What is some healthy food?!?!?!?

What is some healthy food?!?!?!? Topic: What is some healthy food?!?!?!?
December 9, 2019 / By Edwina
Question: I am going to start being on a diet and I need to know what kind of healthy food I can eat because I want to loose weight!
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Charley Charley | 4 days ago
You can have fruit, boiled, steamed or raw vegetables :). Boiled eggs, Tuna or chicken breast for protein!, even a wholemeal salad sandwich or steak but not cooked in any oil. that's all i used to eat and if i got hungry id snack on fruit!, the diet worked well :) you can lose about 3 kilos a week, exercising would help it :). heres a rough layout of what you can do for each meal: BREAKFAST: -fruit -muesli bar -even toast (because you will burn it throughout the day) SNACK: -fruit -vegetables like a carrot or cucumber -yoghurt (good yoghurt not the chocolate one lol) LUNCH: -tuna with boiled vegetables and 2 (or how many you want) boiled eggs -chicken breast with boiled vegetables and 2 (or how many you want) boiled eggs - salad sandwich (wholemeal bread if you want to lose weight) all of those vegetables should make you full! DINNER: eat before 6pm or 7pm -Tuna -Boiled vegetables -Boiled eggs sometimes id just eat fruit for dinner. No matter what you do, make sure you drink water! good luck! x good luck!
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Charley Originally Answered: Why do you think God made all the yummy food bad for you and all the gross food healthy?
Hi dear Yummy food, healthy food, junk food......Choice is ours.God never bother about it. Body is our church or temple.so be love on our body.choose only healthy and hygienic foods. yes, man is the slave of his stomach.At the same time must be health conscious also. Man is not only satisfied with foods.he wants more. That is good .Read more about healthy foods.Keep a balance diet.And stay away from the doctors. Then God will also love you.
Charley Originally Answered: Why do you think God made all the yummy food bad for you and all the gross food healthy?
I know what you mean. It wouldn't have been much of a temptation if it were the "vegetable of knowledge of good and evil" sitting in the Garden of Eden. I do have some "maybes". Maybe it's a matter of what we got used to. I know after avoiding salt because of my high blood pressure, fast food hamburgers taste REALLY salty - yuck. Maybe lots of the "yummy food" was not directly made by God. I sort of think that a lot of it was made by companies to make money and not to make people healthy. Fat taste good? Invent cheap trans fats. Want soft cake? Invent a lot of cheap chemicals that imitate cake that has a long shelf life. I have no excuse for chocolate though. It just tastes good and I wish I could have more.

Ariana Ariana
vegetables and fruits!!! don't eat too many carbs (bread, etc) and drink TONS of water, it will help flush your body of toxins. if you like meat, avoid red meats and stick to chicken and fish. DO NOT fry the chicken, make sure it is grilled. good luck!
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Zander Zander
anything that is not processed ...fruits veggis and nuts look it up... never mcdonalds or fast cheap foods!!!!
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Zander Originally Answered: why does healthy food cost more than unhealthy food?
That really depends on where you live & what access to healthy food you have. In my local supermarkets I can find a very large variety of fruits & veggies for a pretty low cost. Going to the local fast food establishment with the same amount of money will feed me for a day. At the supermarket I can get enough fruit/veg. & even some lean meat to last several days. Even if it's not organic, it's still a lot healthier than fast food.

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