fat. I dont want a 6 pack,just a slimmer tummy. Im late 30's,6ft & male. I play badminton once a week & considering jogging but unsure how far to go etc. My job is quite physical.(heating engineer),so Im not sitting at a desk all day! For the last week my diet has been - baked potatoes,tuna,sweetcorn,poached white fish,lots of salad,bran flakes,frozen veg - carrots,cauliflower,brocolli,dried rice which you add water too & then bring to the boil,nimble bread,chicken salad sandwich,1 bag of hulahoops a day,2 apples a day,occasional banana,water & tea. Im getting conflicting advice about what to eat to lose weight. Im about 13st at the moment & realize you cant spot lose weight. My body shape is basically tall & lean but with a bit of a belly. I used to eat what I liked & to be honest it didnt really make much difference with weight gain. I used to eat occasionally - pasta twice a week along with garlic bread,sausages,pizza, pies,boiled potato,baked beans,spag bol,chips,sausage rolls. All in moderation never everyday!! I like everything so any advice about what to eat to help me lose the belly would be appreciated! If you need to know more then put it in your advice & I'll add to the question. What sort of Cardio should I do? Im a complete novice at exercise so I need basic advice please! Is jogging & badminton not enough then?
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Best Answers: Whats the best diet for me to lose belly fat?

Janine Janine | 10 days ago
I will post the same I said to another asker: It's more about how you eat something rather than about what you eat... Food is the most important factor you can lose weight with. What you will mostly need is a strong will and sacrifices. Start going to the gym and do a lot of cardio. Stop eating fried food, chocolates and other fabric sweets, lower the consume of "red" meat and instead of it, eat more vegetables and fish. Drink at least 2 litres(8 cups) of water and ONLY WATER... nothing but water! This is very important rule.. Stop eating pasta, cheese or milk products such as cheese and lower the conume of salt(it makes your body hold water which is very bad). Eat only healthy food because to be healthy means to look healthy and not to be fat :) it's very easy. The other rule to keep which is very important is to eat in a proper way. First eat the foods most easily consumed(raw fruits,nuts,vegetables) then the cooked vegetables and eat the meat for a dessert(after everything). It is best to eat the fruits first and also never drink water during your meals, like 5-10 minutes before and 30 minutes after because it can flood the consumed food and that's it. I hope you've got it. You won't lose fat by eating less, you will do it by eating healthy(well never overeat). A friend of mine cut down 45 kilos for 6 months(he was 120 and now he's 75). I am not joking. Hope i've helped :)
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Janine Originally Answered: whats the best workout to lose belly fat?
Hi dear, follow these guidelines to get rid of belly fat - Start exercising. Getting a flat stomach involves losing belly fat. To achieve this, start a workout routine. If possible, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If this isn't possible, strive to exercise for at least 90 minutes a week - running, power walking, swimming or biking. - Strengthen the core muscles. In conjunction with losing belly fat, choose workouts that exercise the core muscles. Effective workouts include dancing, pilates, crunches, and knee and leg lifts. For the best result, keep your abdominal muscles tight during core workouts. - Improve your diet. Bad eating habits can impede weight loss efforts. Eliminate fatty foods and sugary foods from your diet. Choose lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat no more than 130 grams of carbs a day. - Eliminate alcoholic beverages from your diet. Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages a day can raise cortisol levels in the body and decrease the metabolism. Cortisol increases hunger, and a slower metabolism makes it harder to burn fat and calories - especially in the abdomen. - Drink plenty of water. Water flushes excess sodium and fluids from your body, which can help you achieve a flat stomach. Additionally, drinking water fills your stomach quicker, and you're less likely to overeat. - Control stress. Being stressed or feeling anxious can also release high levels of cortisol. In addition to increasing appetite, this hormone redistributes fat to the abdomen. Learn how to control or reduce stress. Practice breathing exercises, workout or get a massage. - Reduce abdominal bloating. A low-fiber diet and certain foods can produce abdominal bloating. This prevents a flat stomach. Increase your fiber intake to fight bloating, and limit trigger foods such as beans, raw vegetables, lactose and starches. Take a digestive enzyme tablet to eliminate bloating. Good Luck :o)
Janine Originally Answered: whats the best workout to lose belly fat?
idk for girls it might be different but u arent gonna lose all of it in 4 or 5 weeks but u will see some results. Do intense cardio about an hour or more a day and eat smaller/healthy meals like grains, vegetables and lean meat like chicken. If you have time, maybe work out twice a day thats what i did and i saw results a lot faster. Oh and drink lots and lots of water and try to stay away from pop and fruit drinks like snapple. real juice is good tho. its a lot of work and its not easy but if you stay motivated and put ur mind to it, it will happen but it takes time and thats what turns a lot of ppl off. good luck :)

Esther Esther
The popular "low carb, high protein" diets do have merit. However, if you're following a strict regimin of protein, yet still indulge in high-sodium foods, you're going to appear bloated. Make sure to check the sodium content on food labels. The lower, the better. Also, many people are under the misconception that crunches and abdominal workout alone will get rid of belly fat. Sure, it helps to have toned abs, but you need to get rid of the fat in front of it first. The most effective way to do that is, instead of target training (working the muscle group in specific areas of the body) is by overall fat reduction. You can do this by, like you mentioned, working out again and running regularly (or partaking in any activities which get your heart rate up for more than 20 minutes). Be consistent with your workouts! Good luck!
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Clarice Clarice
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Clarice Originally Answered: Whats a low carb diet , what sa diet i can lose weight on FAST?
In most cases, you would have to cut out a lot of things in your diet to have a low carbohydrate diet. Many things have carbohydrates such as Milk, Bread, Sugar, Caramel, Rice, Pasta, etc. It requires a complete lifestyle change and you would need to do cardio at least 2 times a week to get the most out of your low carb diet, because you will be able to burn off more fat. An example of what you would call a low carb diet: - Morning: Bowl of Weetabix (with 25ml of no-fat milk) - Midday: Banana, Cheese Sandwich (Brown Bread) - Early Afternoon: Salmon and Egg Whites Mix - Late Afternoon: Grilled Chicken with Vegetables and Potatoes (if you wish) And, don't be super skinny. You will deprive yourself to countless levels to get there. Get to something that is considerate and accept yourself because you clearly don't like what you are at the moment, but being super skinny where all you can see is bones and no proper lean meat on your body looks disgusting. The whole point is you be yourself and as long as you are average weight and healthy, you should be really happy like many people are.

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