What are some good diet pills?

What are some good diet pills? Topic: What are some good diet pills?
December 9, 2019 / By Eglantine
Question: What are some diet pills that work, from experience? And I know it's unhealthy and everything, so please don't try to convince me not to.
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Chelsea Chelsea | 2 days ago
There are no real diet pills. I tried everything. I use medifast now. Which supplies me with food every month. I've lost about 54 pounds in the 110 days I've been on it. Do some research on it and forget about diet pills. Unhealthy or not, none of them work. Good luck.
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Chelsea Originally Answered: "Good" Diet Pills?
I can tell you that honestly diet pills will not work. Trimspa and all of those other diet pills might work for a few days or even a few weeks but your body gets used to them and then you have to up the dose. In the end its not pretty. Now for my supplements i take Biotin (helps the digestion of fats and carbohydrates) and the One-A-Day Weight loss brand of multivitamins. Both are natural and healthy! And i'm sure other people will say this but you won't need diet pills if you eat well and exercise! :)
Chelsea Originally Answered: "Good" Diet Pills?
I have had luck with a natural supplement called "Miracle Burn", you don't see it on tv but after it was voted the #1 diet pill for 2006 and more people saw results after taking this product with very little exercise but changing their diet. I had to order it. And in 2 weeks I went from 240 to 231 and I haven't made it to my gym yet. I intended to just haven't had the time, still plan to though. So go to www.miracleburn.com and order a 7 day trial and see what happens. I don't feel jittery, it really did suppress my appetite even though I still ate 3 healthy meals a day and a healthy snack like fruit, but I didn't eat after a certain time and it didn't make me stay up. I like it and am currently taking it. Good Luck!!!

Arline Arline
I am now not a Doctor however I do realize there's no trustworthy rapid repair for a trouble that built through the years. Sure you would take nutrition drugs to lessen your urge for food, however now not consuming is simply as damaging as over consuming if now not extra so. Anything that says to be a miracle therapy is not anything extra the a brand new day variant of what used to be referred to as snake oil which used to be bought out of the again of a blanketed wagon to unsuspecting saps again within the 1800's Rule of thumb "if it sounds to well to be real then it almost always is."
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Zed Zed
"diet pills" is the worst **** you can take...really you will regret it later in your life there are better ways of loosing weight ..
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Zed Originally Answered: Diet Pills? I need a good one!?
The only one with FDA approval is Alli and you still have to follow their guide lines re diet and exercise. http://www.drugs.com/alli.html Be careful if you choose Alli and buy online, there is counterfeit Alli sold. http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/Consumer... Doesn't it tell you something - you have used diet pills from time to time, so you spend money and it's not a permanent fix. You still have to eat carefully as well as take the pills. Why not eat sensibly and get moving instead? That lasts a life time. There are heaps of diet pills sold on line, all claiming to work wonders. They all say 'together with diet and exercise' and 'results may vary'

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