How can I lose weight quickly?

How can I lose weight quickly? Topic: How can I lose weight quickly?
October 19, 2019 / By Anstice
Question: I saw on a chart that girls between the ages of 12-13 should be 95 - 105. I'm a girl, 12 years old and 117 pounds. I've tried going anorexic, but I can't stand what my body will look like afterwords. I want to lose weight quickly. Preferbly before August 26 (school starts) I want to lose weight fas!! I also want to be down a few pounds before August 16.
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Zachariah Zachariah | 6 days ago
when i was in middle school i decided to go anorexic but i felt awfull i would always be tired and in a bad mood and i didnt lose any weight, i just didnt gain any and my face looked pale,i had hair loss...so then i decided to stop after like a year and started eating normal and still had the same weight. well now im a junior in highschool and decided to choose a healthy life style just 2 weeks ago and i have lost weight and feel really good and healthy my mom and I went to this one organic super market and bought alll the groceries there and the good thing is they even have less calories and taste the same My breakfest nomally i chose betweeen smoothy: banana, strawberrys,honey,vanilla soy milk,almonds and omega 3 powder or fresh made juice: carrot,celery,orange,kiwi....whatever friut i feel like adding in normally i dont get hungry in 4 hours and then I eat whatever it is my mom made for food but i eat a bit less than what i used to eat when i get hungry between meals i eat veggies ( lots of them) and fruit which i love...specially when its cold I only drink water well besides the juice i make myself and soy milk no soda no breads no fast foods im sure if u start eating healthy food u will lose weight for august 26 and plus u will get a healthy look´n skin (shiny) and great hair !! good luck
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Zachariah Originally Answered: How to lose weight, quickly?
Don't lose weight. Seriously. You don't need to. If you got down to 91 pounds like you are planning to, people would start asking you if you were anorexic. Your BMI would be 14.3. That is severely underweight. A healthy BMI, is anywhere from 19.5 to 23.5, and anywhere about 24 is overweight. If you insist on losing weight though, just lose maybe five pounds. But honestly, if I were you, I wouldn't do it. You're fine where you're at.

Sherman Sherman
cravings can sneak up on you when you re tired try taking a nap if you feel yourself wanting some junk food
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Nowell Nowell
umm go run around the block ten times and set up an obsticle course .get alot of yogurt:)vegetyables an fruit.
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Landon Landon
Well first of all, the chart doesn't ask your height, your body structure, or anything like that. So i really wouldn't listen to that, when i was only 11, i was around 115 pounds, so you really shouldn't worry. And anneorexia isn't the solution, you don't lose fat, you lose muscle, so you still look bad. But if you want to lose weight, excercise, try different activities and sports, less junk food and soda, more veggies/fruits and water. I enjoy dancing, and i walk every day, so just try to find something you enjoy, and you should be fine. (:
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Isiah Isiah
I used to be in the same situation My weekly workout schedual is do 60 sit-ups, and 60 crunches a week try eating a lot of protein and stay away from anything TOO fattening if you honestly can't stand healthy food I suggest you eat the amount per serving on the less healthy foods start reading labels that helps a lot just keep working out I promise you'll see results good luck! don't result to anorexia that only makes you gain more weight
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Isiah Originally Answered: How to Lose Weight Quickly?
okay, to get into shape , speed up your metabolism, rid yourself of excess fat and lose weight ,,,,,do as follows: Stop drinking & smoking (if you do this regularly) eat fruits & vegetables all you can (buy a food/rice steamer to make it easy on you)...(vegetables might not seem "tasty", like junk foods,, but can be as you aquire your taste to them..and are loaded with energy and nutrients)...avoid all junk food, cokes, sweets, etc...and drink water . If you eat meat ,,eat only steamed fish or chicken. also, do an hour of walking each day at least. or some type of excercise. * you should lose about 10 lbs per month

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